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Which Outshines Better: Apple’s Flat Design Or Google’s Material Design

Are you a designer? Do you love designing for the web? If the answer to the above question is a big yes, then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, you will know about the new design trends: Apple’s flat design and Google’s material design, and which must be chosen by you, for the purpose of web designing. As the leading Web Design Company, we have the skilled team of designers who keep themselves updated about the recent technological trends in web designing.

Apple’s Mesmerizing Design Trend: Flat Design:

Flat icons make use of the plain images for providing the message in easy manner, if compared with the detailed illustrations. The undivided attention of user is completely on the quality content because the people are not likely to focus fully on digital art, than just reading of content. The flat images might look just attractive for decoration of webpage which eventually helps users for navigating of page in simple manner. You will not see any kind of thrilling and stylish elements in flat design like the textures, gradients and shadows. Because of the absence of gradients, shadows and textures, it makes flat design elements appear to be very small. This is the reason why loading speed of page also paces faster. Here, the need for material design is felt.

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Google’s Engrossing Design Trend: Material Design:

This breathtaking material design is the new trend of Google and this can be said as the branded product with the set of well-defined principles and guidelines. The objective behind releasing this design is that, the flat design is less instinctive design and users get messed with the flatness of objects in this design. In the flat designing, all the elements which are clickable are also just confused with the con-clickable texts and the icons. Hire Web Designer who understands your design requirements well in advance for providing attractive web designing.

If material design is concerned, then it just tries to introduce some of the skeumorphism in just simple and easy designs. Well, according to looks, material and the flat design are just similar to a lot of extent. The main reason why material design surpasses the flat design is because it provides the designers with good designing language for creating of apps which look and feels same on multifarious platforms.


Which One Excels: Flat Design or Material Design:

Now, the question arises is that which design should designers should jump on the bandwagon of? Material design Vs Flat Design:

#1 Features Of Shadow, Animation And Pattern:

In designing, it is the animation which takes user’s experience to the next level and it also gives life to various components. Material design makes use of various animations to convey the type of material for communicating with. The animation will also appear if you are just organizing the cards on piece of paper. If you desire to refresh the Google page, then it will also bounce back. This is what material design is. And Apple on other hand thinks that animation must be like it will take the user to his destination and without the distraction from original content. Google is for the human side and Apple is for inorganic side.

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#2 As Per The Clarity Factor:

It completely depends on what Google and Android users are in close association with, if the clarity factor is concerned. It might also happen that Android users will not be able to recognize ios icons in the blink of an eye. Apple is also meant for promoting gradients designs, but Google has more weightage to drop shadows.

#3 Regarding The Navigation:

Navigation plays a major role in User Interface. As per the contents, app construction must be arranged, as to the tasks which user wants to notice. Google has less rules regarding navigation and this navigation can be just in various places but must be prominent. Google gives different navigation rules and various components for revealing multifarious options.

Wrapping Up:

Well, Google’s material design and Apple’s flat design is all the rage these days. Well, if choosing the best from the 2 design trends is concerned, then it completely depends on designer. Custom Web Designer can choose the best one as per his choice and preference. Material design is the reciprocation to radical flat approach. For the creation of attractive and elegant design, it solely depends on the designer. Flat design is concerned with user’s familiarity with design and material design tries getting some ideas from the flat design and it is just highly optimized for the digital part. Apple believes that the devices are being seen as window into the other world and accepts infinite depth in the applications. Contradictorily, Google believes that human must communicate with the components as they had been piled over each other only.

Rahul MathurAbout the Author:Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of the ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding Mobile App and Web Development Solutions as well as high-end digital marketing services. He has been in the IT industry for more than 8 years with a specialization in .Net, PHP, AngularJS etc. In his recent creation he expresses his views on “Flat Design or Material Design”. According to him Custom Web Designer can choose the best one as per his choice and preference.  Apart from successfully playing his part in a leading software development company, he is an avid reader and writer of technology related articles and blogs.

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