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Best Strategies To Grow Your ECommerce Business Sales In 2015

The ecommerce landscape is one that is growing at a breakneck speed but how will ecommerce look like in 2015? What ecommerce strategies and ecommerce business solutions will you need to deploy in order to give yourself the much needed edge in a highly competitive environment?

The year 2014 is all but over. If you have not made your money this year or accomplished your ecommerce goals, it is time to look to the following year and the opportunities and challenges that it offers. Look at the areas where you will need to make improvements in your ecommerce strategy so that you can realize more sales and achieve more ROI for your business.

Setting New Year resolutions, goals and targets is always an interesting prospect even for business. It gives you an opportunity to put the year into the looking glass or microscope so that you can adequately analyze where you made the mistakes and where you got it right. It gives you a bird’s eye view of your business so that you can make the precise interventions that will help move your business forward.

If you, like many other online retailers, are thinking of how to make 2015 a successful year, then you need to have a strategy for success on how you are going to achieve those goals that you have set for yourself. Along with the SWOT analysis and goals that you will be setting for 2015 as far as your ecommerce business solutions go, it is important to note that you will also need a will to make things happen so that you can make the most of your ecommerce online solutions.

Here are the strategies that you can deploy in 2015 so as to yield maximum ROI for your ecommerce online sales portals:

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Table of Contents

1.) Analyze The Current Market:

Decision making on ecommerce business solutions is always easier if you have the best data on which an analysis can be premised. Data is the best decision making tool and you cannot afford to carry out a market analysis in a vacuum. So take time to review the analytics of your online sales and see what you can deduce from them.

If you lack the right analysis skills, it may be even necessary to invest in a professional analytics service for your ecommerce online solutions performance so that you can get an accurate and very clear picture of your online ecommerce performance.  Once you have the right data and the right sets of projections, you can proceed to the decision making process on the areas of the business that will require additional investments.

2.) Build Stronger Customer Relations:

How were your customer relations in 2014? If it was poor, then you may need to invest in building customer relations in 2015 in order to boost your ecommerce ROI. A lack of connections with your core customers can be a key handicap for your ecommerce business solutions.

Today the relationships with the customers do not end at the till. Online retailers must build deeper relationships with their customers and then figure out how to leverage these relationships in order to ensure maximum success in the ecommerce store. If you were not doing that already in 2014, then it is time to step up the game in 2015 in order to see better ROI from your ecommerce investments.

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There are many ways in which you can connect with your customers including via social media tools, mobile websites, mobile apps, emails and much more. Ensure that every tool at your disposal is well leveraged in order to ensure a maximum ROI on your investments.


3.) Focus On A Few Core Products:

How do you define your niche? Are you a retro fashion retail store, wedding gifts store, sterling silver jewelry store, online print shop or online shoe retailer? Instead of spreading yourself too thin and failing to meet all expectations, it is important to place focus on a few but core products that are delivering a greater return on investments.

In the year 2015, you may need to change direction and place greater emphasis on those products that are more relevant to your customers. So, instead of looking at this in terms of the number of products that you are carrying, focus more on the relevance of products that you are selling. Are they yielding value for your ecommerce business?

4.) Invest In Good Content Development:

Content is still king when it comes to the ecommerce business arena. One of the core ecommerce strategies that you should adopt in 2015 is that of content. If content did not work well for you in 2014, hire a professional content development agency and develop new high impact content development approaches that will deliver value for your business.

In ecommerce business, you will always be fighting for some breathing space with some of the big ecommerce companies. What will give you an edge in the marketplace is the quality of the content and SEO strategies that you will develop in order for you to win the SERPs game? Content marketing must therefore be a core aspect of your ecommerce strategy in 2015. With persistence and consistency in the quality of the ecommerce content, you will slowly but surely start attracting those hot high prospect leads that will actually buy your products and not merely browse through your ecommerce website.

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5.) Incorporate Better Analytics:

Have you been getting the right data analysis regarding the performance of your ecommerce business solution? Now is the time to invest in better market analytics that will enable you to tailor your ecommerce strategy accordingly in order to deliver the best ROI.

6.) Invest In A Web To Print, Online Designer Tool:

Running a print ordering business? You can automate the process in 2015 by incorporating a highly versatile web to print, online designer tool that is robust and built to streamline your print ordering processes online.

7.) Consider Changing Your Online Marketing Agency:

If your current digital marketing agency or technology provider is not offering you good value in your ecommerce business solutions, then you may consider changing your ecommerce partner in 2015. It could make a huge difference in your online sales if you pick the right partner with whom you can move forward.

Amy WatsonAbout the Author:Amy Watson is an experienced marketing and ecommerce specialist currently working with DesignNBuy, leaders in providing best web-to-print solutions globally to online stores, who always test the products she write about and say All-In-One Product line is just awesome for both the end-user and the store owner for personalization. In her free times, she likes to travel and read novels.

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