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Must Read Marketing Tactics That Costs Nothing


These days many startups face much funding issues. Though the cost of creating an online brand has come down greatly during the last few years, still it is quite unattainable to pay for banners, advertisements, and print marketing.

Leonard Bernstein stated, “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time”.

Therefore, to achieve a steady and smooth progress in a low and smart budget we need to plan things out first. There are certain tactics which if implemented correctly can help to gain significant visibility on search engines.

In many articles, I came across similar marketing tactics guiding about incorporating social media platforms in the promotional campaign by writing blogs for acquiring attention. However, such tactics only take up time and produce zero to no results. Hence, I have summarized some key techniques to drive best conversion and an increased ROI for better productivity. These tactics will cost nothing and will yield maximum outcomes. Keep reading!

Link Exchanges:

Backlinks are the most efficient manner of optimizing your online visibility. Learn the tips on creating backlinks from the book “Out Smarting Google” which is written by Evan and Bradley. The book talk about the significance of backlinks.

What you have to do is create links with other brands of similar fields. Share your content with them and ask them to place your link. Guest blogs are the best form of content writing. Try them.  The links you will create can be presented in the form of blogrolls, banner ad exchanges or promotional posts. In this economy, especially when the budgets are tight, and organizations are eager to swap space along with links than any other time.  If the target demographic resembles that of another site, the swapping of sponsored emails can be a great way for gaining exposure.

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Pinterest is a fast growing visual pin board or you can say a social network having more than 10 million active visitors, which allows the user to pin images and post to visual boards. Pinterest can help you quickly launch yourself as a niche. You can show yourself to be an industry expert by posting boards created around the relevant keywords of your company. Moreover, you can also publish content on your site related to how a client or the partner can utilize Pinterest while including links to your brand’s Pinterest profile. For example, you can tell them by giving them guidelines (for instance, How to Use Pinterest to Organize Your Birthday). Within a matter of only four weeks by using this technique, Pinterest can become the fourth greatest source of traffic to your site.


Run A Contest:

Everybody likes to be involved in fun-filled activities that benefits the through providing prizes and hampers. Through running a contest, you can drive great traffic to your site and an increment in the ratio of email sign up can be seen too.  However, do not forget to link your contest on every social media sites. It will boost the exposure and will invite many followers towards the game. Make the title catchy and interesting. Your prize and your title will be the first thing to attract your customers.

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Start A Referral Program:

Apart from running a contest, you can begin a referral program too. In this program, you will persuade and motivate your clients to refer the brand to their friends and family and upon each successful referral win free coupon or an interesting prize. This is an interesting way to engage your audiences and expand the circle. You can also design greeting cards to invite them.

Affiliate Marketing:

There are some affiliate programs like Shareasale, which allows the user to conveniently create and track for the ecommerce site, a revenue sharing program. Having an affiliate programs the user can upload banner ads, product feeds which bloggers along with other sites can utilize for promoting the brand. The traffic generated though such program results in a sale, the user will them a commission. Moreover, the startup fees for Sharesale are quite affordable, and the network established by them provides access to a number of publishers. These publishers will market the site for you. In short, you only pay for outcomes!

Network In Person:

Never avoid the possibility to market in person. In this way, you will come across some influential people in person to whom you might have interacted online.

The more people you meet the more marketing possibilities you will have. Surely, you may not want to walk around the streets shoving the business into people’s faces, however as the problem of work comes up, you should tell them about it.

The entire idea of networking is based upon marketing. By doing this you can have the opportunity to introduce several people to your brand live and in person.

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Twitter is a prominent marketing platform. Its instant reach generating massive output, it can create high percentage of referral traffic, enormous level of brand exposure, along with nonstop social buzz.

Perhaps what I advise to follow at least five influencers in your niche. Just follow their followers, mention them in comments and retweeting their tweets.  When you associate with their sites, you will start to create your own platform.

Get Cozy With Niche Influencers:

In every industry, a group of people has the ability to create an influence on viewer’s mind and shape the controversies. When marketing your brand make use of them. Involve them in your promotional campaign.

Claim A Hashtag:

Hashtags has turned out to be the billboards over the Internet. Hashtags available on every prominent social media platform, one can compose a hashtag for their business and make use of it everywhere and in any way possible through the post.

A hashtag is the most searchable and highly interactive extension of the brand. Moreover, it has the ability to spread virally.

These strategies can help you accomplish a huge revenue without braking the bank.

Julia MorisonAbout the Author:

Julia Morison is a head hunter and a research specialist at US-Based Writing Agency. She loves to help people and is the mastermind behind MLA citation generator.  She is a traveler, a blogger, a techie and a social activist. When she not in her office, she spends her time writing and educating the masses.

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