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5 Benefits Of Having A Twitter Account

We live in a society where it’s quite common to have our own social media account. Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms we have today. It offers everyone a massive space where you could share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. The social site is quite famous with most teens and young adults, but a lot of the older age groups also enjoy the numerous benefits they can get out from the site.

The benefits of having your own Twitter account are endless. Listed below are five major benefits that you can get from having your own account on this widely-known social media website:

1.) Twitter Allows You To Connect With People You Know And Everyone Else On The Site:

Signing up on the site is like opening a million doors in one click. You can take a good look at what other people are up to and know what they’re currently thinking about. You can be a part of different conversations with people you know and don’t know, from debating about the best burger in existence to exchanging thoughts on a new movie that’s been released. You could just talk about anything with anyone.

Unlike other sites, Twitter is mainly focused on interactions between the site’s users. Unless your account is private, anyone who’s registered or part of the site could tweet anything to you, and you can freely tweet back. With regards to having a private account, you actually have the option to do that if you don’t want everyone from the site to see what you’re up to. In addition to that, you also have the option to send a message to your followers or to a specific group of people who are following you and have a private discussion with them.

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2.) Twitter Is A Great Place To Market Your Business:

When you are on Twitter, you can actually see accounts that are owned by well-known establishments and companies. The site is a perfect platform for anyone who wants to advertise their products and businesses to a wide range of audience. Now and then, you would see advertisements on your dashboard which is a very effective way of catching people’s attention, especially if they’re interested in whatever your company is offering.

Millions of people use the site every single day; hence, it’s a great way for your startup business to be heard or for your company to reach a larger demographic. You can also use the site as means to form a stronger connection or bond with customers and potential clients by engaging in conversations or responding right away to whatever problems and concerns they might have. Moreover, you can use the site as a way of getting an insight of what people need or want, and then accommodate the information that you have gathered from the site into products and services for it to become more marketable to the public. People can retweet your posts, and the more retweets you get, the larger the audience you are actually able to promote your product to, which is now coined as crowdsourcing.


3.) Twitter Can Be Your Source Of Real-Time Information:

You could keep yourself updated with just about anything when you’re on the site, such as politics, environmental issues, social movements, company updates, or fashion trends. The site also shows you who or what is trending or talked about the most around the globe or in your own country at a certain period of time. You can just click on the trending topics that you see on your screen or mobile phone, which are actually links and read what people are saying or tweeting.

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Whenever major or important events occur like elections and calamities to big competitions and concerts, the site usually gets blown up with different tweets from people sharing their own accounts and experiences. The great thing about this is that you can read personal accounts of people of a certain event and things that you won’t be able to find in newspapers or see on television.

4.) Twitter Is A Great Source Of Entertainment:

Once you make a new account on the site, you get asked about certain hobbies, people, music or other things that you’re interested in to follow. Your dashboard automatically gets filled with posts related to all of those things, may it be love quotes, interesting facts about the world, snapshots of paintings, or of a country. You get to scroll through a mixture of things you’re interested in. You can even retweet them or give them a like.

Instead of spending a lot of cash on traveling, you can just type in the site’s search bar and catch more than a glimpse of what the place looks like in the eyes of locals and other tourists. With just one click, you get to be exposed to different artists, writers, or anyone from a specific field and even get tips from them. You never leave the site without learning something new each time you visit.

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5.) Twitter Can Be A Safe Space And Can Be Anyone’s Source Of Support:

The site offers a safe place for you to say something that you’re too afraid to say in real life. You can share a post about your personal idea, finished art piece, or a song without having to fear the harsh or malicious scrutiny from other people. Having the right followers and vice versa can offer you a greater chance of joining healthy conversations or getting helpful criticism from others. People that agree with you or love your work can retweet or like your posts and share it with people that could also appreciate what you posted.

Twitter is a place for you to find and meet people that share the same interests as you do. It is a platform where you can build a network with your followers, as well as support and help one another. As long as you’re connected with the right people on the site, you can feel a sense of safety and support.

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  1. kezol says:

    Twitter is a good social networking app for any individual. It Will keep you engaged. But i would say if you are a business and wants to promote your brand or product it won’t be right one for you.

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