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A Step-By-Step Guide For On-Demand App Development

Do you have a brilliant app idea in your mind? Can’t wait to implement it, but have no knowledge of how app development is done? We are here to help!

On-demand apps have made it possible to get goods and services delivered at doorsteps in real-time.

Types Of On-Demand Delivery Solutions:

There are three types of on-demand delivery solutions:

1.) Person To Person:

In-Person to person (P2P), a person demands goods/services from another person utilizing the same platform. Examples include Postmates, Uber, etc.

2.) Enterprise To Person:

In enterprise to person (E2P), enterprises use the platform to offer their products/services to people. For example, Domino’s app.

3.) Enterprise To Enterprise:

An enterprise takes the help of other enterprises in order to work properly. For example, Ikea takes the help of other suppliers who utilize mobile applications connected to the Ikea platform.

What Are Different Sectors When It Comes To The On-Demand Delivery Application?

1.) Food And Beverages Delivery:

With on-demand food delivery apps, users can order food of their choice with a few clicks and get it delivered on their doorsteps.

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2.) On-Demand Home Services:

We all need a handyman to fix various things around the house. Repairing and installing electrical equipment, deep cleaning the house, etc., is no more a headache thanks to on-demand home services apps.

3.) On-Demand Consultation:

Want a consultation from a doctor, a nutritionist, a health trainer, or a life coach? With just a few taps, you can avail these services from the comfort of your home.

4.) Transportation And Logistics:

Uber, Lyft have changed the way we commute. There is a great perspective in this domain, and one can explore that.

Let’s Provide You With A Step By Step Guide To Building An On-Demand App:

1.) Choose A Niche:

This is one of the most important steps. You have to find your niche. You should do the market research to know whether you should modify your idea, what is the interest in the market, etc. It is best to prepare your survey questions and list your competitors as well.

2.) Identify The Problems Of Your Target Audience:

Everyone, after all, has unique challenges throughout their lives. Many people from many walks of life may be dealing with the same issue.

3.) Create A Feature List:

Another important thing to consider is the features that you will be provided in your app. Features can make or break your app. Remember, cluttering your app with unnecessary features isn’t good. Some of the essential features of an on-demand app are:


Customer App Features:

1.) Easy Sign-Up And Log-In:

The sign-up and log-in process should be quick and easy so that customers don’t have to spend a lot of time registering on the app.

2.) Advanced Search:

The advanced search feature allows users to search for a specific product/service instantly.

3.) Multiple Payment Modes:

Multiple payment modes feature is a requirement as different customers prefer different paying methods. One should have a provision of using debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, etc.

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4.) Real-Time Tracking:

Waiting is frustrating; you can make it less frustrating by allowing users to track their orders in real-time.

5.) Push Notifications:

Push notifications help users to know about new launches, offers, and discounts.

6.) Reviews And Ratings:

Customers should be able to rate their experience, and it serves as feedback.

7.) Help And Support:

In case customers have any queries, or they face any issue, they should be allowed to get help.

Admin App Features:

1.) Dashboard:

An easy-to-access dashboard allows admin to efficiently operate various segments to manage users as well as service providers.

2.) Dynamic Analytics:

Detailed reports about the business help get the admin a 360-degree business view. The admin can know which are bestseller products, which products are out of stock, etc.

3.) Manage Users:

The admin should be able to manage users and affairs related to them, such as payments, cancellation charges (if any), refunds, etc.

Service Provider App Features:

1.) Notifications:

The service provider receives a notification when he gets a service request.

2.) Accept Or Reject Request:

Based on his schedule, the service provider can accept or reject the request.

3.) Update Service Status:

The service provider can update the service status- in progress or completed.

4.) Wallet And Transactions:

The service provider can view his previous transactions and wallet and track his earnings.

5.) Create A Minimum Viable Product:

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a great way to test your idea. MVP is a stripped-down version of your app; it has just the essential features and a simple interface. You can create a group of 100-200 users who will test your idea. It’s best to take feedback from all parties involved, including the clients. Also, make sure to have a feedback mechanism in place.

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6.) Create The Final Version:

When your MVP is well-received, you can proceed to make the final product. Make it attractive, add more functionality, and make it stand out from competitors. To retain customers, you have to focus on providing an intuitive interface- define your main colours, style. It will create a brand identity.

Focus on improving the performance of your app. Decrease the load time so that it can process more requests. Don’t forget personalization. Take the help of AI, BigData to know about user preferences through their past purchases.

7.) Test:

Now it’s time to test your app solution. An efficient QA team is a necessity here. It’s best to fix all bugs before launching your app.

8.) Bring It To The Market:

Launching an app is both exciting and frightening. You have to bring your solution to the market. Don’t hold back; launch a campaign to promote your app; users should know that you are providing a solution and why they must use it. Use the power of social media to promote your brand.

Final Words:

On-demand apps provide convenience to users; they are already a big hit and are famous. On-demand apps are popular in every industry- food, health, transportation, beauty and wellness, home services, etc. Businesses can get more customers and generate more revenue by bringing their business online with the help of on-demand apps.

Divya ThakurAbout the Author:

Divya Thakur, CMO at Cerebrum Infotech a software product development company based in the USA. She has a background in digital marketing for high-tech companies with a focus on delivering a superior brand experience. In her current position, she describes herself as a chief marketer and focuses her talents on creating value for customers through content development, social strategy, thought leadership, and more. She truly is an inspiring marketer who woos audiences with her digital marketing smarts.

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