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FaceBook Profile/Page ID-Code Finder Online Tool

FaceBook User Profile Or Page ID Finder Free Online Tool

When creating a Facebook account, the system automatically assigns the user an identification number, known as the Facebook ID. Facebook allows the user replace their ID with username. If you are using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique profile ID will not appear. Many tutorials give you an instruction by clicking right mouse on image profile to find your unique ID. Now I will tell you even easier to find your Facebook profile ID.  Every Facebook profile, and Facebook Fan Page, has an associated ID number. Depending on what applications you might be setting up, or services you are joining, you will find yourself needing your Facebook ID, of your Facebook Fan Page ID Using Facebook User ID Finder Tool.

How To Get FaceBook ID Code?

Non-Customized Facebook Profile URL:

For those of you who haven’t customized the URL of your Facebook, then finding your ID is super easy. Just click on the “Profile” tab in the upper right hand corner then look at the URL (web address).
Your URL (web address) will look something like this:
First Open You Facebook Page Or Profile For Which You Need It…
You Will See Like This…
Copy Blue Code As In URL. This Is Your ID Code.

Customized Facebook Profile URL:

Now, for those of you that have already customized the URL of your personal Facebook profile, you need to do something a little bit different.
Here’s what I mean by a customized Facebook profile URL — I’ll use my Facebook profile as the example:
If you’ve customized the URL, then obviously the ID is no longer showing. So what you need to do to get the ID of your Facebook profile, if you’ve customized your URL, then do as I did. There was a way before like to open and then it will show the below type codes but this one is no longer available.

“id”: “100001850525177“,
“name”: “Muhammad Hassan”,
“first_name”: “Muhammad”,
“last_name”: “Hassan”,
“link”: “”,
“username”: “EXEIdeas”,
“gender”: “male”,
“locale”: “en_US”


“id”: “160882583958736“,
“name”: “EXE Ideas”,
“picture”: “”,
“link”: “”,
“likes”: 20000,
“cover”: {
“cover_id”: 333880843325575,
“source”: “”,
“offset_y”: 0
“category”: “Computers/internet”,
“is_published”: true,
“website”: “”,
“username”: “EXEIdeas2010”,
“founded”: “By EXE Ideas International”,
“about”: “Blogger Tips I Electronics I Hacking Tips I Icons I Information I Internet Tips I Make Money Online I PC Tips I Premium Account I Websites Tips I Gadgets I Graphics Elements”,
“location”: {
“street”: “Gulistan-e-Johar”,
“city”: “Karachi”,
“country”: “Pakistan”,
“zip”: “75290”
“phone”: “+9203343381164”,
“release_date”: “2010”,
“can_post”: true,
“talking_about_count”: 999999

So the new way to find out your ID is to use the third part tool where you have to Paste Into Below facebook user ID finder tool and finally click on Get ID button to get your facebook id . Hope this helps you find your Facebook profile, and Facebook Fan Page ID, a little easier.

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Feel Free To Ask If You Experienced Any Problem. If You Didn’t Get Yet, Then Just Leave A Message At Our Facebook Page To Get Quick Answer(ID).
EXEIdeas Facebook FanaPage

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      You Have A Nice Software But It’s Will Take A Time To Download And Install Then To Find ID And Etc Wherever You Can Also Do This With Mine One Online And Quick…

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      @Anonymous Hello this is not his/her software this is my property (Saqib Sabir).

      @Mohammad Hassan Read it.
      Lite Setup Download:
      File Size: [270 KB]
      Download Time: 3 Second at 512 KBPS Internet Connection.

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