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Search In ECommerce – How Important User Experience Is?

ECommerce in other terms also known as Electronic Commerce and internet Commerce. It is virtual place where it connects thousands of buyers with sellers with the provision of ease and diversified platform for products. The process merely offers internet for buying and selling of products, services  and consumer goods against the money transactions. ECommerce platforms is specifically related to buying and selling of product and services online, providing the buyers and seller are large pool of information to choose from. Due to evolution of E commerce many independent and SMEs has benefited from it, however it is all about creating interface that is user friendly and enhances the user experience which results in gained trust and the  credibility of your online business increases along.

For customers or a user it is all about reliance of information that they seek and since internet itself is vast world, your competitor is just one click away. Therefore, it is important for a business to provide greater user experience UX for creating brand image, impression and sales. UX is merely a user’s perception that is been formed by acquiring a product or a service and even systems.

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Importance Of Site Searches In Enhancing ECommerce UX:

The purpose of a site search is to filter out relevant information in no time to save them from navigating here and there. The search option provides time saving solutions and options to the users and allows potential customers into buyers. It allows businesses to understand the buyer’s behavior by identifying keywords in searches and offer them options to help them deciding in a much easier way. It is important for your to map your customer’s journey and experiences and explore areas for improvement and opportunities.
The basic aim of the site search option is to help users find what they are looking for. In the ECommerce sites the first thing that the user looks forward to is the search option, so make sure that your search option is visible and appears on every page.

Show Filters Again On ECommerce Search Page:

Design a search option in a way that allows users to filter products and services with different criteria such as; Product type, brands, pricing, featured products, most selling ones etc because only name cant lead a user to their desired output or finding so help him to narrow down the results.

Don’t Show Only Searched Product But:

The other best practices that are found in ECommerce site searches is not only to display products asked by users but also products that can be a substitute or complimentary product of the primary product. Design your site search in Natural Language Processing for comprehensive and accurate results by taking out the meaning from the search.

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User Want To See More Then Just Name:

The search results should also provide sufficient information also a quick view option on the same page to the user to decide on what to buy from diverse catalog. Search means to view the perfect thing to buy from the store on one page so its not a good practice to push them to open another page to just confirm that what they are looking for to confirm that this is same or not.

Throw The Garbage From Search Page:

The search result page must not be crowded with too much information that it looks exhaustive for users to navigate through the page, while designing the page the number of products to be displayed should be kept in mind as per user’s experience. If a user want to see a bunch of products and information then why he/she should use search page instead they can use normal pages to go through so try to avoid them.

Try To Know What User Want:

Try to know what your user want to look for by your previous users searches that will reflect your caring behavior to the user that you know what he is looking for. Allowing Auto-complete options searches creates a positive user experience by providing fast and quicker search results.

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Final Words:

E-Commerce businesses that are larger can benefit lot from the search option; it requires input from user experience and buying processes. It could be simplified with options such as Natural Language Processing and personalizing the search components by Machine Learning for handling complex requests to develop positive user experiences and generate more sales.

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