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Wearable: The Cool Gadget Is Worthy Or Less Significant!

Wearable- The new wave of tech has created ripples in the digital market. The burgeoning technology from head to toe has shown its marvel and its craze is mushrooming like never before.

In a survey, it is found that 29% of the UK businesses have some form of wearable technologies projects in practice. In the last few years, smartphones or other digital devices are selling like hotcakes. They made everything possible at the flick of switch, which was once dreamed of.

Even, more number of enterprises went mobile and revamped their organizations. Wearable devices such as Smart glass, wrist bands, smart watch or smart T-shirts, also perform the same functions, but made people hands-free. So, are these Wearables important or merely a notable accessory for the millennial?

Let’s Shed Some Light Over It:

In the last few years, technological innovations played a prominent role in helping brands to stand apart in their respective industries. Before wearable devices hit the shelves, they are presumed as fashion accessories. However, realizing the potential of technology industries embraced it as opportunity and results are amazing. Here, two facts will help in assessing the importance of wearable for present and future industry.

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User Experience:

To outperform, every device need to be anchored in human-centered design. 14% of the Wearable projects in practice in the UK are for improving customer service. Wearable tech, though in embryonic stage, but it renders delightful personalized experience without any distraction. For instance, you had hardly taken the lunch without having any interruption by mobile phone beep, or use to walk with your face buried in a device, oblivious to the surroundings. Wearable shifted this experience that’s engaging, but less distracting.

Instead, after wearing device, one can block calls or delay notifications, when busy and can operate mobile right in their field of vision. This key differentiator feature speeds use of wearable and will radicalized consumer market and business-to-business market. Seventy-three percent respondents expect wearable technology will make media and entertainment more immersive and fun, according to PWC research. Although price may be the prohibitive factor for embracing the leading technology, but the unprecedented offering will turn the tide. According to IDC research, wearable device are set to become $12 Billion market by 2018. It seems wearable future is around the corner that will dramatically reshape the society.


Addressing Unmet Needs:

Rightly said, Customer mind is hardwired to seek happiness, but they are super bad in recognizing and predicting what they actually need. Wearable fulfills the need that people don’t know they actually had. The device is ripening with opportunities to wow the customers and create meaningful experience. It lets people interact while doing their work with no disturbance. Even, one can monitor heart rate, glucose level, blood pressure and more while sitting anywhere, or virtually try-on clothes and buy them without leaving couch.

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Wearable for health industry alone in the USA is worth $3 Trillion a year. Also, technology unveils new opportunities for data analysis. The data would help to preempt natural disasters, improve healthcare, and reinvent entertainment landscape, logistic, retail and pretty more segments. Take a quick peek at wearable’s impact on various industries.

Wrapping Up:

According to Juniper research, 116 Billion Wearable devices will be shipped by 2017. This future prediction suggests massive adoption of this gadget is not very far. Well, earlier, privacy, security, inconsistence information made these devices to not live up to the mass adoption. Instead, after examining the trends in the market and understanding user behavior, a few enterprises shifted this thinking approach.

By incorporating wearable, organizations can enrich end-user experience and bridge the gap between user and industries. Implementing wearable solution in your working style is a perfect fit, if you want to deliver services on expectations. Embrace the sky rocketing technology now!

Supriya PorwalAbout the Author:

Supriya is Inquisitive writer fascinated by the latest technology and development. Technology is her passion and she always like to dwell into the depth of it. Plus, she has rich experience in writing blogs, articles, whitepapers and press release.

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