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The Evolution Of Marketing With The Dawn Of The Information Age

The Agrarian Age was a time when czars, kings, and aristocrats owned the lands. Since land produced the food that fed the masses, this gave the privileged few the power to earn far more in a year than skilled laborers like shoemakers or blacksmiths could ever hope to earn in a lifetime.

The Industrial Age changed these social dynamics and now those who worked on farms began to labor in large companies. Industrialists like J.P. Morgan, Andrew W. Mellon, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller were hailed as Captains of Industry, seen as leaders of a brave new world of relentless progress.

Finally, this era too passed, and now, since the dawn of the Internet, the role of knowledge has been celebrated. The Information Age has surpassed the age of landowners and factory builders. This new age is all about the flow and control of information.  Today’s tech companies, like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, control massive amounts of consumer data, with each of these companies making more money than all the companies of the Industrial Age combined.

We have gone from analog marketing to digital marketing in all of its forms, and it’s now possible for your business to leverage both ways of influencing consumers.

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Let’s start with digital marketing…

The Far-Reaching Effect of Digital Marketing:

After you build your website, you build bridges to connect with the rest of the online world. One way of building these bridges, which we call links, is through search engine optimization, or SEO. While it’s possible to build your own links through guest posting, YouTube channels, social media platform and other ways of sharing your content, the fastest way to develop your SEO is by hiring the best link building services you can find to help you build bridges to your business.

Digital marketing is based on creating valuable content, becoming a niche authority, and driving traffic back to your website. There are many ways to create this content. You could start a blog and share your insights about something people value. You could launch a YouTube Channel and talk into a camera as if you in a direct conversation with your viewer. You could leverage the SEO-boosting power of social media by doing things like regularly post pins on Pinterest.

When you use digital marketing, you can reach anyone anywhere who has a device with an Internet connection. You can convince them to buy your product or use your service with a sales page, a video presentation, or some other form of communication.


The Old-School Charm Of Analog Marketing:

For all it’s power to instantly connect with anyone across the planet who is online, digital market has one drawback–it can’t replace face-to-face human relationships. Analog marketing has not been eclipsed by digital marketing because we still feel a biological impulse to forge real-life relationships.

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Attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting is different from meeting people on a Facebook fan page website. Receiving a card in the mail congratulating you on a special occasion has a different feel to getting the same message via email.

Analog marketing is about a personalized approach to meeting new people. Take a trade show, for example. When you walk into a booth and someone gives you a personalized demonstration of their product, you have a far richer understanding about the company’s business than if you had just watched an explainer video on their website.

There are many ways that you can benefit from analog marketing. You can go to seminars and conferences. You can lead a Meet Up group on something you feel passionate about. Or you can simply invite a fellow business person out for coffee to see if it’s possible to develop a mutually beneficial business arrangement.

The Age Of Knowledge Workers:

The evolution of marketing with the dawn of the Information Age has been nothing short of remarkable. Compared to the Agrarian Age and the Industrial Age, the Information Age has changed civilization beyond recognition. But unlike serfs who tilled the soil and workers who toiled in factories, wealth in this age isn’t restricted to the fortunate few. Anyone can build a website and leverage the power of digital and analog marketing to enjoy a slice of the world’s growing wealth.

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