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Top Ten Most Trending Things Your ECommerce Site Should Have

Top Ten Most Trending Things Your ECommerce Site Should Have

Shopping is the thing that every individual loves and now-a-days, you don’t have to visit a store, you can shop online using the various E-Commerce sites. There are many online stores available from where you can select the product you want and can order it. You can even choose the option of paying at your home after getting the product.

There are various online stores where promotional codes are accessible. You can get them by registering on their site and they will provide you the best deals and promo codes too. Some of the sites providing the coupons are Homeshop18, Flipkart, infibeam, snapdeal, etc. You can easily get the Homeshop18 Coupons or any other store’s coupons and can avail a further discount on the product you want to purchase.

Any company, who deals in selling products, always thinks of creating an E-Commerce site of their own. They always want to achieve maximum profit by selling products through normal stores or through online stores.

10 essential things that your E-commerce site should have are listed below:

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1.) LOGO:

Logo is you can say the trademark of a company. The logo makes a store more trustable. It is a kind of business card for both normal and online stores. You can create an Ecommerce site but if you don’t have a logo then you can say you are unrecognizable.

2.) Freebies, Deals And Free Shipping:

If you are an Ecommerce site owner then in order to have your valued customer stay with you or want to attract new customers then you must provide the deals and freebies with the products you are selling. An just not the deals or freebies, you must provide free shipping also, because no one wants to pay for shipment. Anyone who is going for online shopping want that he/she get their product/s at the minimal cost, and if you charging for the shipment then it’s not a plus point for you. So you must provide freebies, deals and free shipping in order to attract the customers.

Top Ten Most Trending Things Your ECommerce Site Should Have

3.) Latest News Or Popular Products:

If you want to tell anything to you customer like any news about you or any products that you are going to feature or currently featuring, then homepage is the best place to tell about it. You can use big banners to advertise those products and can easily attract the customers towards it. Every user searches for the new products launched so if you are providing this in your ECommerce site then it’s a plus point for you.

4.) Brand Products:

Brand is the major reason for a customer to stay on your site. If you are featuring some of the best brands then a customer looks forward to it, but if you are not then customers don’t even try to look at the products you are selling. You must feature some of the important brands on your homepage to get customer’s attention.

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5.) Shopping Cart, Search Box And Login Box:

Shopping cart, search box and login box are usually placed together in a website. You can login to your account using the login box. You can add the no. of products in your shopping cart. And just for your ease, if you know the product you want to purchase then you can use the search box without searching for it elsewhere.

Top Ten Most Trending Things Your ECommerce Site Should Have

6.) Payment System Icons:

As an ECommerce site you must be having the payment gateways to get the payment through the customers. So, on your site you must feature the icons of the payment system, like Visa, PayPal, Maestro, Cash cards, etc., that you have on your site.

7.) Social Media Links:

As a service provider you must have your pages on the social networking sites. So you must share those links on your site so that users can get to know about the deals or any new update about the site through them.

8.) Online Chat And Phone Number:

Your site must have the phone number or online chat on which a customer can enquire about any product he/she wants to purchase. If you are providing an online chat, it leaves a good impression on your customers.

Top Ten Most Trending Things Your ECommerce Site Should Have

9.) Store Locator:

You can provide a link for your normal store, from where you are dealing. The customers can visit you there and can purchase directly from there to save time and reduce the problem of shipment.

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10.) Trustmarks:

Trustmarks are the small logos or images that prove that you are a trusted dealer and it shows the security guarantee through a third party that this site is safe to shop. If you are featuring a big brand then it doesn’t matter much but if not then it matters the most. Some of the popular trustmarks are Verisign, TRUSTe, BBB, GeoTrust, etc.

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