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Top 15 Trending ECommerce SEO Tips Of 2017

The introduction of E-commerce facility has increased the production and sales of a project which has developed the stock market to a higher level. With the use of the E-commerce facilities, the people can sell and buy goods through electronic transactions. The best feature of this E-commerce is that the people can buy their favorite products from anywhere from the world. There are some tips to be followed for improving this E-commerce SEO so that the sales will be increased to a higher level. The best way to cover the customers is by offering the best and attractive website. The company’s website has a great power for increasing or decreasing the sales.

Tips To Be Followed:

1.) Website Architecture:

The company’s online website must be made in such a way that it attracts the customers with all its special features and different options. The color and designs of the website also matter in the sales of the product. The options given by the website have to be very easily understandable and accessible by the customer. The product must be categorized in a proper manner with relatable products and tags.

2.) Customer Reviews:

The reviews given by the customers have been expected by all the new viewers who buy the products on the website for the first time. The website must have a separate column for adding on the reviews about each and every product. The reviews of the product must have pros and cons so that the new viewers can decide or choose their desired products. This increases the trust and increase in sales of the project.

3.) Details Of The Product:

Each and every product must have all the details about the product. The details should contain the basic information such as the material used, dimensions, color, size, color availability, cost, review of customers, and much more. The customers search for the perfect details about the product. If the details given are wrong, then it would shatter the trustworthiness of the company and its website which eventually reduces the sales.

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4.) Mode Of Payment:

The payment of the products has to be simpler and convenient for the customers. Since the payments of cash can cause problem and disappointments for the customers, so the company has to offer the best payment options for the satisfaction of the customers. Thus the company should offer easy payment modes such as online transactions through Internet banking, debit card, credit card or even cash on delivery.

5.) Website Keywords:

The customer should feel the comfort in searching their desirable products. Thus the search box should contain keywords which help the customers to find the product which they wish to buy. The keywords should also suggest the relatable items and often brought items for the customers.

6.) Product Content:

The content of all the products must be true with the best-expressed words. The content must be written in a professional way and it must have a high standard for reaching to the customers globally.

7.) Product Features:

The features and advantages of the product can be included in a precise manner. Thus, the customers can refer to the product’s features with other products in an easy way. This increases the comfort of the customers for buying the products with trust.


8.) Product Price:

The price of the product must be nominal and affordable for the customers to buy. The rates can depend up on the quality and brand of the product. But the rate of the product must not be more than the market price. There is a great chance of the increase in the sales if the rate of the product is below the market price.

9.) Feedback :

Every sales company and online portals should have a feedback column for the customers, where the customers can convey their problems directly to the seller. This feedback can help the seller to change and rectify the faults of the product. The feedback can also be about the shipping and delivery patterns. The company can also send personal emails to each and every customer for feedback and reviews.

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10.) Offers On Occasions:

The E-commerce business can be done globally but it should have concern for the local taste of the customers. By providing offers during the occasions and festivals of a religion, there is a great chance of the increase in the sales. The products such as dress, cosmetics, shoes, electronics must be given a great offer during the festival seasons.

11.) Website Load Time:

The website should be designed with simpler designs and option which leads to the quick load time of the website. If the customer faces problems and the long time for loading the website, the customers tend to get irritated. This leads to negative reviews of the website. The negative rating and reviews may lead to decrease in the sales.

12.) Include Images Of The Product:

Each and every product must have a pictorial representation on the website. The picture of the product must be accurate with all the details given in the content. This product picture helps the customers for choosing between different items, and brands. The website can also have few pictures of the same product taken in different angles. Thus, the customer can attain total idea about the product.

13.) Add FAQ Option:

The first time customer would have various questions on using the website. Sometimes, they tend to close the website if they are not convenient in operating the website. Thus the frequently asked questions option is necessary for the beginners to get comfortable with the website and online shopping. The FAQ page must contain almost all the relevant questions and answers which would be useful for the customers. The customer care option can also be very helpful for the customers to clarify their doubts regarding the product and any other problems.

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14.) Advertise The Website On Social Media:

Advertising the website is one of the important strategies for improving the sales and utmost usage of the website. The advertisement on social media is very necessary for the new website and start-ups. The social media can create an easy and quick link to the customers worldwide. Thus the website can be reached at a high rate around the world. This indeed increases the sales of the website. The videos of the product’s usage can also be added to the social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites.

15.) Addition Of Social Media Buttons:

The addition of social media buttons such as Facebook, yahoo, twitter and Google+ buttons on the website can improve the high ranking of the website. This ranking leads to increase in trust and acceptance of the website among the customers. The share options on the website should have at least top social media websites which give convenient working for the users. The product pages should be built in such a way that the great search engines such as google, yahoo and bing can recognize them and promote them. Thus while designing the websites, the meta tags must be perfectly given.


The main reason for having the best websites with optimized search engines is to have an increase in sales and to promote the online transactions around the world. This e-commerce not only increases the sales but also advertises the company and its details around the world. Thus optimizing the website with quick updates and quality products which have to be available in nominal prices for the people is important. The website has to be done in a proper manner with increased quality which attracts the new users and attains repented viewers.

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