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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mix Domain Dofollow Blog High PR List To Comment

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Mix Domain Dofollow Blog High PR List To Comment

Hello fans, When you right any one keyword on search engine like as Google or bing. They give use above thousand result in few part of second. They all result are related from your Keyword. But we we watch only first page result. Means first page result invite our traffic for your site and blog. You do hard work on site or blog design and also do hard work on article posting. If your article or site enable to get traffic, Its so bad. You can also get result of your site on Google first page result. There are many part of get Google first page result of your site. But most important is backlinks.

Why Backlinks Are Important?

If you scan any site Alexa and which is you will found google first page result you will find that these site have more and high page site dofollow backlinks. So if you wanna your site or blog on Google first page result you must get more Dofollow Backlinks. Its a most important part of Seo. Using this you can fully optimize your site for better traffic.

What Is A DoFollow Site/Blog?

Which site give a backlinks by commenting, Article submission and there all Links are Google crawler is full follow. When Google crawler scan a dofollow site and if he will found your site url on coment and article, Than he will give your site a backlinks. And also give your site importance on Google search result. You can get backlinks from Dofollow forum but its very hard.

How To Comment On DoFollow Site?

You can get backlinks by comment on dofollow site. Its a easy way. But comment is very hard if you do not follow some tips of comment. If your comments are not related to heading or article they will not approve your comment its called spam. so first you notice how to comment on site.

Do comment related to heading and post description. You can suggest some tips of related to article. Must add at last thanks and special tips of that article which you like most. Don't add extra links on comment using by code.

Best Dofollow Blog List 2013:

I am sharing with you one of best blogs with high page rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of 2013 report. Most things about this list are 90% blogs related to web developing and blogger so you can approved your comments from these site easily.  So start commenting and get backlinks for your site.

Mix Domain Dofollow Blog High PR List To Comment

Page Rank 1:

Page Rank 2:

Page Rank 3:

Page Rank 4:

Page Rank 5:

Page Rank 6:

About the Author:
I am Mahendra Meghwal Medical student. I like part time writing and blogging. I have two blog Top Free Mobile Tricks and  How Top 10 Tricks.

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  1. very Good information It'll helpful to know high PR sites easily.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hemant Verma
    Widget Generators

    1. Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking. Start Commenting On These Sites To Increase Your PageRank In The Next Update...

  2. already started commenting,but there are many blogs which are using discuss comment system,If I comment there with hyperlink would I still get a do-follow backlink or not?

    ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ Blogging Tips for Blogger ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

    1. Welcome Here And Thanks For Commenting. Yes, They Are Also Helpfull But CommentLuv Are More Helpful To Increase Your Links Count. Comment On Bothe Platform To Get Organic Increase...

  3. This information is very helpful & its let to know that how to comment

    1. Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our Collection. Its For Newbies That Comment On Every Page Same Like Copy Paste To Save There Time And Increase The Link Count...

  4. Replies
    1. Welcome Here And Thanks For Adding Your Blog URL For Comment Here...

  5. Very great and effective list for blog commenting . thanks for share it .

    1. Thanks For Visiting Us And Using Our List. You Will Surely See The Difference After Commenting On It..

  6. By leaving a comment on dofollow blog, someday your blog PR will certainly rise when the PR update. backlinks

    1. Yes, That's Why Everybody Recommend To Comment On Every Blog...

  7. Hai thanks for giving this information.

    1. Welcome Here And Thanks For Liking Our List...


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