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Biggest Global Cyber Security Trends In 2018 – Infographics

The world has progressed more and more into integrated digitization and hyper-connectivity, which has changed the way industries perform and operate in today’s age. Technology has paved the way for businesses to have a more streamlined, better-handled, and progressive operations, a more unified and centralized system for the benefit of the whole company, and a step towards developing a greener and more environmentally-conscious industry. Indeed, a technologically-integrated company is a dream come true.

But with every positive scenario is its equally-negative drawbacks. While the proliferation of the usage of technology has made it possible for individuals, businesses, and large corporations to become linked to the whole world, it has also contributed to the existence and inevitable danger of cybercrimes. Every year, cyber criminals get more sophisticated, become more complex, and gain more knowledge on how to exploit even the most minute of loopholes that a valuable company system has to expose all of its contents.

This, naturally, put businesses in a tight spot. CSOs and COs all around the world spend billions just to keep their cybersecurity strong and virtually impenetrable, but even then, anything can happen. Reports about companies — whether they’re large enterprises or smaller businesses — that fall victim to cybercrimes and are compromised as a result still emerge year after year. These organizations can suffer from varying degrees of repercussions from this incident, especially if it’s found that they have been too complacent in their cybersecurity efforts.

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One of the ways that businesses can prepare for whatever cyber attack comes their way and ensure that, should they be victimized, they will only suffer minimal damages that can easily be circumvented, is by keeping up with cybersecurity trends as they develop every year. This 2018 is no exception — with numerous reports being released on what new cybercrime tactics are predicted to rise, to how much enterprises are poised to spend on cybersecurity products and services in the coming years.

Learn about the biggest global cybersecurity trends this 2018 and beyond with this infographic by TeleMessage.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Tele Message

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