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How To Get Access Token Of My Facebook Profile?

How To Get Access Token Of My Facebook Profile?

As in the era of Autoliker world, everyone need to get his access token to submit it the Autoliker to get likes of his facebook posts. So about 99% fails to get there access token and then they blame to the Autoliker that it’s not working fine. So here we will explain the Access Token term. After reading this article, you can easily understand about How To Get Access Token?

What Is The Facebook Access Token?

An access token is a random string that identifies a User, App or Page session and provides information about granted permissions. Access tokens are obtained via a number of methods, each of which are covered later in this document. The token also includes information about when the token will expire and which app generated the token. Because of privacy checks, the majority of API calls on Facebook need to include an access token. There are different types of access tokens like User, Page, Apps Access Tokens.

How To Get Mine Access Token?

Now follow the following steps to get your access token. We used official Skype Apps to find out your access token that is quite secure and will not share your access token with anybody else. So follow the given steps…

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1.) Click Here To Allow The Official HTC-One App.
2.) Then Click Here And There Will Be A Page As The Below ScreenShoot.

Access Token Success Page

3.) Copy That Tab URL From Address Bar. The URL Will Be Like Below One.

4.) Here The Blue One Is Your Access Token Code.
5.) Copy This And Use It Anywhere.

Online Tool To Fetch Your Token:

After following 1,2,3 steps from above and getting the whole access token URL, just paste it in the below input area and click the button.

URL Of Your HTC-One Apps Page:

Here Is Your Access Token:

Now Copy Your Access Token From Above Box And Use It Where You Want..

Note: Pay Attention While Copying Because When You Will Try To Copy This Token Then As Auto Highlighter Address Bar, All Code Will Be Copied So Check Twice What You Copied.


From this access token, anyone can use your profile as like there status, add you as there friend, add you in the group, write something on your and your friends wall etc But can never get your password and private data. So never share this code with any unauthentic person or apps. We are not responsible for any type of misuse of your account.

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Last Words:

That’s all about your access token. If you have any query about it, feel free to ask us but don’t forget to leave your views about this tutorial and don’t forget you view our other all Facebook Tricks too.

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104 Responses to “How To Get Access Token Of My Facebook Profile?”

  1. M Gajendra says:

    I cont understand i really confused….

  2. Malik Aslam says:

    I can not get my accesses code ,and be stucked on step 3.

  3. dia lao says:

    i’m so confused! i read it repeatedly but still im confused! always asking for tokens in Sony experia or skype but i have a lot of token in, how can i used it??

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Yes, Your Main Token Is CAAAAPJmB8ZBwBAHW034iuquYeeg1NZAVFHlZBDGtFcj6JZCbQGqJvbhYbKktUt11PP89Bkwm6dZAfF1ZCdfKL3o5V5PR80347UMqMmoAO8L0W6NEP7lHSHvstZC8iXfcbQnvzk0OdDx0KkfwwVbN6CFkPa6lpxUqPOLlJlyU0Jwv4WpivppYpun

  4. RaJu.. says:

    Sir I am not copyig the main token code, I am just copyingthe whole URL and this works.. Is am doing right ??

  5. i can’t understand i really confused, Help Me !
    This is my facebook page URL :

  6. zainy malik says:

    usman main subh sa try kar raha hon apnay followers increase karnay ka lai lekin muj sa nae ho rahay i got confused tooo much :'(

    plz help me 🙁

    w8tng ur ans

  7. salman Aamir says:

    when i click to get token it says page not found ,……plzzzz help

  8. Anonymous says:

    when i click to allow the official skype app , it says

    page not found

    We’re sorry – The page you were looking for could not be found.

    You can try the following:

    Access your account
    Download Skype
    See our products page
    Go to homepage

    plzzzz help

  9. ARIF KHAN says:

    my skype page is not coming

  10. maha khan says:

    i want auto likes

  11. krish jain says:

    How increase more like on facebook

  12. Astik Pandey says:

    hiii access token is not working…

    it says pls genrate xperia app token…

    plz help

  13. aziz rehman says:

    how to get tokan? plz help me about this?

  14. Jenny Rose Quintana says:

    Hello, please help.. I copy paste the main accesstoken but it didn’t work, so I just copypaste the whole url and it worked.. My Facebok Account Name appears in my autoposter but my problem is that it cannot load and search my Facebook groups.. Nothing is found. Please help.. I cannot still post on Facebook since it cannot load my groups.

  15. zohaib says:

    wheres the token?

  16. yogesh says:

    sir please help i can not do this

  17. Ifham says:

    wats ur fb usrname
    i m cnfusd can u help me
    i will give u my acunt n can u do the process urself plz

  18. Mayank varma says:

    I am unable to get the access token. . Whenever i try to get it, browser states that URL not found… please help..

  19. toni says:

    hi, i cant get my token.. i follow the 1 by 1 steo above but i always stucked on the step 2.. it says that the page cannot found.. i read your intructions from the query of other people here who are experiencing same trouble with me.. you told them to copy the url of the “cannot found page” and use it to get token.. i already tried this but nothing happened.. could you help me with this one?

  20. Rahul Asher says:

    Sir official liker was not working

  21. adeline says:

    I can’t get the access token

    please. Help

  22. adeline says:

    i always stucked on the step 2,and it says that the web not available..

  23. ibrar says:

    Sir how to get access token?

  24. ainy hidayat says:

    i can’t search my token. help me please

  25. Rohan Sarkar says:

    Supoub nd very helpful…

  26. Hoshiyar Singh says:

    sir I’ve trying to get main token but when i’ve copy paste the link it doesn’t work can you help me

  27. Azad Ahmad says:

    I am not getting place where to paste my token url

  28. Awais says:

    hiii access token is not working…
    plzz help

  29. Awais says:

    I think only its my acess code Am right ?????????

  30. dhanish says:

    I’m stuck step3 can’t get my code

  31. mohit says:

    How to get like i am not understanding it

  32. amit santy satoriya says:

    Bhai plz help i cant get access token totaly confused plz help teach me with photos turtal

  33. Jeet Dube says:

    My access token is not coming…they r ssying that it is invalid

  34. jinben says:

    I log in to that app..and its shows an

    this.. ! please help me! I really need this problem solved! I guess .I had a problem in fb!?

  35. Dilawar says:

    sir tell me my token show success page but in above link they show

    help me how i get back…

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Now Close That Page And Get Back To Official-Liker AccessToken Page. Here Click The Second Button To Get Your AccessToken.

  36. g.s.modi says:

    Why my access token is showing blank

  37. Saurabh Singhania says:

    mera access token generate nhi ho rha h jb wo success wala page aata h to uske url m html k baad blank likha aata h ….plz help me

  38. Saurabh Singhania says:

    nd when I tap on secnd link it shows connection prblm reading the server

  39. Aryan says:

    Plz help
    Yaar ye sit kam q nhi kar rahi…Kabhi sy try kr rah hu. But this not working.!

  40. gotham says:

    This is shown in address bar..after I allow app .and I copied this and used.. as token..but.. it didn’t allow me to get in autoliker..account l…I’m really really need help please…

  41. Bilal Tahir says:

    i find this is very helpful for me
    thanks for sharing with us keep up it.

  42. Ashiyan says:

    Bro.. m apna access token nhi le pa rha… phle ye shi workr rha tha but ab token blank dikha rha h…. what should I do plzz help me

  43. senu changli says:

    Bro menu token nhi mil rha kive million plz help me

  44. Younus Khan says:

    give me token number plzzzz

  45. gagandeep says:

    sir to get valid token….bcz i got token recently bt says that invalid

  46. pagla says:

    please give facebook page access token link, its not opening.

  47. abhi says:

    Kiya mai autofollpwer use kar sakta hui

  48. Anonymous says:

    when I try to get access token it show sucess and also give me warning and when I use that link as acess token then it show it is not valid…
    url is blah blah

  49. Dyare says:

    hello brother its my url step 3 and button its not response

  50. Sakshi says:

    Nice Working exeideas..!! Thanks for sharing.

  51. Yo Miah says:

    im a filipino can filipino can access this?

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