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5 SEO-Friendly Changes You Should Make Right Now To Your Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect that boosts your website in terms of overall ranking, Komondor appearance in search engines or bars and promotes your website with improved bounce rates. There are certain rules, once applied makes a website SEO-friendly. One common method is through the use of concise keywords that creates a bridge of communication between the website and the search engine. The agents of communication are called Search Engine Optimizers and their work is to make attempts to boost traffic quality as well as quantity. Later channels the traffic towards your website through an organic search engine outcome.

Many websites hire professionals to make their sites and other online platforms optimized with the search engine and browser, this means an increase in competitors within the same field of industry. So it is important to keep an eye on the behaviour of your target competitors just as you do for your target audience. One can learn and estimate the outcome through an organic example, such as keeping tabs on what your competition is doing right and wrong to observe the customers reaction to their campaigns, services, launched products etc.

You May Be Wondering Why Your Website Needs To Be SEO Friendly:

Here are a bunch of reasons why it should be so,

  • It keeps steady traction of visitors into your website and gradually increases over time with the number of searches done on a particular keyword.
  • Then your rankings automatically level up on search engine pages. Since the main mediator of traffic is the system of SEO, creating a website based around the rules and guidelines it follows promotes the website to a higher degree.
  • It becomes easy to use which inversely improves user experience, another key factor to making a great website and lastly a website that is recommended by the search engine is more trustworthy than the latter.


How Do I Make My Website SEO Friendly Then?

There are a few primary factors that help in making your websites SEO friendly,

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Specific Content Making:

The content of s website is the essence of the online brand and image, make sure the content is useful and legible. A poorly written content with grammatical errors will not benefit anyone, ensure your website is always punctual in uploading contents. This increases customer loyalty and your website becomes a constant source of information and reference. So it is obvious that good content caters to a larger audience and hence makes its way above the algorithm. Make sure the content is posted at a regular routine. The layout of your website should be appealing and clean, make a good first impression on new visitors and gain new users. The content must be relatable to the target audience otherwise you fail to deliver the required content.

100% Unique:

There are many content writers for a company, and there are thousands of content writers in general. There are similar topics and articles everywhere you find them, and it can be quite a challenge to produce original content on a whim. In order to do this well, work with plagiarism software and tools to figure out at what percentage your work is unique. There are free tools and software too where you get the features to see how watery, wordy and accurate your figure of speech is in the content submitted for correction. A good plagiarism check tool is useful to spot similar words or sentences in a given description, it also provides the actual link through where your sentences or words are matched with. All wiring styles are unique in one way or another and make sure you use them to ensure your content is at most 100% unique.

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Keywords Go A Long Way:

Know who your customers are to know what to actually write, the better in tune with your audience’s persona the more effective your content proves to be for old and new visitors. And before publishing your blog, make sure to use keywords that are accurate, relevant and straightforward to make the SEO easily recognize your website and keep it at the topmost recommended searched results. Use keywords that are strictly related to your topic otherwise the website proves to be non-friendly as the SEO goes through millions of website to suit the user’s needs.

Focus Keywords Are Essential:

Focus keywords are those keywords that determine the ranking of your website page, this brings the idea of quantity over quality at hand. Content makers are advised to use those focus keywords that are most commonly searched in an average person’s web browser. The first step would be to do some adequate research on some of the most popular focus keywords used under a certain location or timeline, then figure out how effectively these words are applied in other websites, analyse and include them in your own content to get the most beneficial results out of it. Nowadays, there are tools that provide ongoing popular focus keywords or most searched keywords, get more info on software’s that do the same.

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Determine Target Audience:

Blog writers often make attempts to generalize their content for everyone and this is a poor step to gain more users. It is important to choose who your target audience will be in the long run. This directly reflects on the type of content you should create in order to provide information and content. People dive into the internet to indulge in their hobbies and interest, say for example an artist might want to look at theme challenges to work on their drawing skills and your website could offer tips and lists on doing so if your niche were artists and artsy people. Creating a niche also limits the number of competitors as the more original you get with your content the less commercial it sounds.


There are plenty of SEO tricks and tips available on the internet, the mentioned are a few which can be manually done. So get more info on making your website in tune with the SEO by practising certain HTML rules. There are website design services online that are good at creating a website that is SEO-friendly in its most technical terms too. Try to hire a web designer through website design services if your funds are available or if your website needs a major makeover. This method is usually most effective while creating a new website or domain. A sudden change in your web design may confuse your usual readers and lead to losing them to other competitions.

Hermit ChawlaAbout the Author:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Web and Graphic Design Services, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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