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10 Magento Modules To Establish Better Customer Relationship

To make more loyal customers for your e-commerce site, you must make efforts to make great customer relationships. Ideally, there are four ways in which you can achieve this. You can do all of these activities by making use of appropriate tools. For a Magento store, you can deploy the platform’s avant-grade modules such as the Reamaze Help Desk & Live Chat, for technical support; Minematic, for sending e-mails with relevant product recommendations; Advanced FAQ, for resolving customer queries; Analytics For Magento,for analyzing customer actions which further helps in decision-making; Linc Care, which lets customers track their order; Guest Book, for accepting store reviews and responding to them; RMA, which ensures a smooth return or exchange process; Zoho CRM Integration, that tracks vital data like orders, invoices, and etc.; Price Feedback, that Lets customers voice their opinion on product pricing; Dropifi Contact Widget, that accepts customer messages through simple forms and gives insightful data to store owner.

Customers are the backbone of every business. To make sure they keep returning, an e-commerce venture must make concerted efforts in establishing and maintaining customer relationships. The objective of managing customer relationships is achieved by a range of activities including:

  • Rendering technical support through live chat or/and FAQ
  • Providing customer service
  • Sending timely and relevant e-mails for regular engagement
  • Gathering customer data and use it to take better marketing and business decisions

The above-mentioned activities need technological tools. For a Magento store, these tools come in the form of modules which can be easily deployed by a Magento web development company. Let us look at the some of the most useful customer relationship management modules which you can use in your e-store:

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Table of Contents

1.) Reamaze HelpDesk & Live Chat:

Listening and responding to customer complaints and queries is an important way to manage customer relationships effectively. The module lets you manage customer conversations on different channels like Facebook chat, live chat, and e-mail through a single dashboard. Additionally it offers the functionality of live and offline support.

2.) Minematic:

Only relevant e-mails can bring customers back to your store. This module makes use of advanced algorithms to study customer behaviour and consequently send responsive e-mails with product recommendations which customers find relevant. Additionally, it re-targets those customers who’ve not completed a purchase.

3.) Advanced FAQ:

There are several questions which a first-time customer may have about your store and policies, not finding which a customer may leave your site in frustration. It is important to make important info regarding your store’s policies available to your potential customers. The module helps you create category-wise Q/A on your site, by which you can address several kinds of questions. Additionally, it also makes a ask-me form available, helping customers whose questions are not in the list.

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4.) Analytics For Magento:

Analysis of customer behaviour helps in making better marketing campaigns. This module allows the integration of over a hundred analytic tools without having to write any code. As soon as it is activated, it tracks actions like when a customer views an item, adds one, and makes a purchase.

5.) Linc Care:

The module offers a personal customer care experience by letting customers track their order live within their e-mail and sending them text notifications once a purchased product has been sent by the shipping agent and once it has been delivered.


6.) Guest Book:

Customer feedback enables you to improvise your store, further creating an experience that customers go on to love. With this module, you can let users give in their comments about your store and lets you respond to them.

7.) RMA:

Letting customers return or exchange a purchased item is an essential part of customer service. The module aids in handling every aspect of the return and exchange process, making it convenient for customers to make a return. It also lets unregistered customers make return requests.

8.) Zoho CRM Integration:

A customer relationship management system essentially records and lets you monitor  data  like leads, purchase details, orders, invoices, account information, and campaigns. The Zoho CRM Integration module does the same. The data serves you to make more informed marketing and business decisions.

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9.) Price Feedback:

Many times, people don’t buy your products just because of unfavourable pricing. However, if you let people say what exactly they think your product’s price should be, you  not only give an impression to your customers that you’re listening to them but also arm yourself with some priceless information. The Price Feedback module helps you achieve both by requesting customer feedback on the product’s pricing, further allowing you to make better decisions.

10.) Dropifi Contact Widget:

Accepting customer feedback and learning from it forms a valuable part of improvisation. The module lets customers fill in simple feedback forms for your e-store. It, then analyses these messages to provide trending data with respect to industry metrics and demographics of the message sender. This information can further be utilized by the e-commerce owner to take customer-focussed decisions.

Keeping customers happy leads to better sales. Deploying the above-mentioned modules help in serving your customers better, which further helps you keep them happy. However, if you do have an idea about a functionality which can help you achieve better customer relationships, you can always avail Magento module development services. The service providers will understand your requirements and transform them into a functional module.

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