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The Race For Gigabit Internet – Top Internet Provider

If you’re like most Americans, it’s probably right around 10 megabits (10 million bits) per second. While that’s fast enough to browse the Internet and download files, it’s a speed that is only marginally better than it was a few years ago. What if you could have Internet that is 100 times faster (1 billion bits per second). That’s a pretty big jump, right?

Several companies have been working hard the last decade to lay the framework for a new type of Internet – one based on fiber optics rather than broadband cable. This new technology allows for much faster, and consistent, speeds delivered directly to the home or office. As we start 2015, Google, Century Link, Cox, AT&T and a wealth of regional telecom providers all stand poised to capitalize on America’s demand for faster Internet by offering true gigabit per second speeds.

At WhichVoIP we understand the importance of bandwidth speeds and were surprised to see a lack of coverage on the topic of gigabit Internet. Accordingly, we’ve gone ahead and created what we believe are the first comprehensive maps of where in America gigabit Internet is currently, or nearly, available. We’ve gone ahead and also included pricing for each major network, so you can determine yourself just who might be best poised to win the race for gigabit Internet.

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2015 is set to be a big year for Internet speeds as more and more cities gain access to fiber-optic and enhanced broadband networks. While we know that improved networks attract business (as was the case in Chatanooga, America’s first ‘Gig City’), improve the quality of online entertainment, and enhance the capabilities of online education, we still don’t know how deeply this shift will affect everyday life. The jump from 56k to broadband allowed for the rise of YouTube, Netflix and Social Media. It will be exciting to see what the gigabit age will bring us.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Which VOIP.

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