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4 Mind-Blowing Ways IoT Will Revolutionize Online Marketing!

Smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi; they have all blown our minds with their phenomenal features. Yet very quickly, they have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It’s not just about the everyday lives, though. The Internet has also changed the political, educational and the marketing scene. So the definition of promoting an idea is not the same any longer.

The next step in technology seems to be the Internet of Things or IoT. Until now, the Internet has been limited to certain devices that one has to buy to get access (like phones or tablets). The IoT means that our everyday possessions and facilities have the smart technology embedded in them.

What does this mean for us? This means that the internet would be ubiquitous. It will be integrated with the refrigerator, the oven, and even your watch! Smart TVs are already on the market and in homes. Today, it is absolutely possible that our everyday items could be connected everywhere at all time and that this fact could revolutionize the marketing world.

Some of them deserve a mention here:


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1.) Potential Customers Will Expect Convenience:

Delivery is a major part of online marketing. We are even looking into having drones that deliver items to us at our doorstep. Everyday convenience like doorstep delivery would become the norm, and it will no longer an exception but a rule in online marketing. Whether a company is offering food, gift items, movies, or even services for sale, customers would expect the convenience at its best. This means that the plumber must have certain apps on his phone in order to get in touch with the customer, or even be allowed inside the house.

Food must be delivered piping hot or frozen, as needed. Gift items must be able to be customized with a single click and packaged elaborately as well. If expectations such as these are not fulfilled, you’ll lose your customers to your competitors. In fact, one might say that convenience is a product in itself, and will be even more so in the future.

2.) Iot Will Change The Way Online Marketers Interact With Their Social Audience:

The idea of talking to a phone and giving it instructions is now unremarkable. Been there, done that. But what’s next? One company has made a vending machine that operates by users interacting with it through Twitter.

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Social media platforms are huge, and cannot be ignored in the future of online marketing. They are a means by which marketers can gather precious data about consumers and their needs. This data will then be used to plan the future marketing campaigns.

3.) Artificial Intelligence Will Streamline The Promotion Of Any Brand:

If a smart car needed tuning, online marketing would program it to give directions to the mechanic itself.  If you are running low on milk, your refrigerator could order it for you, without you having to lift a finger, or even remember that you needed to. This is commonly known as ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the online marketers will be able to get insights into the needs of their target market which in turn help them to effectively promote their brand.

4.) Online Marketers Will Be Accessible To Their Leads:

We’ve already seen that even services like gift-wrapping, driving and babysitting have been marketed. IoT will most likely take this even further with online marketing reaching new and uncharted areas. In the world of IoT, everything will be accessible to online marketers and even your family and friends will be somehow connected to the Internet and remain within your reach.

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Additionally, online marketers will spend time on social media to analyze customer behavior in order to get in-depth insights into lives of their potential leads, weeding out what exactly we might want, and then presenting it to us.

Final Words:

In online marketing, IoT will be a game-changer that will offer convenient, fast, and a holistic way for online marketers to promote their brands. In future, IoT will likely to replace the current forms of data analysis, mobile marketing, one-on-one transactions, and even surveys on consumer experience.

All these things will play their role to help online marketers to find better ways to promote their brand. Hope the article provides you enough information to uplift your brand using the incredible features of IoT.

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Anna Marsh is a Marketing Graduate and an Online Marketing Expert. In addition, she works as a professional researcher and writer for online Assignment help firm.

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