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How Custom Infographic Designs Can Power Social Media Selling?

Times, they are changing. Infographics are becoming an instant hit with companies who want to encapsulate data in a way that facilitates easy grasping! Considering the fact that the human brain is hardwired to making more sense out of visual depictions than textual matter, it can be said that an infographic is one of communication’s most powerful tools.

If consumer behaviour is to be studied, it can be said that consumers always tend to gravitate towards pieces of information that are properly illustrated, information out of which is easy to consume! A compelling infographic garners more hits online too! So how to design custom infographic designs that boost your social media presence?

Let this blog educate you on how to achieve that! Here are ways on how you can power social media presence using the help of infographics.


1.) Adopt A Fresh Approach To Infographic Designing:

While you’re letting your creative juices flow, ensure that you pack enough graphical content that catches the attention of your viewers. Remember, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your target group and you don’t want to let your viewers down by making it too complicated for them. With competition between brands on an all time high, your infographic should deliver enough impact to be counted!

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2.) Selective Typography:

Typography plays a major role while you’re designing your infographics. In order to deliver an impact through infographics, the use of typography should be such that it neither overwhelms nor underwhelms. It should perfectly blend in with the overall design and should not steal the focus. Typography shouldn’t be too tricky, it should follow a basic arrangement that flows in consistency with the overall design!

3.) A Catchy Tagline:

Nothing goes more viral on the internet than a piece of art bearing a text so compelling, it drives people closer to them. The whole “magnet approach” works well with infographics on social media. Many brands harness the power of great taglines to cut through social media competition and in a way that it gains maximum visibility. A tagline is more than an interplay of words, it is something that resonates with the target audience.

To conclude it can be said that infographics can have a major role to play in social selling; i.e. selling that harnesses social media. Know of other cool ways to trigger social selling using infographics? We are all ears. Leave your suggestions in the comments section!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of The Relation between Corporate Explainer Videos and More Sales, PitchWorx – Custom infographic Design Company in India, providing custom presentation design and animation video for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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