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5 Positive Aspects Regarding FaceBook Ads

5 Positive Aspects Regarding FaceBook Ads

The Facebook ads are considered as the most effective methods to promote a site for some. It is simple, effective, but most importantly, it is targeted. While in the case of TV and radio commercials, you will reach a large audience, but only some of those people are interested about your products, in the case of Facebook ads, you can target only the needed audience, and the impact will be bigger.

1.) Geo Targeting:

The Facebook ads can target a certain region. Facebook knows everything about the location of users, therefore if you want to target the region of Chicago, Illinois, or a small city in UK, Facebook gives you the possibility to do so. It is a great feature for local businesses that are interested only in targeting people for a certain region, or of a certain age, sharing the same interests or having the same preoccupations.

2.) Interests:

               i) viral phenomenon.
               ii) targeted groups.
               iii) free marketing.

Facebook know what interest’s users have, and what they like. You want to promote a virtual store selling hard rock music? With Facebook, you can target only the people that are interested about this kind of music. Another positive aspect of Facebook ads is the fact that those people might even post your ad on their pages, therefore it will be seen by many other people. This is free marketing, and according to official sources, Facebook is the place where you can benefit of huge “quantities” of free marketing.

3.) Customization:

Facebook offers a large number of instruments and tools that will allow you to customize your ad. Therefore, if you want to target only teenagers, you can create an interesting layout with many colors. there are also the themes and widgets that can be used for announcements, and this will bring you the number of Likes you desire.


4.) Payment Options:

With Facebook ads, you can pay only for real visitors that are interested about your products. as long as your ad only reaches people that are interested about what you have to say, you will pay only for the clicks you receive. There is a possibility to pay for impressions only, meaning that you will pay whenever a user sees your ad, but you can also pay only when somebody actually clicks on the respective ad.

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5.) Integration:

With Facebook Ads, you can direct the Facebook users directly to your blog, or to your business page, therefore you will benefit of double marketing: first, your visitors will see your Facebook presentation page, and from there, you will guide them to your page, and there, they will see all your products and articles. Moreover, the system works both ways: if you integrate a Facebook like on your page, people would read your articles, and if they like it, they will post them on their Facebook page.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for the most effective and smart method to advertise online, in a place where you can obtain unexpected results, than Facebook is the place to be.

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