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The Case Of The Missing Website INFOGRAPHICS

A website is a powerful marketing tool for a business. Developing a website offers many benefits that can help companies to gain a competitive advantage in the industry and improve their business image. A well-maintained website can help you increase sales, enhance your professional brand, improve your customer service, and more importantly, get more leads and prospects.

Ongoing business success often rests on your company’s ability to bring in new clients. It’s not enough to build up a loyal core customer base. You also need new customers to grow your business.

Traditional marketing methods like direct mail or print advertising that consumers have already shifted away from can be costly and unreliable to use. Consumers now rely on the internet to find a company, learn about the business, and what it offers at any time and anyplace faster and more effectively.

Going online enables businesses to reach more people locally or outside of your region while paying less for the exposure and being able to measure the specific results. However, building your website is just the beginning.

Businesses cannot reach that audience by just creating and launching an attractive and new website. It does not automatically put the site into the first three pages of search engine result pages. The algorithm of a search engine considers hundreds of factors when ranking a site. A website is displayed first based on the relevance of a specific keyword or key phrase.

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It is essential for your website to always be on the top of its game as 75 percent of internet users never go beyond the first page of a search result. All the effort put into creating a website will go to waste if nobody finds your site.

A solid SEO campaign revolutionizes a business by making sure that an invisible website gets dragged out of obscurity and onto the first page of Google, as proven in this infographic by Landau Consulting.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Landau Consulting

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