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7 Compelling And Informative iPad Games That Kids Can Play

7 Compelling And Informative iPad Games That Kids Can Play

If you are looking for top-notch and entertaining games that your kids can enjoy playing, then you have come to the right place. Here are 7 catchy and informative games that kids can play and enjoy.

Your iPad is a state-of-the-art gadget that can be used as your family’s ultimate entertaining system. Basically, an iPad may feature tons of entertaining apps and games that are just perfect for children of all ages. Not only are these apps and games entertaining, but they can be somewhat educational as well.

Furthermore, some of these games and apps may help improve their memory, agility, and vocabulary. With all that in mind, it is no surprise that this device was named as 2010’s Toy of the Year by PC World.

There are some iPad games, however, that are bloody, violent and just not suitable for children. As a parent, you should wisely choose the games and apps you are going to install on your iPad device. Well, if you are having trouble in selecting the right set of games for your iPad, check out these wicked suggestions:

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1.) Temple Run:

Everyone loves this iPad game. Well, who doesn’t? Ever since its advent, kids as well as adults have gone loco over this game.

Not only is Temple Run exciting and fun, but it can improve your kid’s eye and hard coordination as well.

Temple Run is so popular that some web developers have decided to release PC versions of it. Today, PC users can enjoy Playing Temple Run Online with BlueStacks or any other online developers. If your iPad is dealing with problems, playing the game online would make a viable option.

7 Compelling And Informative iPad Games That Kids Can Play

2.) Angry Birds:

There is no reason why we should not include this game in our list. Angry Birds is truly a phenomenal app that will refine your kid’s skills in solving puzzles. More importantly, it is fun and very engaging as well.

3.) Where’s My Water?

If you want to teach your kids a valuable lesson about cleaning and hygiene, make sure that you have a Where’s My Water? app installed on your iPad. In this game, your kids will help Swampy, the game’s main character, stay tidy and fresh in spite of Cranky’s (the game’s antagonist) crazy antics. Kids will love it, and you will see your kids paying more attention to cleanliness.

4.) Reading Raven HD:

Reading Raven HD is an exciting iPad game packed with features that help strengthen your kid’s writing and reading skills. In this iPad game, kids get to trace letters, word match, recognize letters, and learn reading. Now that’s a true educational game!

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5.) CutieMatch:

CutieMatch is a superior memory game that features captivating sounds and pictures. With CutieMatch, kids get to make pairs on the cards’ pictures, which can develop their memorization skills. The card sets in this game include letters, numbers, funny faces, objects and animals.

6.) Lego Harry Potter:

For Harry Potter Fans, the Lego Harry Potter is a must-have game on your iPad unit. Lego harry Potter, though, is better suited for older children who are approaching their teenage years. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing and compelling game that can entertain your kids for hours.

7.) Fruit Ninja:

Rated as one of the best and most popular iPad games ever, Fruit Ninja is a simple, fun and exciting game that can entertain your kids for a number of hours. On top of that, this iPad game helps improve your kid’s memory and coordination. If you do not have this game on your iPad, you are missing out on a great and exciting app that can provide tons of fun and entertainment for you and your children.

These are the most compelling and educational games that kids can play on your iPad. Download these games, and make your iPad unit your kids’ ultimate entertainment system. More importantly, these games help your kids boost their cognitive skills.

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It’s your turn!

If you have any educational iPad games you want to add, please share it to use using the comments section below. Have a good day. Cheers!

About the Author:
Jimmy Richards is an enthusiastic writer who loves to write about online marketing, social media networks, technology and health. As an avid gamer, he is addicted to Playing Temple Run Online with BlueStacks.

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4 Responses to “7 Compelling And Informative iPad Games That Kids Can Play”

  1. Shay says:

    Great post! We do let the kids play Angry Birds every now and again but I am thinking about getting some of the other games that you’ve mentioned. I hadn’t heard of them before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. AppHeros says:

    My favourite is temple run. I’ve heard that they are releasing its PC version as well.

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