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What Is “Content Management Systems(CMS)”? A Full Infographic Ans.

The infographic provides a summary of the fundamentals of content management systems, the industries in which they are used and the various types of CMSs available. It provides details of the date of initial release, the platform used, the latest version, the number of themes each CMS has, average setup and customization cost, average monthly maintenance cost, the number of websites using the CMS, the popular websites that use the platform and the top industries using the CMS.

With the recent exponential growth of nightly builds of CMSs’ modules and plugins, we thought this would be the perfect time to showcase the CMS industry with an infographic that provides users with an all-around perspective. Our run through of key aspects of various CMSs, will help firms make better business decisions by taking advantage of all the information at their disposal.

The infographic also provides statistics on the market share of various content management systems. The latest infographic on content management systems is the 4th infographic in a series of infographics designed by the company.

What Is "Content Management Systems(CMS)"? A Full Infographic Ans.

Infographic created by Dot Com Infoway
Re-Published After Legal Permission…
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