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9 Effective Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you feature on other YouTube channels, buy YouTube subscribers, or utilize properly the YouTube SEO, you’ll surely be able to promote your channel. But the question is – to what extent? Are they enough to make the channel a success? YouTube can be a very competitive community as there are tendencies for people to share similar content, creating a division between the viewing audiences. Thus, promotions and other publicizing strategies do not always produce expected outcomes as other aspiring YouTubers also hold the same goals of growing their channel.

YouTube has been around since 2005 with the sole reason of posting and sharing videos to hundreds and millions of internet users. But now, the site has reached a wider purpose aside from video-sharing. Different companies have used the site as a marketing strategy to garner more potential customers. A lot of people have also made a living from posting original content on their channel and promoting it by doing collaborations, live-streaming, holding competitions, and targeting Google SERPs. Furthermore, one of the latest methods to promote one’s channel is to enable Channel Ads. It’s free and there’s a chance for one’s channel to get advertised to millions of visitors on YouTube. For those with a budget, they can also make their own advertisements and run them on YouTube. The site offers a wide variety of ads such as overlay, skippable or non-skippable, bumpers, and ads from sponsors.

If you’re just starting your own channel and are confused where to begin, you’ve come just to the right place. Here are some 9 effective ways to promote your channel and encourage or buy YouTube subscribers without making a big dent in your savings::

1.) Get Creative With Your Titles:

One of the ways that most successful YouTubers do to buy YouTube subscribers into clicking their videos is to make sure that their titles are interesting and original. Write titles that would at least tickle the curiosity of some viewers to catch their attention. You can dazzle some humor or drama into the title but not to the point of over-exaggeration wherein the title strays far away from the content of the video. “Click-bait” titles are often-times used by some YouTubers but depending on the context of the video, they can be hard to pull off. Some viewers may end up disappointed if video titles do not meet their expectations after watching the video.

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2.) Produce Quality Thumbnails:

Usually, YouTube lets you choose a screenshot from your video for the thumbnail, but sometimes, these shots might not be as eye-catching as you’d want them to be. Draw more new subscribers to your channel by making your own thumbnails. A lot of YouTubers have been successful at gathering more views and subscribers by appreciating the large impact the thumbnails have on viewers and using this to their advantage. Pewdiepie has been known to buy YouTube subscribers into clicking his videos by creating artistic and colorful thumbnails.

3.) Utilize Youtube SEO:

Next to Google, YouTube is one of the largest search engines up to date. This is a great way to increase or buy YouTube subscribers since a quick search can bring them to your channel. However, this is only effective if you put in the right keywords on your video. Here are some ways to properly use the YouTube SEO:

  • Incorporate important keywords into your titles.
  • Similar to titles, incorporate important keywords into your descriptions.
  • Mention some of your keywords in your video.
  • Assign your video to a category to attract your target audience and increase the chances of getting views.
  • Include as many tags as you need.

4.) Actively Interact With The Audience:

Another effective way to promote your channel and increase YouTube subscribers is for you to actively engage with your audience. The goal here is to not just gain new viewers but to also avoid users unsubscribing to your channel. There are many methods of YouTuber-viewer interaction. Here are some of the following:

  • Hold contests and award viewers with prizes. For example, some YouTubers would do giveaways once they hit a certain amount of subscribers or hold art contests.
  • Open a P.O box for fan mail. A lot of YouTubers would make videos opening letters or packages from loyal fans. A good example is the “bad unboxing” series by Ian Carter or famously known by the YouTube community as “idubbbz”.
  • Reply to comments. A simple way of reaching out to users is to join in conversations, may it be in your own comments section or from another channel. Especially when you’re still new to the community, this might be the simplest way to gain viewers and build a respectable reputation.


5.) Use Calls-To-Action In Your Videos:

Using calls-to-action in your videos encourages viewers to like, comment, or subscribe to your channel. There are cases wherein people after watching your video would just leave and move on to the next. Although you accumulate some views, it’s still good to ask viewers to engage in your channel through likes and comments. In your videos, you can either directly tell viewers what to do or add clickable subscribe buttons.

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6.) Do Cross-Promotions And Collaborations:

Cross-promotions and collaborations with other YouTubers are great ways to introduce new viewers to your other video content and gain new organic followers. Organic followers would eventually lead to organic likes and shares from them, unlike other strategies such as illegally buying YouTube subscribers from various online providers.

In cross-promotions, you can add annotations at the end of your videos for viewers to watch your other content and hopefully gain a new subscriber. It’s highly recommended to add them at the end, and not the beginning or middle for the viewers to first finish what they’re originally watching.

With collaborations, you are able to introduce yourself to new people and reach a wider audience. Collaborations do not just help you set up the reputation you want but also allows you to interact with potential subscribers.

7.) Create Your Own Video Series:

To gain loyalty from your subscribers is just as important as to buy YouTube subscribers. Subscribers love it when you keep posting interesting content at a constant rate. It’s good to have content that makes current subscribers want and wait for more. If viewers know when to expect for a new video to be posted, this keeps them coming back and watching your videos. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your content is still interesting and does not Bore The Viewers In The Long-Run.

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8.) Make Use Of A Playlist:

Making a playlist helps organize your videos, especially if you have already made tons of them. This allows subscribers and new visitors to your channel navigate efficiently and get a brief preview of what your channel is about.

9.) Allow Embedding For You And Others To Share:

YouTube has a feature that allows you to embed your videos so that other people could share it on other social media accounts and blogs. These embedding and sharing tactics allow free promotion from other people and consequently, increase YouTube subscribers. You can also share your YouTube videos on your social media accounts as well. This is even more effective if you have a lot of following.


There is no exact formula as to what makes a successful YouTube channel. Someone may decide to collaborate with other channels or buy YouTube subscribers through other methods, and then become a big hit within a month. However, it’s not always the case, so it pays a lot to be patient. Following the tips mentioned in this article can help you promote your channel and gain subscribers at a steady yet consistent pace. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. Try to rid yourself of unnecessary stress and just enjoy yourself in every video you make.

Athena DecemberAbout the Author:

Athena December is a professional content writter of Viral Kick Company who focused on Youtube & Twitter Marketing. She went to McGill University in Montreal, Quebec to pursue her degree of AB Linguistics and Litereature. She’s also been a typographer, a film composer, a piano player, a director and a web designer; which led her way of writing in a very creative and engaging way. She wrote this article to established a content that’s specifically informative, reliable and fascinating to read.

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