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Tips On How To Win-Over Your Clients With Video Ads

Video is the gold of today’s advertising industry, but it’s not just made for TV anymore. Actually, video ads aren’t even just for the web anymore, either. Video ads are gaining in importance in apps too. Marketers, web publishers and app developers are all beginning to understand how vital this type of advertising is throughout every industry and on every platform.

There are many reasons why you should use video as a major part of your marketing strategy. Here, we’ll explore some of these reasons and give you some essential tips on how to win-over your clients with video ads.

Advantages Of Using Video For Advertising:

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of using video as a part of your marketing strategy is that video ads are more engaging and personal than other types of ads. This is immensely important in today’s market, where advertising needs to be personalized more than ever.

A large percentage of consumers – especially millennials – do not respond to generic cookie-cutter ads. They want ads that are tailored to them and the things they like to use on a daily basis. You can reach your customers and clients on a much more personal and human level through video easier than you can through static advertising.

Another great reason to use video for advertising is that you can definitely reach a wider audience than you could through any other type of advertising today. YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion are just a few sources that will get your video ad out across enormous amounts of traffic. People are also more likely to share videos on social media platforms, which could spread your marketing campaign even further.

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Entertain And Engage:

There are endless interesting and innovative advertising ideas that corporate videos are exploring today to get their message out to a broad range of customers. The key to a successful video ad campaign is to always aim to entertain and engage the viewers. You must do much more than just simply promote a product or service. You must touch the core of the customer and tell a story that they will relate to and connect with.

Get Out There:

Now that you know why video ads are so important and what to focus on while making your own, don’t forget to consider how to monetize smartly with video ads. Creating a solid monetization strategy is another essential piece of any successful marketing campaign. Platforms like Appnext can help get your video out there to some of the top brands in the industry. They can help you maximize your revenue in a number of different ways, and they will help you advertise differently so that you can create memorable ads that your audience won’t soon forget.

Find Your Inspiration:

There are endless video ads out there today. If you want to analyze first-hand how to win-over your clients with video ads, don’ be afraid to get inspired by others. Take a look at some of the top performing videos in your niche today and see what they’re doing right. Most importantly, take this as an opportunity for you to learn what not to do when creating your own video ad.

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Don’t forget to tell a compelling story in your video ad. Think about who your customers are exactly. Consider what they want to see and where or how they want to see it. Get some help from an expert team like the one at Appnext. If you follow these tips, you’ll have a successful video ad campaign running in no time.

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