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Top 5 Most Prolific Mobile App Trends In 2018 And Beyond

Technology has already blurred the line between human and machines. Take the news about Artificial Intelligence helping to detect sepsis in children and scientist developing a software to enable robots to get itself up if it falls.

Even our everyday life activities like software predicting our calories intake and computers learning to dribble a basketball through consistent practice. From waking up with a morning alarm to reading news and checking emails, everything is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices.

There are some steep corners of life that have not yet been touched by the technology otherwise it seems that there is a mobile app for everything, you name it. Every app removes the inconvenience of having to spend a long time to perform the task, enabling us to save time and reduce cost, both in our personal and professional lives.

Mobile applications now intrinsically tied to our lives are empowered with the latest, smart technology has infused deep aspirations in organizations that they can overcome their roadblocks, increase business efficiency, and enhance brand visibility, communication, and convenience.

Below are the top 5 Mobile App Development Trends that organizations need to look upon to successfully achieve their goals in years to come.

#1) Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning:

AI empowered mobile apps can collect and share data, even detect conversation’s tone to help users interpret the information in the same way.

The key benefit of AI based apps is they can highly personalize the information you need. For example, load the Facebook page and it will show you ads of those products or services that you have been searching on Internet.

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For professionals in marketing and consumer service department, precise information that what their customers usually search for is a great way to create targeted campaigns.

Mobile apps integrated with machine learning and AI can help companies generate the insight on two fronts: first of process development cycle, inventory, and employee management and second is to develop connection with customers.

These statistics show how AI apps are dominating the mobile app market.

  • According to Gartner, 80% of the Smartphones manufactured and shipped will be loaded with inbuilt AI capabilities by 2022.
  • Boston Consulting Group predicts that AI can reduce the manufacturers’ conversion cost by up to 20%.
  • A report by IDC states that 75% of commercial enterprise will use Artificial Intelligence Applications by 2021.

#2) Internet Of Things And Mobile-Connected Smart Objects:

Since the past few years, Internet of Things has stealthily captured a huge market in Industrial and Consumer Worlds. Usually referred as “Smart Objects”, the fundamental concept of the technology is based upon Human to Machine communication, augmented by advanced computing and sensors.

The IoT architecture allows the users to remotely monitor the object through a software application, even allows to create an environment for evaluation and analysis of the real-time condition.

According to Bain, B2B IoT segment, by 2020, will generate $300 billion; the figure also includes $85 billion generated by the industrial sector. Most industries used IoT application for predictive maintenance, inventory management, and employee communication.

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Besides, the global IoT market is expected to grow at a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). The major growth will be witnessed in these applications: Wearables, Smart Home, Smart Grids, Smart Farming, Connected Car, Connected Health, and Supply Chain.


#3) Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Where a Smartphone opens a vast world, it also has its limitations, from storage to battery and performance to connectivity in comparison with computer. Due to these limitations, Smartphones consume more time to load a website, which is meant for desktop.

Search engine like Google has introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) that allows users to load a web page quickly.

What Is AMP?

In the era of Mobile Commerce, AMP is a great initiative to provide better user experience to mobile users and maximize engagement. It is an open source library from which users can create appealing web pages and link it as per the requirement.

#4) Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Apps:

VR and AR are at nascent stage, mainly because most of the companies have not been able to add value to the technology other than entertainment or appeal.

But still it is alive and all set to enjoy a long life further because technologists find huge potential in AR and VR applications.

Some of top apps that are recognized in this segment are YouTube and YouTube VR for Google Daydream and Facebook 360 for Samsung Gear. Next VR is forefront in live broadcasts, enabling users to live sports, music, and more.

When it comes to AR, applications such as Google Sky Map, Pokémon Go, Quiver, Field Trip, AR GPS Compass Map 3D have positioned themselves earlier in the market.

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For an organization to succeed in this segment, they need to add some value to their product and differentiate it from the rest.

#5) Blockchain Technology:

Although Blockchain has made huge noise, many would not confirm to understand the technology, which was initially developed to serve as a public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Here’s A Guide For The Beginners:

It is a simple diary, every transaction recorded in this diary in chronological order creates a hash-a string of numbers and letters, the nodes check the hash that they are in proper order and if so, approve to be written in block, and now each block refers to previous block, it forms a chain of blocks called blockchain.

The technology close almost all gaps for errors, and so widely used in financial and healthcare services. Below are top 10 blockchain applications:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Insurance claiming process
  3. Cross border payments
  4. Contract making in property business
  5. Car-key to gain access
  6. Smart appliances
  7. Supply chain sensors
  8. Healthcare record maintenance
  9. Personal identification
  10. Passport and certificates

A mobile app based on blockchain technology is extremely helpful in granting access and authority to the right person, provided your software development company is technically sound and reliable. The technology is expected to witness a huge surge in 2018 and beyond, mainly because it is close to impossible (at least for now) to tamper records.

Siya CarlaAbout the Author:

Siya Carla is Business Development Manager at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which makes ideas into reality by providing unique design and mobile app development services.

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