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[Infographic] How Google’s Design Is Dictated By Dollars?

Remember what Google used to look like? Unless you work online or an expert in search engine optimization, it’s likely you haven’t noticed the modification of design throughout the years. Traditionally, results featured organic results (ten in number) along with a number of paid listings to the top and right of the screen. However, today there are carousels, seven-packs, authorship markup, Google Plus accounts, and other deviations of the traditional results page and other HTML cheat sheet.

Where Did All The Organic Results Go?

Traffic as well as click-through rates drop significantly, comparing first to second-page results. Therefore, advertisers care a lot (and will pay more) for opportunity to accrue user attention and impending dollars. Therefore, Google’s modern-day design is dictated by its own ability to make more money. For example, local listings feature less than 10% organic results, while also making it difficult for a user to decipher organic from paid listings.

Things You’ll Need To Know:

What is the Google carousel, and how does it influence user perception and clicks? Why are more authors gaining attention and click-through rates based on Google Plus authorship markup? Why are more businesses getting attention online due to Google’s knowledge graph? Why is it important for local vendors to get added to Google maps and other Google-based platforms? Read how user popularity and dollars shape Google’s modern design.
How Google's Design is Dictated by Dollars [Infographic] by Virtual Hosting

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