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Solve Your Business Communication Needs With The Kenwood ProTalk XLS Series

Solve Your Business Communication Needs With The Kenwood ProTalk XLS Series

Communicating with your staff has never been easier. The menu-driven Kenwood ProTalk XLS (TK3230) two-way radio series offer compact, lightweight, handheld transceivers that are ideal for use in small office settings, nursing homes, medical and dental practices, retail stores, hotels, motels, restaurants — wherever coordinating movements of staff, customers and clients needs to occur to ensure business runs smoothly.

Built-in wireless cloning capabilities restores settings to all other portable transceivers simply and efficiently. It may seem impossible that six compact inches of radio weighing in at only 5.5 ounces can provide such crisp, clear sound, but Kenwood’s ProTalk XLS two-way radio series does just that. Business communications flow virtually unimpeded with this reasonably priced, feature-loaded, sturdy little transceiver.

Simplicity Itself: Wireless Cloning:

Restore settings to multiple radio units more quickly and effortlessly with the Kenwood ProTalk series’ wireless cloning capability. Transfer pre-programmed frequencies and parameters to one or all handheld units by means of a simple, wireless link and the push of a button.

Set up several radios with ease during those situations that necessitate frequent changes to your radio’s communication settings: on construction sites or during events and conventions, for instance.

Solve Your Business Communication Needs With The Kenwood ProTalk XLS Series


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The Many Features Of The Kenwood ProTalk XLS (TK3230):

Rugged and reliable Kenwood business radios work long, hard hours and run on lithium batteries that are up to the challenge. Here a just a few of this sturdy radio’s features and capabilities:

  • Enhanced Kenwood audio
  • 64 preset UHF frequencies for better range inside buildings
  • Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack included (14 hours without the battery saver function, or 18 hours using battery saver)
  • Time-out timer for saving battery and preventing accidental transmission
  • 6 Channels
  • VOX-ready provides for hands-free communication
  • VOX sensitivity adjustment
  • Rapid recharging with drop-in charger (2.5 hour rapid rate charger)
  • 5-mile maximum range
  • Extremely lightweight at 5.5 ounces
  • 10-call alert tone
  • Voice Scrambler for secure, private conversations
  • Audible button beeps
  • Manager Key Lock to keep everyone on the same channel and privacy code
  • 1.5 Watt output power (50% more power)
  • Companding for crisp, clear reception and static-hiss reduction
  • HD Spring-action belt clip
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Backlit LCD display for dark rooms and environments
  • Channel Scan
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty


Typical Business Uses:

Solve business communication problems and streamline work environments with two-way radios like the Kenwood ProTalk XLS (TK3230). UHF (Ultra High Frequency) transceivers work best inside steel or concrete buildings; doctor or dental offices, nursing homes and hospitals under ten stories have discovered that two-way radios are perfect for tracking patients and staff, increasing patient turnaround time and general office efficiency.

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Eliminate unnecessary travel time between front desk, patient treatment rooms, waiting areas or labs by maintaining efficient communication between nurses, doctors and office staff. Use the Kenwood ProTalk XLS to coordinate movements of security, janitorial staff, office staff and classroom teachers in schools, not only to keep tabs on students and personnel, but to provide a safe, secure environment for education. Direct parents, students and bus drivers with ease at the beginning and end of each school day to prevent parking lot snarls and traffic hiccups.

Busy hotels and restaurants, too, rely on constant communication between staff at the front desk during guest check-in and check-out, kitchen personnel preparing and assembling meals for hungry diners, bustling wait staff busy taking and delivering orders, or cleaning staff working in guests’ rooms. Without the use of two-way radios, coordinating the movements of staff in service industry settings such as these would be a nightmare.

Rugged And Built To Military Specs:

As a business owner, you can take comfort in the fact that these tough, reliable Kenwood radios have met rigorous military standards and testing that can include vibration, shock, critical fluctuations in temperature, water and dust resistance, and more.


About the Author:
Thomas Ward is the CEO at HiTech Wireless a certified veteran owned small business that provides wireless radio equipment.

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