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7 Bizarre Growth Hacking And Marketing Strategies For Your Startup

Getting things rolling quickly in a positive direction requires some finesse and powerful marketing strategies. However, you can achieve your goals economically and streamlined by building your marketing strategy around growth hacking.

The most effective growth hacking strategies are creative, resource-light, and economical. You can use it to generate interest and exposure for your business while simultaneously keeping your existing users/clients engaged. As a result, you will acquire new clients, grow your business, and satisfy existing customers.

Using growth hacking, you can scale your product to meet your customers’ needs by understanding your product. Giveaways are shared on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is an excellent method of doing things economically and exceptionally to use this as a marketing tactic and develop better marketing strategies.

Marketing For Start-Ups: The Foundations:

Feedback is frequently more important to early-stage firms than consumers. If you can swiftly handle consumer concerns and develop your product to meet market expectations, you’ll have a better chance of winning in the long run.

1.) Determine Your Primary Channel:

To begin, the most crucial thing is to test until you identify one marketing channel that, when doubled down on, becomes your growth lever. The key is to test a variety of channels early on in enterprise mobile application development to eliminate those that aren’t doing well and find one that meets all of the criteria for a solid core channel.

To avoid uneven insights and performance, it’s a good idea to set up a system to organise your experiments and track their results like-for-like (and keep your precious budget under control).

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2.) How To Build Marketing Into Your Product Using Viral Marketing & Growth Hacking:

The potential of a start-up to spread virally is controlled by two factors: time and the ‘viral coefficient,’ which is the number of new users that each user creates. What marketing strategies do you employ for your product?

However, there are two general strategies: Building a product worth recommending. You can grow exponentially if every customer refers two other customers. The second technique is matching your growth hack to the channel(s) via which your target clients find out about your product. It doesn’t matter if your growth hack gets your brand a lot of attention on Facebook if you’re receiving 99 percent of your best-fit clients via B2B whitepapers. If that’s the case, it’s better to create user-generated content that can be used to scale the production of high-quality whitepapers.

3.) Split-Testing To Increase Your Sign-Ups: Increase Conversion Rate:

The purpose of a conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy is to figure out why your visitors aren’t becoming customers and then change your messaging or value offer to increase this conversion rate. Unlike common perception, knowing your visitors and their objections comes first, not A/B testing.

Conversion rate optimization is a continuous process. Instead, make little changes to your landing pages over time by refining and enhancing them. Also, keep in mind that gradual improvements will always reach a limit. Being courageous and trying something wholly new, on the other hand, may frequently lead to more substantial possibilities.

4.) Using Segmentation To Find The Right Audience For Facebook Advertising:

Facebook Ads are usually thought of as a sign-up acquisition method. According to most experts, Facebook Ads are the most cost-effective and rapid approach to figure out who your target audience is and what your cost-per-acquisition is depending on various demographics.

5.) Creating A Feedback Loop For Customers:

The most valuable asset for most companies is to be informed of what needs to be improved and to have an agile structure in place to make those improvements. A basic feedback form is insufficient. Identify the places in your funnel where consumers drop off and, more importantly, why they do so. By utilising incentives, meeting with your users, and analysing data on user behaviour.

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6.) Early Adopters: Targeting The Diffusion Of Innovation:

Inexperienced marketers frequently make the error of targeting the mass market too early. As a consequence, this seldom succeeds because most individuals are resistant to change and aren’t interested in products/services that aren’t previously recommended by early adopters.

This was discovered through A/B testing. When tested if putting the number of likes and signed-up users next to the sign-up button enhanced sign-up rates people discovered that doing so greatly raised the website’s sign-up rate.

7.) Conversion-Tuning Your Messaging: Why What, And How:

Among the best examples of top app development companies in the USA that sell their “why” is Apple. Apple disrupts the current quo in a variety of ways, including MacBooks, iTunes, and iPads. No one knows why Dell makes such good computers – they do. Dell concentrates on the size of its CPUs and RAM, in contrast to Apple’s discourse of improving mankind and disrupting the current quo. As a consequence, despite having very identical items, people queue for hours to obtain Dell’s latest products while people queue for hours to get Apple’s latest products.

Are you communicating the purpose of your start-up in your messaging? Can you articulate it? I would recommend not skipping this step if you haven’t already done so.

Bonus) Your Marketing Should Be Differentiated:

Gestalt is the process by which our brain organizes similar pieces of information together. This means that the more of the same thing we see, the less impact each additional one will have. Being the polar opposite of everyone else isn’t about getting ahead in the game. You’ll be shocked at how significant this is when you take this strategy from the macro to the micro.


Start-Ups And Paid Media Promotion:

One school of thinking is that start-ups should spend as little money as possible on marketing. However, there are several points of view. According to some, marketing should encourage favourable returns on investment (ROI). As a result, it would be stupid to dismiss a paid media channel just because it might economically lead qualified consumers to your firm. Paid media may also help you develop a cost-per-acquisition, which you can use to evaluate all other marketing efforts. Display, search, and affiliate marketing are the three primary kinds of paid media channels.

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Earned Media Marketing For Start-Ups:

Earned media may be defined as any sort of publicity created by your supporters (customers, fans, partners). Earned media, according to several studies, is the most beneficial, cost-effective, reputable, and long-term kind of web marketing. It is, nevertheless, the most difficult.

People trust the advice of their friends, which is why earned media is so appealing. We, on the other hand, are losing faith in almost all other types of paid and owned media advertising.

For Start-Ups, Investing In Owned Media:

The media of a start-up is any marketing channel that the firm owns. In the internet realm, it refers to your social media platforms and web pages. Owned and earned media have a lot in common, and I prefer to think of owned media as a way to boost the success of your earned media operations.


Entrepreneurs must properly advertise their products in order to expand their businesses. There will be numerous hurdles along the way, but with these finest growth hacking tactics, scaling is feasible. Entrepreneurs must employ several growth hacking strategies in order to reach a large audience. Despite the fact that some of these approaches have only been around for a few years, they have shown to be critical in the success of modern enterprises. Because they’ve seen positive outcomes, many entrepreneurs have made them a vital component of expanding their businesses, and it’s past time for you to do the same. Entrepreneurs are on the lookout for numerous growth hacks in order to rapidly expand their businesses by attracting millions of new clients and increasing their income.

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