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The Art And Science Of Writing EPIC Blog Posts

The Art And Science Of Writing EPIC Blog Posts

Presently, we have seen a lot of writers turning towards blogging. It is a surely a creative medium which gives enough potential for creativity, however, with a spurge of writers turning towards this platform, how do you expect to maintain an edge over them? If you have been looking for the ways to come up with blog posts that are not nice or good enough but simply EPIC, we come bearing good news for you. Read ahead to understand the art and science of writing blog posts which are nothing less than EPIC!

2 Key Features of Epic Blog Posts:

We do not support generalizations generally, but there are times where we find generalizations to actually help ease out the course of understanding. Generally speaking there are two major elements that make up for epic blog posts. Find out the same below:

1.) Blogs Which Are Nothing Less Than A “One Stop Solution”:

Google and online readers prefer blog posts which are thorough. You may write a blog post for a variety of reasons (link building being one of most obvious) but unless you strive hard to be thorough with the blog posts and provide a one stop solution for all their needs, the everlasting blogging success will remain elusive to you. Thus, after rereading your post and prior to hitting the ‘Publish’ button, ask yourself whether you have been thorough, or is there anything more that you think you need to add.

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2.) Blog Posts With Appropriate Length:

All of the posts ranking in the top 10 and having the maximum comments have one thing in common — they are all long. One may argue that size does not really matter, information does, but then we don’t usually see short posts in the front pages of the Google. The fact is, in order to make your blog post thorough and a one stop solution, you need to write more, and hence, naturally we are looking for lengthy posts of at least 1500 to 2000 words.

The Art And Science Of Writing EPIC Blog Posts

3 Types Of Epic Blog Posts:

For the ease of understanding, we have categorized our studies in 3 different types of blog posts. When inspiration does not hit you and you feel pressurized, just try and work a content along these lines and you’d be in for something truly great and epic.

Please note that although there is no strict format for writing epic blog posts, these three often works:

1.) Tutorial And Guides:

guides play an important role in arresting the attention of the users and also, they are search engine friendly. Hence, whatever your niche is, if you can come up with a guide manual, a step by step tutorial for your readers then nothing like it. Break the content into various headings and sub headings and develop a well organized tutorial, which is bound to not only fetch more results, but have an amazing impact on the popularity of the guest posts.

2.) Lists:

Readers have an affinity towards the list like posts — they are easier to read and are more focused than the deserted and scattered run on the lines posts. Besides, the format is far too simple for anyone to write on. Just divide the chunks under separate headings and provide a well authoritative and focused blog post.

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3.) Categorize Your Blog Posts:

not all posts are going to fit the list or the guideline criteria, however, you can still draw the maximum out of them by organizing them in various categories. Think of at least 4 broad topics which you are going to cover and categorize the content.

The Art And Science Of Writing EPIC Blog Posts

Ingredients Of An Epic Blog Post:

Now that we have covered the basics, let us now understand what all should be included in a blog post to make it — yes, you guessed it right — epic!

1.) Attention Grabbing And Refreshing Images:

If you are going to write a blog post as long as 2,000 words, you better have enough of attention grabbing and riveting images. A few well placed images contribute a lot towards making the long blog posts easy to read and enjoyable. You may also embed videos into your blog posts, which will only add more glamour and merit to your blog posts.

2.) Include A Wikipedia Like Table Of Contents Or Bullet Points:

The table of contents or bullet points listed in the very beginning of the article grabs the attention of the users. It gives them a road map. Remember, the online audience is pretty darn short on attention span, and if you expect them to go through a 2,000 words long content, you might as well make it worthwhile for them.

3.) Quotations:

Quotations play an important role in allowing you to come up with authoritative and merited blog posts. For starters, they save you from original thinking and allow you strike an authority at someone else’s expense. Besides, since the quotations are posted in a different gray background with block quotes and in inverted commas, they give a much needed relief from a blog post which might even appear as a long chunk of information. Quotations can be viewed as a major breather between the long chunks of content.

The Art And Science Of Writing EPIC Blog Posts

Formatting The Blog Post:

Various blogs come with WYSIWYG editors and simple HTML editors. Include a variation in your blog posts by introducing various styles and formats and strive for a good looking piece of content. Pay attention to the following while drafting the blog posts:

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1.) Use Two Different Files While Drafting:

Yes, you read it right. Use two different word documents while writing the blog posts. One where you scribble, copy paste stuff and simply sort of vomit whatever is going on in your mind. And second where you actually frame the content, manifesting the ideas and concepts.

2.) Format:

The longer the blog post, the more is the need for you to format it. As we continuously stressed throughout the article, a well formatted content is going to rank higher both, with the readers and with the search engines. Hence, preview and format unless you are convinced you have got the best combination that you are looking for.

3.) Endeavor For Improving Your Writing Style:

Lastly, always try to read more, improve your understanding of the language — for it is constantly changing, and strive to write a much profound and enthralling content then before. If you expect a reader to go through a lengthy process, it is your responsibility to give them with the best of what you have to offer.

About the Author:
Jason Roiz is associated with OSSMedia Ltd, a leading WordPress web development company providing industry best WordPress programmers For custom WordPress development services to its clients globally.

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