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7 Steps Web Marketing Companies Use To Build A Cash-Generating Ecommerce Website

One of the most important elements web marketing companies focus on in creating an eCommerce website is the design of the site. It’s what can make the difference between achieving massive profits and a colossal waste of money invested in an eCommerce store no one buys from.

This article reveals seven important steps web marketing companies recommend when designing an eCommerce website which will generate sales and achieve your ROI targets.

1.) Does Your ECommerce Website Pass The Mom Test?

If your eCommerce website is too confusing for even your mom to make a purchase, then it’s too confusing for your customers and your sales will suffer. Your eCommerce website should be easy for anyone who is not very tech savvy to make a purchase, without getting confused.

This is one of the biggest design problems encountered by web marketing companies. While your eCommerce website will never be perfect, it should be simple enough for customers to make purchases without requiring much thought.

For instance, make sure your Add to Cart button is above the fold. If people look at your product page and are wondering, “How do I buy this?” they’re probably just going to be frustrated and leave without taking action.

It’s like shopping at a supermarket. The candy is at the checkout line and you don’t have to do a lot of thinking to buy it. It’s there for you, and all that’s required is to reach out and add it to your items.

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2.) Model Successful ECommerce Websites In Your Niche:

If you have a relatively new eCommerce store take a look at other eCommerce stores in a similar market. Businesses with huge budgets invest a lot more money on testing. By emulating what they are doing, you can leverage on a formula that has already been validated.

You can also look at what your competitors are doing right and see how you can improve upon their design so your eCommerce website not only looks good but attracts the eager buyers you need to help you generate more leads, sales and profits.


3.) Examine Shopping Habits Of Your Target Audience’s Demographic Profile:

Step number three is to visit websites that your demographic generally shops at. For instance, if your target market is mothers aged 35 to 55, what other stores do they shop at? Do they shop at Victoria’s Secret?

Visit the websites of these online stores to figure out what they are doing and how you can incorporate the look and feel of their sites into the design of your sites. While these stores are not direct competitors, your customers are shopping on these sites.

Look at various aspects such as design, pricing, product descriptions and other elements of their online store. If any of these aren’t up to scratch, ask your web design company to make the necessary changes so your eCommerce store stands out from the competition.

4.) Add Personality To Your Design:

When you’re thinking about design, adding a personal touch so your website stands out from big-box websites that sell to the masses. The value proposition you offer to a specific niche will give your website a unique personality and attract customers who feel a strong connection to your brand.

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While people do buy from the Kmart’s and Myer’s of the world, they will spend a dollar more to buy from someone they have a strong affinity with. There are several ways web marketing companies achieve this and one of them is through the About Us page.

You want to make sure you have your image or a video which narrates the story behind your brand and the mission you wish to accomplish on your About Us page.

Every page of your eCommerce website should have a telephone number that’s clearly visible, so customers are reassured they can always call to make an inquiry or ask for support if required.

5.) Make Incremental Design Changes:

One of the most important aspects of website design is to constantly improve your eCommerce store.

Many business owners who sit back and think about things for too long put themselves at a disadvantage. If you have identified areas which need to be improved, go ahead and ask your web marketing company to carry out small changes.

At the end of each year conduct a design audit to see if your website conforms to current design practices or needs some changes. It can also be worthwhile to carry out a complete design overhaul every few years to give your eCommerce website a fresh look.

6.) Harness The Power Of Outsourcing:

If you have some experience in website design or coding, you can easily get distracted in carrying out design changes yourself although this isn’t the best use of your time.

It makes a lot more sense to outsource design tasks to competent web marketing companies who can quickly carry out the design changes you need. This will allow you to focus on other important areas of business which require your attention.

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7.) Optimize For Conversions:

Many business owners and web marketing companies have a misconstrued belief that a well built eCommerce website is one that’s visually appealing. Nothing can be further from the truth. A stunning website that does not generate sales is a complete waste of money.

Business owners sometimes spend upwards of $25,000 with web marketing companies to overhaul a website that’s already generating sales, just because their friends told them the site isn’t really that pretty.

What you need to keep in mind is that the only purpose of your eCommerce website is to make sales. You don’t need to worry how pretty it looks. The primary focus should be on making people want to buy from you.

Designing an eCommerce website is always a work-in-progress. If you’ve just completed designing a new website, your work has only just begun. You need to closely monitor the sales being generated and optimise your site as it matures.  On the other hand, if you have an eCommerce store which isn’t converting as well as it should, you may need to complete a website audit and then make the changes required to transform it into a cash-generating machine.

Nik TordilAbout the Author:

Nik Tordil is a Results oriented Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Marketing Strategist with over 10 years of professional experience. Had helped numerous businesses across Australia in terms of leveraging their SEO / Internet Mareketing campaigns and guiding them to success using effective and white hat methodologies.

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