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How To Find Ideal Keywords To Increase Your SEO?

How To Find Ideal Keywords To Increase Your SEO?

This next step involves using a keyword tool to help you turn your seed keywords into ideas for ideal keywords. I use SEO techniques to do all of my keyword research for this method because it’s fast and does a lot of the work for me. However, you can also use the Google Keyword Tool (free) in combination with the free version of Traffic Travis. I’ll lay out both methods.

You may have a different keyword tool you like to use. If so, you may be able to adapt the criteria in these instructions to work with your preferred tool. A word about ideal keywords,

The longer the project in your keyword takes to complete, the better your chances for sales…!!!

For example, recipe ideas are pretty easy to complete and the supplies needed are readily available. People can go to the grocery store to find what they need.

The chances for online sales may be lower for “chocolate chip cookie ideas” than if you were to take on a keyword like “Justin Bieber Party Theme Ideas” where someone is likely to take some time to plan and assemble the party and may have time to order supplies online.

How To Find Ideal Keywords To Increase Your SEO?

Table of Contents

SEO Techniques:

SEO techniques are convenient for this method because you can do both the keyword research and the competition research in one place.

  1. Bring up SEO techniques and start a new project.
  2. Type in a “seed keyword” from your list.
  3. Select the Keyword Research Module.
  4. Under Phrase Length in the middle top of the screen, click the drop down to select a minimum of 4 words in the keyword phrases.
  5. Click the Generate Keywords button.
  6. When that’s done running, add the following word to the Positive Keywords box: ideas. Click the Update button under that box. All results will only include phrases that include the word “ideas”.
  7. If no keywords show up in the box, start over with a new project using the next seed keyword on your list.
  8. If you do have options still left on the list, click the Keyword Analysis button at the bottom right.
  9. Here are the settings you want to use for the Keyword Analysis screen:
    • Total Searches: Minimum 100
    • Phrase to Broad (PBR) Minimum 20
    • SEO Comp (SEOC) Max 30000
    • Match Type: Exact
    • Period: Monthly

    Under Filter, you can choose to save these settings and call them Squidoo Ideas so you can get back to these settings quickly

  10. Click Analyze Keywords. (SEO techniques are extra-sensitive to those filter boxes. If you don’t see the kinds of results you expect, check to make sure that ALL the unchecked filter boxes are completely empty. Even a 0 in an unchecked filter box can throw off your results.)
  11. When the analysis is done running, click the box to the left of each keyword still on the list that has between 100 and 3000 exact searches a month and describes a project where someone might have to buy supplies in order to complete the project.
  12. At the bottom left, click the dropdown box marked Actions on Selected and choose Open In New Tabs. This will bring up a new tab for each keyword with a checkmark in the box to the left of each keyword.
  13. Go to each tab and select the Competition Module. Run the module.
  14. Is the number of PR0s on the page greater than 3? If not, move to the next tab.
  15. Is the number of pages with 0 backlinks in the BLP column greater than 3? If not move to the next tab.
  16. Is there a Squidoo lens already ranking on the first page of Google with the same URL as your keyword? If so, move to the next tab. (It’s harder to rank a new lens on the first page when a lens for that URL is already there.)
  17. Keep keywords that have more than 3 PR0s on the page AND more than 3 pages with 0 backlinks and no competing Squidoo lens using the same URL.
  18. Note all acceptable keywords in a notepad file or spreadsheet. Note the monthly Global search volume, the # of PR0s that were on the page, and the number of pages that ranked on the first page and had 0 backlinks.

Get The Worksheet:

A worksheet for keeping track of your keyword ideas has been included in the delivery files for this book. Open the folder marked Keyword Tracker. The spreadsheet is called Ideas Express Keyword Tracker. There are several different file types including Excel 93-2003, Excel 2007, and Open Documents. Select the best format for you.

About the Author:
Charles West is a professional content writer and blogger since last 2 years. I have writing expertise in technology and certification topics specially. I love to share that recently I passed my 1Y0-A16 exam from SAS institute and 1Y0-A26 exam from VMware. Thanks for reading.

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