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Lot Of Applications To Tweet More Than 140 Word In Twitter

Lot Of Applications To Tweet More Than 140 Word In Twitter

Lot of people who use Twitter for expressing there thoughts but they are bound to write only 140 words didn’t know why, I Think That Twitter Have Lo HDD…:-) Any way this problem is now solved by many third parties sites as there are providing you to tweet more than 140 word through many tricks. Like they convert your text to image and upload it to your twitter account and many of these give read more link to your full tweet that are hosted on there server. Now here i am again with you with a lot of third parties website list.

Here Is The List Of Lot Of Online Applications And Third Parties Websites With Short Description To Tweet Your Tweet Of More Than 140 Word In Twitter Without Any Problem Via One Click Only To Express Your Full Mood On Twitter.

Twitlonger– This tool will allow you to sign up using the Twitter OAuth and thus you will be able to post longer tweets on Twitter. All you have to do is just login and you will be given a huge text area to write your tweet. What it does is, it will post your tweet with a link to it to view the entire text. Pretty sick isn’t it…

TweetCut- This tool doesn’t give you extra space or characters but it shortens your tweet by using available and common abbreviations and thus making your tweets shorter so you can add more lines..

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RichTweets- One of my favorites. This tool allows you to create full HTML Tweets with colors, images, videos and widgets. You can connect it with your twitter account and when you post it here, it automatically gets posted on your twitter account. YouTube videos can be easily added and alternately, you can embed other videos by simply inputting the full code in the video embed box.You can use it as another twitter manager such as hootsuite, tweetdeck etc. This is a good find.

XLTweet- When you have more to say but limited space, just XL tweet it. This tool is quite easy to use and comes in handy when you want to post longer tweets. Simply type in the text, provide your Twitter account details and bingo.

MaxiTweets– It allows up to 200 characters long tweets, which is an increase of nearly 50%. They have opened up several new possibilities for the fast growing Twitter communications platform. So get more out of Twitter now with maxitweets: up to 200 letters.

TwerBose- It is a simple web application that allows you to post huge tweets via the Twitter API. All you have to do is write your long tweets and post it; the tool will shrink it down and post it to your twitter stream. Best part is that your followers and people will be able to comment on your tweets and also share it with their friends, amazing.

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ezTweets- This one lets you post both of Twitter and Facebook. With ezTweets you can write big-ass posts. It simply takes your longer tweets (more than 140 characters long) and split them neatly, marks the tweet in a sequential manner and posts them to your Twitter timeline all at once. Best part, there is no characters limit.

JumboTweet– Jumbo is a Hippo and it helps Twitter post larger tweets between users. Jumbo lets you write longer post messages, and engage in more meaningful interactions on Twitter.

XL Tweet- eXtra Long Tweet (XLTweet) is a website that will tweet the first 120 characters when you’re done then creates a short URL, then saves the rest on your own XLTweet page.

TinyPaste– TinyPaste will give you a short URL that you can place into your Twitter account if you have typed a longer message.

Maxitweet– Maxitweet is ideal for sending messages up to 200 characters.

Tiny Post-TinyPost allows you to post messages that are longer than 140 characters on twitter.

Twitlonger– Twitlonger is a simple service that allows you to write text longer than the 140 character tweet limit of Twitter.

TwitWall- TwitWall is a Twitter-related app which allows you to say more than 140 characters as well as add links.

Twiffo- Twiffo is a simple free service that allows you to tweet up to 14000 characters on twitter.

TweetCut- TweetCut is an easy to use Twitter app that allows you to cut down the size of your twitter post by using common abbreviations.

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ezTweets- ezTweets is a twitter application that lets you post tweets longer than 140 characters and splits them into multiple, sequential tweets.

Twextra– Twextra is a cool service that lets you create large (up to 100000 characters), rich-text messages with which can be shared on social media sites.

TallTweets– Tall Tweets is a simple Twitter app that will help you write tweets that are longer than 140 characters.

Tweet Compressor– Tweet Compressor is a simple yet nifty tool that makes your tweets shorter by replacing some letter groups with a single Unicode character.

RichTweets- RichTweets is a new Twitter app that lets you create full HTML tweets, with colors,, videos and widgets. You can tweet without enforcing the 140 character limit.

Twishort– is an associative website of which allows you to write more than 140 characters on your twitter account.

Tweetc- Tweetc lets you create a message longer than 140 characters because it will just auto split a post into multiple tweets with a link back to your longer message.

JumboTweet– JumboTweet is an easy to use web client that let’s your write longer tweets.

Bigger Twitter- With Bigger Tweets, you’ll no longer need to give your Twitter account details to use the service.

ShortText Twitzer- is a simple social networking application tool to post text online.

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