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7 Ways To Get Domain Authority Backlink For Free – Infographic

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for some bloggers to rank on the first page of the search engines? And you might have also wondered if the search engine prefers contents from these bloggers over other contents. Could it be that these bloggers know and are doing something that the rest of the crowd are not doing? In today’s Infographic we have laid it out for you so you can stop wondering and start doing what exactly these bloggers are doing.

What Exactly Are these Bloggers Doing? Simply put, they are getting backlinks from authority sites. What’s the Impact of this? You see, one of the key metrics with which the search engines decides where to rank sites is the quality of backlinks they’ve got. For you to rank on the first page of the search engines; you must get links from high domain authority sites that are in your niche.

Two things to note;

  • These links must be from high domain authority sites
  • These high domain authority sites must be in your niche

Table of Contents

7 Ways To Get Domain Authority Backlink:

1.) Do A Proper Keyword Research:

Without keyword research, you have made it very difficult for you to rank. You’ve got to know a couple of things about the keyword you seek to rank for; the essence of getting backlinks is to rank for your chosen keyword. But you’ll need to be able to know how competitive your keyword is, how many searches does it get in a month? How many backlinks would you need to rank for that keyword etc

2.) Create Quality Contents:

You see, nobody wants to link to an average content. So you’ve got to do your research and determine to put out only your best content; that’s the fastest way to get authority sites to link to you.

3.) Content Curation:

The fastest way to get authority sites to link to you is for you to first link to them. How do you do this? Create a round up posts in your niche that features the authority sites and send them an email informing them that you mentioned them in your post; chances are they’d share and sometimes link to you too.

4.) Blog Commenting:

Determine to add value to a post through blog commenting; don’t just comment because you want to get a link. Rather, do it because you want to add value; see every blog commenting you do as a mini blog post, with time you’d start getting the attention of the community. And when you approach the blogger for a link, he’d most likely oblige.

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5.) Resource Page Link Building:

This entails finding resource pages of sites in your niche and sending them an email to add your post to their resource page. The reason this strategy is quite easy is because the bloggers already created a resource page and the reason is to add quality posts in it; so when you email them about your quality content, chances are that you’d get accepted.

6.) Broken Link Building:

Here you’d use a tool called Check My Links to find broken links in the resource pages of sites in your niche. Once you detect a broken link, send an email telling the blogger you just found a broken link and that they could replace the dead link with your link. This strategy works because the blogger sees it that you have helped him to detect a dead link on his site, so may be more open to giving you a backlink.

7.) Marketing With Infographics:

Infographic is one of the most powerful ways to get a backlink from an authority site. People love to share Infographics, so when you create a beautiful and informative Infographic and send out emails to bloggers in your niche; a good number of them may link back to you. Go ahead to put these strategies to work; the only way you’d ever get result is by doing not just by knowing or reading.

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If you enjoyed this post, why not share it with your audience. Also, let me know in the comment area which of these strategies will you put in use. I’ll respond to your comments…

7 Ways To Get Domain Authority Backlink For Free
This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Danewah.

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    A big hello to the Exeideas community. I’m the author of this post and the designer of this Infographic. Engage with me in the comment area; Kindly feel free to ask your questions, I’ll respond. Thanks

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    Great procedure to increase your traffic.

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    Love this infographic! So simple yet informative. I’m always trying to figure out new ways to create backlinks, but this is tried and true advice.

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