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How To Build Winning Apps? 5 Best Practices To Follow In 2022

In 2020, the global mobile app revenue swelled to 581.9 billion dollars according to Statista. And it is expected to hit 808.7 billion dollars by the end of 2022.

Small and medium-sized businesses and new ventures need no more reasons to develop mobile apps for their businesses. It is crucial to reach new target markets.

But some best practices have to be followed to ensure a great final app product. Let’s discuss them and how you can follow them.

Split Tasks Into Little And Doable Segments:

Mobile app development is a lengthy process. It consists of a plethora of tasks. If you just start it randomly, you probably will get confused.

Break down all steps into small and achievable chunks. It will save you from the mistake of forgetting any of them. While jotting down the tasks, also write the requirements for each against it.

It will help you to handle workflow. Also, you would know how much time should be set aside for a specific task. This will benefit you if you share the tasks with many people.

Make It Correct From The Start:

You have some core features of your app in mind. To begin, you should write down all the features that must be added to make your application perform its basic functions.

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Then you can add other secondary features related to the primary features you have already added. This step is the first and most important step for your app development to be successful.

Make sure that you carry out each task properly. Being careful while doing each task will save you from making errors and bugs. Similarly, you can make sure all the features complement each other well.

Don’t try to accelerate the development process at the expense of quality. Give each step its due time and try to finish it in the best way possible.

User Experience Is Fundamental:

The people who need your app’s features are your target users. These people will experience your product and give positive or negative reviews on the AppStore and PlayStore and other social channels.

User experience can make or break the success of your app solution. Only your users will determine the extent of success of your mobile application.

Three aspects are important for a good user experience — speed, experience, and convenience. Mobile app development companies need to put sufficient money, time, and energy into them from the preliminary stages.


Stick To The App Store’s Guidelines:

If you intend to submit your application to Google PlayStore, then carefully read and understand the android developer guides given by them. Make sure that your app is in line with those rules and regulations.

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Similarly, you should follow the app developer program set by Apple if you want to develop an iOS application.

No matter how good an app you create, it might get rejected if it doesn’t comply with the best practices set by the app store. Don’t take this risk and thoroughly understand the guidelines and best practices set by the app stores.

Test The Performance:

Are you thinking about completing the whole app development process and then starting the testing process? Then, you risk losing a lot of your money and still could get a rejection from app stores.

Testing is an essential aspect of the whole mobile app creation process and not something that is done after the process is completed. You should test your product’s functionality at each stage of the application development process.

If you don’t keep testing your application, it will be harder and more complicated to find out and solve bugs later. Plus, periodic testing helps you decrease the final costs.

You can test your application through beta testers. There are online platforms such as Beta Family which allow you to work with them and discover app testers. They also offer feedback and possibly some suggestions to improve your app.

Focus On App Design Too:

There is one more crucial process in application creation other than development and that is mobile app design. Developers and designers belong to two different professions.

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Developers usually focus more on the technical aspect while designers focus on the creative aspect. When you hire mobile app developers, don’t forget to get some designers on board as well.

You should not neglect the app’s design while building your mobile app. Your developers should try to understand design aspects as it will help them to code the application accordingly. That practice will make sure that the finished product will meet your client’s needs. Also, it will guarantee that there is no clash between your designers and developers.

Bottom Line

We hope that you like the best practices we have mentioned in this blog. There are a lot of other best practices that haven’t been discussed due to the lack of space. But our guidelines are a good place to start creating an application that meets the standards of application stores.

Debora JohnAbout the Author:

Debora John is a professional digital content creator, SEO, and editor who has years of experience working for many different industries and recently worked in the Digital Marketing department at Digital Gravity, a full-service mobile app development company, with years of excellence in providing innovative web design and development, logo design and branding, digital marketing services and much more.

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