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Perfect Routine And Weekly Work Schedule For Bloggers

Perfect Routine And Weekly Work Schedule For Bloggers

This post is going be more interesting and entertaining for all. I have decided to give a little advice to all new beginners who are very much concerned about their blogs. It is very common that people (Including me as I also did this) start blogging but still they don’t have a proper strategy and they lack a proper routine.

All we do is work randomly without a schedule. It is not a good track actually to work on and all we do is waste our time in this way. Well the need in this case to build a routine for 5 days a week. Try it for 3 or 4 weeks and u will see a massive change in your blog :). Don’t worry I will explain the routine also below.

Blogging is good for making money online but you can do it only if you are going to take things seriously and to some extent passionately. I have explained a good routine of blogging below especially for beginners and even pros who might be doing something wrong and they can correct their strategy of working according to this if they want to.

Before continuing to routine Ii would like to make something very much clear. If you are a true blogger, never get demotivated if you don’t get results initially. Also stop listening to those who only know how to argue and pinpoint you instead of helping you or guiding you on proper track.

If you are a blogger than you are not just a blogger :), make it clear in your mind that you are also a entrepreneur, employer, search engine optimizer, marketing guru, writer, advertiser, public relations officer, editor in chief and the most important self motivator 🙂

So stop thinking that you are just a blogger. Although all above mentioned things can be achieved and polished just by practice. So always feel proud to be a blogger instead of feeling bit strange while telling others that Ii do blogging 🙂

Perfect Routine And Weekly Work Schedule For Bloggers

Now the routine work which every blogger and webmaster need to do:

Table of Contents

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Start your working week from Monday.

  1. First of all on Monday give 5-10 minutes to check existing comments and replies on them and if you complete this task before time then utilize that time to blog commenting in your niche.
  2. Next give 10 — 15 min to check all work relate or blog related emails only.
  3. Spend 1.5 to 2 hours to write 2 or 3 guest posts and submit them to other relevant blogs of good reputation. Now this depends on your blogging contacts and circle as well. 
  4. After performing these things just take a refreshment break because Brain and body needs energy for working well. 
  5. After getting refreshed spend 1 to 2 hours to build links back to your site preferred one are from discussion forums and yahoo answers etc.
  6. Spend 1 to 1.5 hours for proper research of new article in your niche. Good research can save lot of time which you are going to waste in future without researching for the articles which you are planning to write.
  7. Spend 30 minutes for maintaining the site example. Fix broken links, errors, update plugins and widgets etc.


  1. Check existing comments and replies. Manage any spam activity in comments. Check your emails. This will take about half an hour of yours depending on the work.
  2. Surf 1 to 1.5 hours to create pdfs of your best content and submit them to Google docs and other document related sites.
  3. Spend 1 to 1.5 hours for Commenting on some do-follow blogs. By saying comment I mean commenting and not massively spamming.
  4. Take 1 to 1.5 hours to edit your existing articles according to the keywords on which user is reaching your site from any means. You can find your keywords details in Google analytics or stat counter or whatever tracking system you are using
  5. Again some refreshment time
  6. Spend 1 to 1.5 hour for forum posting, answering questions and joining network or niche related sites if they allow u to make accounts. This will help u to create useful niche related back-links.
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  1. Repeat point 1 of Tuesday. I mean by comment replies and email checking routine.
  2. Surf 2 to 3 hours for making squidoo, live journal, WordPress, blogger etc and weekly blogs. Make links on them by pointing the page and links on your main website. Remember one thing. I said weekly and not daily.
  3. Have A Break and some rest.
  4. Spend 2 to 2.5 hours for making videos. Almost above 90 % of us don’t even think about it. Make videos about your blogs and blogs related posts and upload them on youtube or any other related video sites and create a link back to your site. There is a huge list of video related sites which allow users to upload their videos.
  5. Fix 30 min to 1 hour for create backups of your site and databases and your computer data as well which is related to your blog.

Perfect Routine And Weekly Work Schedule For Bloggers


  1. Perform the same action that you have done for comment checking, replies and email inbox management.
  2. Spend 2-3 hours for Commenting on some do-follow blogs and edit your existing articles according to the keywords on which user are reaching your site from any means. 
  3. Again lunch time
  4. Spend 1 hour for forum posting, answering questions and joining network and related back-linking.
  5. It is now time for some social media promotions. Spend 2 to 2.5 hours for Social media promotion of your popular posts on networks like twitter, FaceBook, digg, reddit etc.
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  1. Spend 1 to 1.5 hours for making at least one or couple of videos and repeat points as explained in Wednesday routine schedule.
  2. Spend 30 min to 1 hour for making a post related to give away or anything good for free related to your niche. People love to read and contribute in free stuff and free information. (Like all you are reading some good stuff right now 🙂
  3. Take a break
  4. In 1 to 1.5 hour submit some of your best articles to best article related sites like ezine with your targeted keywords.
  5. Spend 30 min to 1 hour to find related websites or blogs in your niche and contact their admins. Build contacts and relationships with other members in your niche. It really helps in future if you have good contacts.

Saturday And Sunday:

Just chill, relax and enjoy your personal life with friends and family.

Any way friend this article was created for the sake of information and knowledge for newbies. Different people have different strategies and ways of working so may be someone has a better strategy. So you can share it me and I will add it my list.

About the Author:
Asim Nawaz is a Computer Science Student and part time blogger. His interest are Computers, Programming, Web Designing etc. He mostly writes at NetGuideLines

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