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Using Proxies: Benefits And Advantages Of SOAX Proxy

Proxies are among the most required tools for providing better conditions in completing online tasks. You can use them for a wide range of situations, but the fact is they are indeed efficient if you have managed to find a reliable provider. Here, you’ll discover the baseline advantages of SOAX service, and why buy proxy with credit card.

A Little Introduction To The Proxy Work Principle:

Most people know that proxy service means the service of mediation between the parties of interaction. Initially, the word referred to the representative in the procedure of voting but today the term is used more often in the context of security and anonymity tools. Proxies can provide them because they act as a gateway between users and websites – filtering, changing, hiding, and operating with information in other ways. The best features of these servers for diverse goals grow from this intermediary nature, the only pitfall is finding a decent provider.

What Advantages Does SOAX Provide?

Proxy services can be pretty varied for diverse purposes, and in most cases, the servers do not allow for versatile use for a single server. So usually, people need several to solve different problems. From this point of view, SOAX proxies are among the best on the market, because of the following:

  • The service provides over 8 million proxies around the world – it allows for a wide and complex application by diverse companies for both internal and external activities;
  • They are available for different use cases, which means the company realizes what exactly people need the most often;
  • To offer more freedom in the work process and make their proxies more universal for the spheres of use, SOAX created a customizable dashboard in an application that customers use as a manager to set, collect, and analyze the data;
  • Most proxies you can work with are residential (over 5 million) – reliable servers giving a chance for robust connection channels and fast work.
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The list is not exhaustive, but it would be complicated to include all the SOAX benefits in a single article. So it’s better to go and discover everything by yourself.


What Pricing Does SOAX Offer?

The pricing of SOAX is adaptable to any business size and requirements. Generally, four basic options exist that are available in four variations. The basic options offer different scales of services because they differ mainly by the amount of traffic, the number of IPs available, and the range of solutions. The varieties for those options include division into:

  • Residential or mobile IPs;
  • Monthly or annual payment.

Such a choice allows for a great number of combinations. Though, if customers’ requirements go beneath available options, there’s a chance to discuss custom plans individually.

Generally, proxies are often required for many tasks – that’s why they need to be chosen carefully for regular usage. Benefit from SOAX opportunities and see how adaptable the services can be. Visit the website for a more detailed description of opportunities and pricing solutions, or contact sales for individual discussion!

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