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Are You A Designer? Then You Should Need To Code…

Are You A Designer? Then You Should Need To Code...

Designers have often been told that post their creation of a certain web site; they leave the coding and the job of putting the web site on the web to developers. Examples of this form of nonchalance that seep in post design are prevalent in the web-building, software and the gaming industries.

As is apparent, development of a web site should start and end with designers, as they are privy to the initial concept. Below are a few reasons why designers need to get coding.


Since the designer has the concept ingrained in him, he will be able to get a clearer image of the actualized product and hence will make more realistic and doable concepts. They are an important cog in the web development machinery and they need to make sure that their designs can work in web based media.

These web based media take into account usability, web accessibility and achievability. Good web designs should be fun and easy to navigate through and there should be clarity and brevity in the flow of logic and information.

Ease Of Communication:

When different parties are given different aspects of the same project, the results are hard to mesh together and often, a different team will expect something else from the other teams and hence there is no collusion in working together. With non-physical products there is a large rift between what a web site should’ve been and what it can actually be.

The locus of the concept is understood but the shades of the imagination can never align themselves. Designers who know how to code can for example, avoid confusion, misrepresentation and miscommunication because they will be in control of the development of the web site at all stages hence, becoming true kings of imagination.

Are You A Designer? Then You Should Need To Code...

Making Changing Things Easier:

A design is never an absolute design. There are always improvements and amendments that need to be made in order to account for real world factors and logistics. If there is a designer who is working in tandem with a developer, then the developer has to submit proposals of change to the designer and has to wait for the designer’s approval. The process is not only lengthy but may also result in difference in opinions between the designer and the developer.

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A designer who can code himself though, will be equipped to change the design as per technical and logical constraints and the amendments to the original design can be done in a more seamless fashion. When the designer is the developer too, then the entire process of making the website, coding it through and putting it up on the web gets done sequentially if not together. This makes for a shorter development time which is always more profitable.

The New Breed:

Today’s web designers cannot hope to remain competitive and relevant if they rely on their singular set of skills too much. There are many posts within web design such as front end developers and project managers along with designers and offering a diversified skill set and portfolio is the only way to increase value and receive suitable offers. If a designer can boast to have coding skills on their resume then they become more attractive employees and free lancers.

About the Author:
Charlie Brown, a software engineer by vocation, is a crazy web designer who spends most of his time in the world of HTML and XML, sorting through examples of web design and munching at useless code. He spreads his greater message of more efficient web design through his blogs and responses on the internet and Mickey is generally available to answer all questions related to web-design.

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