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Web Sphere Without WordPress CMS Platform – Unimaginable!

Considering the current popularity of the WordPress content management system it is impossible to imagine the web development sector without WordPress. In a very less time, WordPress became an integral part of the digital ecosystem. Client, users, webmasters, developers and designers, they all love WordPress. The best part is WordPress improved with time and has become bigger & better.

If the WordPress was not around, what would be the web developers and designers doing. WP is like that employee who does everything in a perfect manner. The WordPress CMS platform is quick, progressive, secure, easy to use, customizable, open-source and the list goes on. WordPress reflects the true powers of an open-source platform- what it can do and what it is capable of doing.

The best part about WordPress is its Community Support, which consists of millions of experienced developers, designers, and global users, who work day and night for the betterment of this platform. The core codes and various other functionalities are updated at regular intervals so that the websites powered by this software don’t have to face any downtime. In case you have reported in a bug in its interface then you can quickly report to the community and they will eliminate it in the quickest possible manner.

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What Is So Special About WordPress?

People usually make the mistake of classifying WordPress as a blogging platform. Although, WordPress was widely used for the blogging in the past, but it evolved throughout all these years and it turned into a full-blown content management system (CMS) and permits users to build superb websites. The best part is you can still use WordPress for blogging purpose.

Another good thing about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to molded the way the user wants. According to the market survey, WordPress is currently powering approx 26% of the websites which are live on the World Wide Web.

WordPress is Free:

WP is an open-source tech, which means it’s free to download, install, use and tweak. With WordPress in place, you can come up with any sort of site. Anyone can customize, study or play with its source code. With over 3500+ themes and 38,000+ plugins available in its directory, WordPress is the right platform for developing a robust site.


WordPress Is Easy To Use and Learn:

Currently, WordPress is used by millions of people and day by day this number is increasing. The primary reason why most of the people quickly adapt to this platform is because it’s easy to use and comes with a user-friendly Admin Panel. In case you are facing any issues in tweaking your portal then you can simple Google search the issue and there are tons of information available on the web. There are dedicated web portals where you will plenty of useful content that would help you get through.

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Extendable By Using Themes And Plugins:

The actual user base of WordPress is neither web designers nor the developers, the maximum users belong to the non-technical background, who don’t have much understanding of the technicalities involved in its tweaking process. Most of the users, start using WordPress without any prior knowledge of creating web portals. Another thing which makes WordPress the ideal candidate are the thousands of free templates which can help you in altering the look and feel of the site. There is a theme for everything.

Search Engine Friendly:

The core codes of WordPress are written with high-quality standards and produces a highly semantic mark which makes it easier for the search engine spiders to locate and index the website. By default, WordPress is SEO-friendly, if you wish to boost this functionality all you have to do is to add a suitable plugin in its backend. There are plenty of dedicated SEO plugins that can use for this process.

WordPress Is Easy To Manage:

As discussed earlier, the WordPress’s interface is easy to manage and has a user-friendly Admin Panel that will help you undertake any sort of modification process. It will notify you which plugin or theme needs to be updated. To keep your content safe and secure, you can download a backup plugin which will make regular backups and will store the whole data on the cloud, giving an easier access to all the information.

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WordPress Is Safe And Secure:

Being a dedicated content management system, the security of user data is the primary motive of WordPress. It comes with the pretty safe interface and you can also download several security plugins to enhance the security cover of your portal.

Summing Up:

In this post, you will come across various benefits of WordPress which make this content management system so special.

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Anna Jhonson is a professional software expert  working in Markupcloud. Markupcloud offers professional PSD to WordPress conversion services to transform your pixel-perfect designs into a fast loading.

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