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9 Reasons Why SEO Might Be The Industry For You

With the constant development of technology, many careers are created as well. One of them is in the SEO or search engine optimization industry. If you are considering SEO as a Career, you are in the right place.

The Definition Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Before you get hyped up in this industry, you ought to know what you are getting into.

SEO means making the best out of your web page so that they can appear on the first page of search engine websites such as Google and Yahoo. It sounds simple, but there are arts and technicalities involved with it. For technicalities, knowledge of engineering and codes are needed. It is considered art since its main goal is to comprehend how businesses work and customers think. Whether the business is in the eCommerce or not, there will be many benefits if the website is optimized.

Reasons To Be A Search Engine Optimizer:

The field of SEO has been clearly defined. It is indeed a fun but challenging to have a Job in SEO. Here are some reasons why it can be the perfect Career for you:

1.) It Is A Mainstream Industry:

Having access to websites occurred many years ago. Now, websites continuously improve and increase due to the development of search engine websites. Nowadays, many people find the information they need through these sites. As a result, many business owners want their site to be noticed and ranked high. In order to achieve that, they employ and pay a large sum to a search engine optimizer.

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2.) It Is Considered As One Of The Latest And Advanced Jobs:

A representative from Robert Half International Inc., which is the world’s largest specialized recruitment office, said that being a search engine optimizer is one of the four jobs that is now considered as a cutting edge.

Since it is advanced, the demand for skilled employees in this field is increasing. When a company is developing, it will definitely hire a search engine optimizer considering that this is the era of digital marketing. Companies cannot ignore the importance of being known and noticed on the world wide web.

3.) It Pays Well:

If you have a job in SEO, you can do it as an employee or as a freelancer. In some job advertisements, search engine optimizers are offered the same or higher compensation with web designers, marketers, and developers. A pay that is around $80,000 per year can be received by a search engine optimizer.

As a freelancer, being a search engine optimizer can bring you more money. An offer of $50 per hour can be seen on freelance job websites. There is even a better opportunity to start your own company.

4.) There Is No Need For A College Degree:

Since the SEO industry is new, it is not yet offered as a course in a college or universe. Most people who have SEO as a Career learned the needed skills by themselves. They experimented with their own websites and attended conferences and seminars to expand their knowledge. Therefore, companies do not require their applicants to have a diploma or certification. It is safe to say that skills do more than documents in SEO industry.


5.) Learning And Professional Growth Can Be Done Online:

If you have much interest in SEO, you can learn virtually everything about it online. You need to be diligent in doing your research. Make sure that you read a lot about it, as well as related topics from books, blogs, forums, and online articles. After that, you can apply all the information you have learned on your own or your friend’s or family member’s website. The most important thing is you continuously try until you get the result that you want.

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Learning basic HTML is helpful if you want an SEO-related job. There are many videos and modules you can check out online. In addition, you can take a short online course to acquire a certification from various areas related to SEO fast. Employers will notice you more by having these credentials.

6.) No One Is Virtually In Control Of You:

SEO work is done online, so you are your own boss. You have the freedom to choose to work in an office or home. You can also start your own business from this since you will most likely need to hire people to keep you up with the demands.

7.) Skills Are In Demand Worldwide:

The SEO industry is significant in every country in the world. Most businesses have websites which are competitive. Thus, having the right skills in SEO will make you in demand all over the world.

You do not even need to leave your comfort zone since it is online. You only need your computer and Internet connection to do your job. Moreover, you do not need to worry that this field will only be good for a short time because many experts have attested this is a viable business.

8.) It Is A Fulfilling Job:

This type of job is never boring because the Internet is an unpredictable platform. Many can change in a short span of time, so you will always be challenged. Aside from the work, the working hours and the pressure will not burn you out. As a result, you can have the work-life balance every employee wants.

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9.) It Gives You The Opportunity To Meet Cool People:

You can learn and interact with a lot of interesting people in the business. They are mostly laid back people which means you will not feel intimidated at all. You can share your insights and use the knowledge that you gain from them.

Online businesses continuously grow, so the goal of getting a great SEO will not stop soon. Having a website that has a good rank is good for business, so the service of search engine optimizers are greatly needed.

If you have a talent for words, the web, analysis, and design, this job is definitely for you.

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Alexander Alison is an online content writer that focuses on employment in Cebu and to the Top Cities in the Philippines. His partnership with CebuJobs helps him excel on the niche he loves.

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