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Facebook FanPage Verification Official Request Form Link

Recently many scamers came up with a trick to look simple peoples by telling them that they will verify there Facebook page with there trick and they just have to pay him. In real they are just scam. As Facebook already told that they will verify pages by themself not on request before. But now Facebook changed hi mood.

Facebook page or profile verification is an old idea to show there fans that which one is real out of fakes. As a normal Facebook user we all create account or page with our name and it is also possible to create multiple account on same name. Their are number of same name pages or account for any celebrity, public figure or for any business. So Facebook take serious step to make clear that which one is official and all the rest of others are not. This verification show that the page or profile your are visiting official represent someone or maybe a request by official owners.

After getting verified by Facebook that you are the real out of fakes then you will get a “Blue Tick” in fron of you page name that on hover will show a text “Facebook verified badge”. According to this new option some pages and Profiles are claim as Official and verified by Facebook. Now iof you are real out of fakes then you can request to Facebook to verify you Page too to help your fans to find our real page.

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Facebook only 4 type of pages or profiles which are Celebrities, Journalists, Government Officials, Popular Brand(Please note Facebook will not be able to verify Business Pages). These are 4 categories whose pages and profiles can be verified on there popularity.

Facebook FanPage Verification Official Request Form Link:

So here is what this article for. Now you think that you are real then you can request Facebook to look into your matter and ask him to verify you. Facebook doesn’t guaranteed that you will 100% surley verified after submitting the form but you can try.

Request a Verified


Facebook Request A Verified Badge Form

Facebook Verification Request Requirement:

You just have to select your desired page from those where you are Admin. In next step you have to attach a photo of your ID if you’re a public figure or articles of incorporation if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company. After this you just have to add your website URL only. After submitting, you will get a message that “Form submitted successfully: Thanks for contacting Facebook. You should receive an email response shortly. Okay”

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Facebook Verification FanPage Requirement:

There are no official requirements but here we have some tips that you must have to follow before applying to make your request more valuable.

  1. Your Page must contain an official website.
  2. Your official website must be in good condition.
  3. Your website should contain Facebook LikeBox.
  4. Your page must have a good amount of Fans.
  5. You must have to run Facebook Ads even of $1.
  6. Your FanPage info must be writing fully with active address.
  7. You also have FanPages on other social networks like GooglePlus, Twitter etc.
  8. Your Page should be active.

Note: Don’t request small or fake pages because it will effect on your other request.

Last Words:

After submitting the form, you have to wait few days or week while in this duration, Facebook will run a background test to your pages. During this time you have to active on your page more then previous.

Disclaimer: These are all our thoughts and tips. Facebook is only providing form that we shared above. If you want to know more then go to Facebook help and Learn more about verified Pages.

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