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Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By Official Liker


After receiving many messages and emails about any working, spam free and cool autoliker, Here we are with a new 100% free Facebook status, photos, videos, feeds AutoLiker that will increase likes on your FaceBook with entering and using your access token and can be use at unlimited objects at unlimited times. Yes, You listen right. It’s only require your access token and nothing else. We are using Official Nokia Apps for getting token so don’t worry about your account security. Now it’s time to get directly likes on you status, photos, videos, feeds without any extra steps and work.

The last question is that How To Get Facebook Likes On Facebook Status, Facebook Photo, Free Feed in just a minute free of cost through free online service. That is also nice and here we have one more for you.


So here we have a new autoliker that is easy to use and quick to load and is designed to run on any platform through it’s responsive design and cross browser support but we recommend Chrome because it’s know as world best browser. Now without any more preface, here we go straight to the features list and have a look on then then check out the tutorial below that is step by step with screenshot also.

Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By New FaceBook AutoLiker


1.) Likes On Unlimited Status Without Any Timedelay.
2.) Only Access Token Needed.
3.) This Works On Exchange Like Rule..
4.) 100% Free Of Scam And Spam.
5.) Will Not Post Anything From Your Account To Any Wall.
6.) Responsive Template For Every Platform.
7.) Quick To Load And Easy To Use.
8.) Simple And Stylish Template.
9.) Hosted On VPS…
10.) Your Access Token Will Be Secure.

Full Step By Step Tutorial:

1.) First Of All , Allow Followers To Your Profile And Edit Setting To Public Then Write A Status Or Upload A Pic And Make There Setting Visible To Public As Shown Below.

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2.) Then Open The Website That Is Shown In The Below Pic.


3.) Now Click On The First (Click Here) Link If You Are New To This Autoliker To Allow The HTC One Official Apps And Your Will Be Redirected To The Following Pages.


.) Then Click On These Pages Button To Get Your Access Token. This Link Will Leads You To Move On New Page And Get Your Access Token From That Page Address Bar. (Not Able To Get Access Token, Then See The New Tutorial About “How To Get Access Token Of My Facebook Profile?“)

5.) Now Copy Your Access Token Code Only And Go Back To Autoliker Main Page And Enter Your Token To That Input Field And Click “Submit” To Proceed Forward.


6.) After Proceeding, You Will Expirenced The Follow Page There.


7.) Now Click On Green Button Named “Use Official Liker” As Seen IN The Above ScreenShoot And Then You Will Be Redirected To The Following Page. (Status Tab Will Be Open As Default)


*) If You Will Click On “Photo” Tab In The Black Menu Bar Then You Will Experience The Below One. Here You Can Choose Your Desired Image From Your Public Album.


*) If You Will Click On “Custom Post ID” Tab In The Black Menu Bar Then You Will Experience The Below One. Here You Can Any ID Of Your Status/Photo/Video From Old To New To Get Likes.


8.) Now Click In Front Of Your Status/Photo Or Get Your Desired Post/Status/Video/Photo ID Codes. (Not Able To Get ID Code, Then See The New Tutorial About “How To Get FaceBook Status/Photo/Video ID-Codes Online?“)

9.) [“Custom Post ID”] Copy And Paste Your Desired ID Code In The Upper Input Box And Click The Button “Submit Query” And Wait. Now You Have To Wait About A Min Or Above And You Will See A Loading Text. Please Wait.

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9.) Now After Some Time You Will Be Redirected On Main page And A Message “SuccessFully Liked , Please Wait 15 Minutes For Next Submit” Will Be Show There.

10.) Check Out Your Likes Count, Don’t Worry If You Have Low Because It Will Remain Increasing About 15-30 Min. Check Again Later Or Try Later..

11.) Now If You Want Likes On Other ID, Just Reload The Page And You Have Full Rights To Get Likes Again With 15Min Time Delay. Don’t Forget To Share This.

12.) Increase Your Likes And Enjoy. For Rest Of Question, Just Read Our FAQs.

Video Tutorial:

Some General FAQs:

Q1) Why To Add My “AccessToken” Code?
Ans) You Have To Enter You Access Token To Login Into The Autoliker.

Q2) Can I Get Likes On My FaceBook Groups And Pages Status, Photos, Videos, Feeds?
Ans) Yes, You Can Get Likes On Everywhere Like Profile, Groups And FanPage Status, Videos, Feeds And Photos.

Q3) What Is The “Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code” Term?
Ans) Your Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code Means That There We Need Your That FaceBook Post ID Codes On That You Want Likes.

Q4) How To Make My Status “Public”?
Ans) When Your Are Posting Any Status Or Photo, Just Hold A Second And Open The Light “Gray Button” Just At The Left Site Of “Post” Button And Scroll Down To “Public”And Select It, Then Click On “Post” To Published Your Status. (Check Out The 3rd Image Above)

Q5) How To Get ID Status,Comment,Photo,Feed ID Code?
Ans) The Answer Is In Step-7 Above. But If You Didn’t Found It, Just Open Our Previous Post That Have Full New Tutorial About “How To Get FaceBook Status/Photo/Video ID-Codes Online?“)

Q6) What About This?
Be Online On Official Liker
Ans) It Mean That You Are Getting Likes, Please Wait.

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Q7) How To Allow Subscriber/Followers To Your Own Facebook Profile?
Ans) Go To This Link And Click To “Allow Subscriber”.

Q8) How To Set Up My Public Profile To Subscribers?
Ans) Go To This Link And Change Your Setting.

Q9) What I Am Not Getting Likes?
Ans) You Are Not Using Our Tutorial Perfectly Or Servers Is Downed Or This Feed/Status Is Either Not Public Or Did Not Get By Program Properly Or Your ID Is Blocked, Please Clear Your Browsers Cookies And Clear Your Browsers Cache Then Try Again Or Contact Admin.

Q10) How To LogOut From This Site?
Ans) Just Click “LogOut” Button In Blue Color As Shown In Above ScreenShoots.

Q11) Site Is Not Opening?
Ans) There Is A Server Maintaince Time, Please Wait Few Minute And Try Again Later.

Q12) Can I Use It On Mobile?
Ans) Yes. Its Responcive For All Devices But We Personally Recommand Chrome To Feel Our Powerfull Service.

Q13) What Is The Idea Behind This?
Ans) We Does Not Provide Fake Likes, We Just Exchange Likes Between Our Members.

Q14) From Where The Likes Comes?
Ans) They Will Exchange Likes With There Other Liker Users. If You Add Anything (Status, Photo, Feed) You Will Be Liked By Our Other Users And When They Submit Anything, Then They Will Get Likes From You.

Q15) I Have An Other Problem?
Ans) Send An Email To



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365 Responses to “Increase Likes On Your FaceBook By Official Liker”

  1. Ramki Krishnan says:

    Great post Muhammad Hassan ! kudos 🙂

  2. blue_hurt says:

    HI at one post it works 39 likes, and at secont it says succes but no likes

  3. Anonymous says:

    My access token doesn’t last longer.

  4. Faadu Games says:

    If still anyone is not able to get his status,etc. id then do this:

    1. Like your status yourself.
    2. Then take your cursor over the words saying like this: “1 people like this.” or something else..
    3. Right click on “1 people” and then copy link address from their.
    4. The id is written at the last of the URL(Link).

    Like this:
    In the above URL, “162382030911587” is the id.

  5. abhishek says:

    hey i m not getting the likes and i cant set my photos to public….can u help me

    • EXEIdeas says:

      First Set Your Account To Public By Allowing Followers And Then Get The Correct ID And Use It Here. It’s Working Fine…

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi im not sure if your server is down. i hope tomorrow i will have lots of like alrdy! thanks

  7. ROHIT MEWADA says:

    Please refixed the server I’M wating

    • EXEIdeas says:

      We Are Doing It But Till Then Our Facebook Page Server Is Ok. You Can Get Likes On FB Page Status/Video/Photo Easily…

  8. Ely Scence says:

    how to get likers on my photo?

  9. Anonymous says:

    i did what u said but m not getting any like . pliz help. it even success but no likes so sad

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi sir thanks for the article but I tried this just now and did everything correctly , and I even got a “SUccess” but I am not seeing any likes still on a picture …. Am I missing something ? My profile is open already and it’s been 10 min , still no likes ….

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Due To Server Error, This Is Providing Likes On Page Status,Photo,Feed ID Code However Also Providing Facebook Profile Status,Photo,Feed ID Code For Some IDs, Try Yourself Now. Sorry For Inconvenience.

  11. Miram says:

    whats the name of this Autoliker? or can u send me the URL? PLEASE… Thank you 🙂

  12. Mastura says:


  13. Pushpak Mohan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Due To Server Error, This Is Providing Likes On Page Status,Photo,Feed ID Code However Also Providing Facebook Profile Status,Photo,Feed ID Code For Some IDs, Try Yourself Now. Sorry For Inconvenience.

  14. Pushpak Mohan says:

    do u have any idea of hacking the facebook account ..if yes then do provide me a link

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey where to download this software from?

  16. Anonymous says:

    So if this is not a software than is this website? if yes plz send it to me if not than please give a aliitle bit of more info to make me understood

    • EXEIdeas says:

      For This, You Have To Learn FBML And JQuery With JavaScript And These Requires HTML-CSS-PHP Too. So You Have To Learn The Whole Thing…
      There ARe Many Sites That Are Selling These Scripts, You Can Google It. And We Are Not The Owner Of This Site…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ok Thanks for providing information,
    I appreciate your info

  18. Sady Sajjad says:

    Sir I Which I Got many Likes For My Profile Picture Plz Tell Me Plz ………..

  19. Sady Sajjad says:

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  25. Anonymous says:

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    you helped me a lot. Now i got likes on my pic. thanks for the help…..

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    Thanks Alot i got 500+ likes on my status in 1 Hour by resubmiting 😀 😀

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    Thank u So Much For The Likes = More Likes , I Won The Contest Today ^_^

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    hey bro i only get 10 likes plxx tell me how i get more and i share u r app

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    Love This Site !!!!!! ♥
    i Got 1K Likes on My Status this site gives 100+ likes on every submit
    i will share this to my friends to
    @Muhammad Hassan Thanks

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    can u add autoshares please?

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    how much are total likes should we get ?
    i only got 10-20 likes . is that normal ?

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    its working fine now i get 178 Likes

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  43. jeckjeck214 says:

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    I’m the one of the previous comment, now i can access. Why is it so slow in “submit”??

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    page is excellent, but I do not like waiting 15 minutes
    opened somehow expect less?

    please help

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  51. Anonymous says:

    again bug – i didnt get any likes and its said the regular Message As if everything is normal.

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    the best autoliker 😀 official liker 😀
    i used it just now and got 200 likes 😀
    Thanks Alot

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    I can not use I get an error when I put the token

  54. Tatalino Dimagulangan says:

    Muhammad joe here bro, Last night i’ve been try to autolikes other accounts, Works good for many times! But now doesn’t work! Can you please fix that kind of problem? Thanks in advance muhammad, All Goods! 🙂

  55. Gloria says:

    Dear Muhammad Hassan,
    Why can’t users choose the gender/nationality of people’s click?
    In other website (as “Official-exchange”) this option is available.
    Could you please add this option in Official-liker?
    I prefer to receive clicks from people of my nation.
    Are you agree?
    thanks for your attention

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Official-Exchange Is Other Type Of Website Where You Have To Exchange Likes. In This Liker, You Are Liked From All Of Our Users.They Are From Different Countries. However There Team Is Working On It Too To Add This Feature In This Autoliker Too. Be With Us To Get Informed..

  56. Anonymous says:

    Hi, i got a problem using the auto liker.I used it the time you guys said the site is updated so you could get 200+ likes. i did that and had 1000+ likes 🙂 but now im trying every 15 mins cant even get up to 100 likes in a click, i did it several times and not up to 300 likes..i am lost..Help…

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Using The Autoliker. As A Free Tip, You Should Try To Add New Status To Get Likes Everytime. Rest Is Working Fine Here. Clear Your Cookies And Try Again.

  57. Anonymous says:

    heyy Guys, i got an issue with the followers tool.Each time i use it is either i get 1 or 2 facebook request or even no request at all.What can i do to get more if possible 100 request per day?

    • EXEIdeas says:

      It Will Work If You Will Add Your More Friends Here. As Many As Token We Have, They Will Send You The Request. So Share It Please.

  58. mohsin adeel says:

    ok bro..i get it about how to get likes and comments on different posts,id,autofollowers etc..
    please guide me how to get likes on my facebook page?
    please reply as soon as possible!

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Using It. Currently We Are Not Providing Likes Of Pages However You Can Get Likes On Your Pages Status/Photo/Feed/Comment/Video. We Will Add Page Like Features Too In Our Next Update.

  59. fardin khan says:

    bro ur server still down??? i get 140 likes per click from your site but now a days i can’t get 40+ likes in my status….can you tell me the reason???

  60. muhammad shaheer says:

    brother allow permission tak sab kuch thk ha but when we click on access token then problem ho jati ha.
    ask ka home page khul jata ha
    give me the soloution plz
    this website is very awsom

    • EXEIdeas says:

      All Things Is Fine. If You Can’t Get Your Token, Open This AutoLiker And Get Your Token From Here And Use It In Official-Liker…

  61. Danish Baig says:

    Hii please tell me about this Token Expired, Please Re-Generate new Token..! ! I want new token..

  62. Anonymous says:

    always token error.

    “get token on sony if dont no likes”

    i aready did it 5x. alway got this message

  63. Auto Like says:

    It is not more working. Giving only 10-20 Likes. I am trying from many days but still same result is coming.

  64. naveen rajput says:

    Very awesome and genuine article on increase likes on facebook by official liker ,it’s really going to help me to to increase likes on my posts,thanks to the author to sharing with us such an important post, feeling glad to being here.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our Help And Liker, Use It Daily And Share It With Your Friends. Feel Free About Your Security.

  65. Anonymous says:

    not getting success

  66. Cecille Bermas says:

    this sooooo awesome!!!! Muhammad Hassan!! your the best!! thank you sooo much for creating this site!!! i really really LOVE IT.. ^_^ mwuaaaaaa!

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    dude , i got 2k likes from this site i used it every 15 minutes
    thanks alot this site is the best 😀
    i won the contest thanks alottttttttttttttttttttt ♥

  68. Anonymous says:

    INFO: Like Failed, Time Limit Reached, Please Wait 15 Minutes Later.. ??? I can submit an old status or just sumit new status?

  69. Dj smoker says:

    why i have to regenerate my token when ever i use it

  70. Anonymous says:

    I submitted every 15min, and now i get more 400 likes, and my account is blocked “Likes” from Facebook, it notifies me as “spam like”, i can’t like more. What should i do now?, pls help me.

  71. Mkenya Daima says:

    why does it log me out every time i submit the logs me out and says token expired..where is the problem?

  72. Amir Farhan says:

    success..!! but 50 likes only. thanks man.

  73. Tried over twenty times. Logs in, and says “WELCOME…….”, but as soon as I press the button down there to use official liker, error message comes, “Token Expired, Regenarate”.

    Does your site actually work?? Hope you are aware of this problem. No use following your comment up here as reply to another user to try generating again, as it is a permanent problem. Hope you will fix it soon and so we can actually use official liker to our advantage. Thnx.

  74. Maiko Casper says:

    Excuse me Mr. Hassan, I have been blocked from liking, I know you can’t do anything about that… but, how can I stop OfLiker from using my account to like other public posts?

    —-logging out from OLiker stop my Fb account from using this application?
    —-Clearing my browser cache/history stop my Fb account from using this application?
    —-removing the skype app from my FB stop my Fb account from using this application?

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Yes, Remove This Apps From Your Account And Change Your Password. Never Enter Your Token Again.
      Note: Why You Are Blocked, We Didn’t Block Anyone.

  75. Abdullah Away says:

    always awesome every time i use this i know such a many web but its working speed very fastest 🙂

  76. Md Sawon says:

    Hasan Baijan, When you will Develop Page liker tool??? I need that Page Liker badly:):)

  77. satwinder singh says:

    i am not even logging in plz help me

  78. Michelle Clavel says:

    Sorry we cannot process your sign in request further
    ErrorA return address was specified, which is not allowed.

    can you help me with this? thanks..

  79. Raj Kumar says:

    buddy tell me 1 thing..while working on auto followers tag..we get the screen in which mentioned is ” token is updated on samsung mobile” or “generate token using samsung app”..wats this..plss tell me the further process of this..

  80. thy sreypich says:

    why sometime this website have and somtime does not work? please tell me why

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Its Working Ok But Sometime Google Is Also Down So Its Due To Server Problem That We Don’t Create But We Fix It So Try After Sometime If Not Working…

  81. Heartless soul says:

    i cant use auto follower , coz i dont what “Paste link of your list” mean?

  82. Gaurav Tanwar says:

    i did not get the likes on my pic in a page

  83. Gaurav Tanwar says:

    my account automatically sending friend request to unknown people please help me sir

  84. Ralaine Panayas says:

    Hello, i am thankful about site, but lately i experience trouble before i can 200+ likes now i can only get 5 or 10 ? how can i fix it ? is there something wrong ? please me know. and please inform me in this email

  85. Gaurav Tanwar says:

    my fb account automatically log out while using auto liker,please help me

  86. raj malotra says:

    i think u uplaoded video for all prosses

  87. raj malotra says:

    plz help me sir i can’t get access token

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    sir plz help me my likes not increaces and i am trying many time plz help me….

  89. anurag bansal says:

    sir i am follow video but’…..[ERROR: Please Allow All Permissions of App to Access Your Profile! Try Again..)and custom post id also demand….plz help me sir

    • anurag bansal says:

      sir plz also instruction for Allow All Permissions of App to Access ……plz plz plz give reply sir

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Delete The Allowed Apps And Allow It Again And Give Them All Permission. Don’t Skip Any Permission.

  90. anurag bansal says:

    sir i am following your instrcution but i am receiving only 17 likes….

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Try After Few Hours. Sometime Server Don’t Response So Fast Due To Load. You Can Get Unlimited Likes On A Single Status.

  91. anurag bansal says:

    finally i am receiving 729 likes …… All Credit Goes To Official – Liker Creator again thaku sir

  92. Ashok Kumar says:

    I want to learn find password can u help me plz?

  93. pokhtana55 says:

    why some ID s are blocked from like?

  94. Mian king says:

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    please send me token num..

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    i’m following your instructions and it works quietly. Thanks for this post!

  100. prince says:

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    Hello sir.. I cant get access token. Always shows please wait when i click, click here button. Why this cheating??? Its not working…

  102. prince says:

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    #Mark Zuanberg ma autolikes autofollowr bund kr diya hai na???????????

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    dose anyone know how to get comment likes..???

  109. roseline says:

    Its really cool information you shared here and I love it a lot.

  110. romit says:

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  111. ram says:

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  112. Husnain Akram says:

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    plz reply zroor dejey

  113. nouman says:

    i cant make may status public plz help me!!

  114. kamal says:

    bhai token lene me ye kyu dikha rha hai. ?? bhai plz help –

  115. Boss says:
    My AutoLiker don’t work since four days … How i do ?

  116. Arslan Ahmad says:

    Brother, Access token On opera Mini does not Working now. Please Solve the Problem. I always use official liker.I suggest u to visit “” They solved the problem please try something like that Thank you 🙂

  117. vivek says:

    sir i cant get access token sir …..
    blank.html#_=_ this is wrong access token plzz help me plzzzz

  118. Ansh says:

    Can’t login even after getting token help me out

  119. nahid ash says:

    i cant get access token plzz…solve my proeblem

  120. billi says:

    Does it works for fanpages?

  121. gpreet says:

    Whn I m click which was on this page to open this site thn the same page was opened .. plz tell me complete procedure

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Now Close That Page And Get Back To Official-Liker AccessToken Page. Here Click The Second Button To Get Your AccessToken.

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Now Close That Page And Get Back To Official-Liker AccessToken Page. Here Click The Second Button To Get Your AccessToken.

  122. amrit dhillon says:

    why my acess token is blank…..

  123. amrit dhillon says:

    then my token is access and i copy the token after i see token is blank…… the URL have a not full token

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Now Close That Page And Get Back To Official-Liker AccessToken Page. Here Click The Second Button To Get Your AccessToken.

  124. Koushik sarkar says:

    Bro official liker don’t see opera mini ads skip option this problem i don’t use like… Plz help and slove your site problem 30april 2015 and ads remove your site plz and work bt ur site not work skip

    • EXEIdeas says:

      These are the way to earn some $$$ to make it live by paying hosting, domain and etc… So you can try it on new browser…

  125. Koushik sarkar says:

    Please set your site opera mini skip ads funtion… U can suggester whoes browser work official liker … Official best autolike site 400+/submit please suggeste me browser name and u post link the browser… Bro plz opera ads skip start ya remove plz my rqst i used java nokia 2700c opera mini v4.2

    • EXEIdeas says:

      We will look into this matter but there are many more problem on Opera Mini on our back-end so it will take some time to fix this.

  126. Koushik sarkar says:

    Tnx bro opera ads skip working… Tell me why all autolike site off 1token option ??? Bt 2nd token uc browser..working and 1st toke blank bt copmputer working chorme and opera… Ur site best autolike 400+ bt u can add auto commenter 350+ plz add auto commenter on ur site mxt site official… 🙂 🙂

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Opera is a limited featured browser so you cant get new features on this so we never recommend Opera. We are working on AutoComment too s wait.

  127. Bunty says:

    plzzzzz make ur android app
    …plz plz …u r a awsme….:)

  128. Ganesh says:

    Is there any problem by using this official liker website. Someone said me that your facebook account will be hacked and you will be caught by police for doing this auto liker. Will i get problem by using this website.please reply.

  129. Prakash Dhawade says:

    The step 1 and 2 is not there only advertise is on the page plz help mi

  130. Prakash Dhawade says:

    still i dont see step 1 and 2 only and adds are visible plz tell mi in detail…

  131. Obieda almoussa says:

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  132. Aravind says:

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  133. mj says:

    please bro can you help me for my autolike
    my token doesn’t work
    he says me : please genereted token our application , so how to resolv it on my host ?

    am from Africa thanks

  134. finch says:

    Hii…! your official liker is awesome but I get some problem here .. few months before I logged to this site and then log out but it still liking somes pages again and agian someone told me that remove HTC sence frome Facebook apps and change the password I did it… but it’s not working and still liking pages. please tell me what can I do to stop liking that fake pages .. I would be highly obliged

  135. Bhai tu konsa site se domain, hosting karta h ? Or official liker m page liker.. Auto commenter.. Group post liker add kr

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  143. Brahim says:

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  144. Ashraf Shannag says:

    when i press ” use official like ”
    it shows to me like this == > Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

    why 🙁

    please answer me

  145. Official Liker says:

    Does this still work?

  146. Šœp Pæññä says:

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  147. yash says:

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  148. christianfooshy says:

    INFO:A Required Parameter Access_token Is Missing, Please Check And Try Re Submitting ???

  149. ricardo says:

    The htc sense application is dead. if you are gonna click to allow permissions there is a flag icon and is not says htc … can you fix it?

  150. Sherry says:

    How I can cancel my subscription ?

  151. Bilal says:

    When i am trying to use Captcha It shows That Error Not Found I tried from all browsers i use..

  152. ricardo says:

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  156. Hi i used it but after few day i only get 5 likes only? can i ask why?? thanks

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. You can try again and again. Sometime server has a load so cant reply with Likes.

  157. kamal says:

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