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Mobile App Marketing – The Next Big Thing In 2018

The moment we think of the evolution of marketing – now only digital devices and most probably mobile phones come into sight. The latest innovation in marketing has been the inception of the smart phones.

Smart phones contain operating systems that are engineered to power mobile phones. In 2018, mobile app marketing will take all the limelight from other modes of marketing. Rumors have already spread that leading marketers have been leveraging mobile technology in their respective domains.

The business sector is done & dusted with all traditional modes of marketing. Brands & Companies no longer rely on Calls, LiveChat, Direct Advertisement, SMS Text messages and others marketing channels. At this moment, the ongoing buzz is all related to the mobile app marketing in 2018.

Yes! We know that all marketing channels have something special to offer. But what makes mobile app marketing – the next big thing?

A Quick Flashback:

Let’s give a thought on the history of internet marketing first. The origin of internet marketing can be tracked down in the early era of the web browsers.
Decades after the internet industry went to its booming fame when affiliate marketing came into existence. Later, we had the search engine or SEO marketing. The next on the trot was social media marketing for businesses.

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Now that you have a closer look on the evolution of internet marketing. We can discuss how mobile app marketing in 2018 is going to disrupt every industry.

Mobile App Marketing – Perks:

To give your business a digital transformation, you need to have the most potent arsenal into your armory – Mobile App Marketing. Mobile apps can give your business a digital transformation like no other.

To target consumers, businesses should remember one thing that mobile app marketing has both perks & jerks to offer them. Talking about perks only, you can imagine how desperately your business needs a mobile application.

Marketing via mobile apps in 2018 is best suited for online businesses. In fact, businesses ranging from small to mid-sized & enterprise level have also realized that the future of marketing is solely dependent on how a business incorporates mobile technology. Mobile apps have resources that are easily attainable, they can increase your sales and help you enhance your user experience (UX).

Potential Of Mobile App Marketing:

Across all operating systems, a mobile application holds the foundation for all smart phone users because apps can be customized according to one’s own need. And recent innovation like the IoT in mobile app development has been an add-on in the growing industry of smart phones.

Marketing via mobile app is a conducive way to attract millions of smart phone users. Through mobile applications, you can reach out to your customers who use smart phones. Currently, businesses are working on app user acquisition marketing. Developers and development companies target potential users with direct app marketing campaigns.

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The real potential of marketing via mobile apps is that it provides marketing strategies every startup can use. In 2018, you will witness every other business targeting its audience with mobile application marketing campaigns to drive online traffic & to increase return on investment.


The Next Level Mobile Marketing:

Not long ago, marketers used to devalue the marketing aspect of mobile apps. However, mobile application marketing today has convincingly surpassed all other marketing platforms.

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, your business should be spending more on its mobile marketing budget in 2018. This year, you should aim to achieve the goal of maintaining your apps visible in the marketplace. Once your app gets featured and rated by mobile users, your business app will automatically market your products or services.

Seo Friendly Marketing:

The most recent Google Mobile-friendly Update has ensured that both websites and applications, who meet the standard of search engine mobile first indexing will show up on top in the SERP results.

SEO for app marketing is a must-have component that you should possess as a marketing strategy. Perhaps, SEO for app marketing is currently one of the most important digital marketing strategies for a business.

Mobile applications contain all the ingredients that are required to rank higher in the search engine rankings. Now developers have become excessively aware of SEO for app marketing. They will add all relevant Keywords, work to get positive ratings & reviews and strengthen the application by getting quality backlinks.

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App Store Optimization (ASO):

Optimizing HTML websites has been an old story. Marketing via mobile application today requires app optimization because it helps your applications become visible in Mobile App Stores.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is an iterative process to improve the visibility of your app in mobile app stores. The basic difference between Search Engine Optimization & App Store Optimization is that SEO exclusively focuses on web search rankings and ASO focuses on app store rankings only.

Free Tips For App Marketers:

In 2018, get ready to roll out marketing campaigns to rank your app in Google Playstore. As a modern-day marketer, you should be smart enough to know things like: Daily/Monthly Users, Retention Rates, Session Length, Acquisition and Apps Indexing.

You should use search ads to increase your app downloads. However, the number of downloads is not entirely going to help you create successful apps or market your business with mobile applications.

To keep pace with mobile app marketing in 2018, you need to leverage disruptive innovations like Machine Learning, create Rich Push Notifications, utilize Geo-Location targeting & Implement Smart ASO.

Daniyal WaliAbout the Author:

Daniyal Wali is a tech-savvy digital marketer who believes in taking life by the throat. He is currently working as a Digital Content Strategist in LiveWireLabs – a software development company. Also, Daniyal is a bookworm — someone who loves philosophy & literature.

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