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Does Magento Support Other Scripting And Programming Languages?

Does Magento Support Other Scripting And Programming Languages?

Magento is specialized e-commerce solution open source software. It has been able to change the entire process of conducting business online. A lot of online shops are managed with the help of Magento e-commerce without any difficulty. The online shops are managed by means of various features, as well as functionalities. It is also considered as the SEO friendly e-commerce solution.

This is due to the fact that it comes along with SEO, marketing and catalogue managing tools. The Meta tags can be set for various categories, sub-categories and products. The in-built SEO features of the Magento e-commerce are quite popular across the world.

Difference Between Magento Development And osCommerce Development:

Various types of e-commerce solutions are available. It includes osCommerce, Magento e-commerce solutions, VirtueMart and PrestaShop. Magento along with osCommerce is the most extensively used. Both osCommerce and Magento are e-commerce open source platforms. If you are unable to select the appropriate e-commerce solution, then you can check the difference between the two platforms. It will help you to select accordingly for the online store.

  • Magento is the latest and advanced e-commerce platform. It is quite popular in comparison to osCommerce that is relatively old. 
  • The osCommerce has back-end and coding system issues while a clean and organized system is offered by Magento to the users.
  • MySQL database support and PHP web scripting language are required by osCommerce. On the other hand, Magento requires Apache, PHP and MySQL platform. 
  • The osCommerce will be able to run on the shared server while Magento development will require the qualitative servers. 
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Reason For Popularity Of Magento Development:

Magento e-commerce can be considered as a high quality and advanced e-commerce solution. At the present time, a lot of businesses are in the process of hiring the companies of website development. It is done so that the online stores can be designed for the e-commerce solutions of Magento. Magento e-commerce will be appropriate for various types of businesses.

It can be for the small, medium and large businesses. If you want to undertake an online store project, then Magento development will be quite suitable and appropriate for you. This is due to the fact that you will get complete control and authority on the website.

Different gift coupons are also supported by Magento that customers can use as per their requirement. Various gift coupons, as well as discount, are offered by businesses in order to attract the target customers. It is also offered by businesses in order to retain the present customers. The support for numerous currencies and languages are also provided by Magento e-commerce. It will enable the business to provide its services and products all over the world. If you want to do the global business, then Magento development will be the ideal thing for you.

Does Magento Support Other Scripting And Programming Languages?

Editions Of Magneto Platform:

There are various editions and versions of Magneto platform.

  1. The commonly used Magneto e-commerce platform is Community edition. It comes free of cost. In addition, it is suitable for the small businesses. 
  2. If you want to run a medium size business, then the ideal option will be Enterprise edition. It fulfills all the requirements of the medium-sized enterprise. This edition has additional features as compared in comparison to Community edition. It is also quite affordable.
  3. The premium version is recommended by the providers of e-commerce solution for the large scale businesses. All the functions are offered by this edition that is suitable and required in order to manage a large business.
  4. Another version of Magento solution is Magento Go. It does not provide any customization features. This edition is mainly preferred by the medium and small businesses. Any type of huge investments or resources is also not required. 
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Hiring The Best Magento Development Company:

You can view various Magneto templates by asking a suitable company for Magneto development. You can select the templates accordingly as per the requirements of your business. You need to ensure that the template is appropriate for the products. Magento is popular for its various features like useful analytics and reports, SEO tools, iPhone enhanced interfaces and numerous checkout options.

There are various themes and extensions of Magento that can be used in order for changing the appearance and look of the online store. It also supports all the prevalent, as well as popular programming languages that will be required by the web developer.

Magento Customization And Development:

Magento is considered as the leading e-commerce open source platform. It allows for an easy and smooth store creation. It has an easy-to-use and comprehensive interface. It also supports various payment gateways and has a simple category that is preferred by several types of businesses.

You will not be able to take the entire benefit of Magento if you are not aware of the programming knowledge, as well as resources. Due to this reason, it offers reasonable development services to their clients. There are various customization projects that include:

  • Social media and Blog integration
  • Settings of shipping rate
  • On-site affiliation programs
  • Google analytics
  • Advanced and innovative search settings
  • Customized tax rates
  • Product management and support
  • Creation of custom extensions
  • Re-design of Website and Homepage
  • Theme development
  • Troubleshooting
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Need To Use The Automated Tests:

There are various points that you should consider in order to use the automated tests for your company. At first, you need to think whether the functionality is required to be added to a module, or it can be sold with the other modules. This is because; it will involve repeating the tests. It will also influence the testing cost. Due to this reason, the cost of the ultimate product will be affected.

The automated tests are the best option if your prophecy will grow. The tests are also preferable if you want to develop the new edition that is compatible with the new versions. In fact, the level of automation test will be considered for every project. The automated test development is also based on Java language. If you know any programming languages like Ruby, Python and Java, then can develop your own tests.

About the Author:
Charlie Brown is an excellent web designer and coding expert who love building great websites for his clients. He also writes a web design blog and provides useful tips on using Magento extensions for better experience. You may check out more his website designs at his blog.

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