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3 Tips To Ensure Your Sales Incentive Programmes Work

A sales incentive program is really important to get the most out of your business and the people working there. Unless your sales team is appreciated and valued, they will not be putting in their best at their work. In fact, you should incorporate this as part of your company’s culture.

Enough on that for the moment! The reason you’re here is to see how a great sales incentive programme is brought about to keep your employees motivated and happy so that they have greater morale, loyalty and better daily productivity in their tasks providing a significant improvement to the company’s bottom line. Here’s how you get your incentives program off the ground.

Get Your Objectives Cleared First:

What do you really want out of the programme? Is it curbing absenteeism of workers? Getting them to get more leads? Engaging customers to get more conversions through your sakes teams’ efforts? It is good to have these cleared out first in order to get the sales incentives program to work. You may want to separate the benefits of the programme into the benefits to the company and for the sales people, respectively.

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Timing is also crucial. Will you begin the incentive program at the start of the fiscal year when the goals are fresh? Or will you take a more seasonal approach to the program? There are unique benefits to each approach. It all depends on your requirements from the sales incentive program.


Make A Strong Business Case For More Support From The Board:

The board is a really tough group of people to convince so make sure you talk to them with your business case backing you up. They may give preference to profits above people so make sure that you show them that the incentives program will not soak up too much of the company’s revenue. You can get help from if you need to convince your board for the program.

You need to prove to them that investing time and money into the program is going to yield a fruitful return on their investment. These can be non-financial benefits as well that may lead to financial benefits in the long run. An example is that the customers are increasingly satisfied with your services and the sales people that came in contact with them, showing that the sales incentive program was a success.

Find Out What Motivates Individuals In The Sales Teams:

Bonuses and commissions are good once in a while, but when people seem to get it on a regular basis, they get accustomed to them for a while. This means that you need to be able to see the kind of motivation your staff will need to be able to perform better in the field. They may do well with extra quarterly awards, more annual leaves added to their calendar, a chance to go on a vacation, or some kind of gift.

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You need to be able to find the right motivations of your sales team employees to avoid the pitfalls of your sales incentive programs.

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