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Job Portal Website Design Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

Job Portal Website Design Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

Today job portals have become the preferred channels for job-seekers to find new opportunities. Even a few years back, job consultancies ruled the recruitment sector but today with the Internet boom and more so with job portal websites biting into their business domain, job consultancies have started shifting their business online. Nowadays when searching for a job, a job-seeker would invariably register online with a job portal and not walk into a consultancy with the hope of getting hired soon.

Thus, job portal website design offers a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs and recruitment consultancies. By designing a job portal with active support from a professional website designing company, you can take your e-business to higher levels of success and stability.

The process of job portal website design demands high levels of expertise. In order to get your job search website market-ready with full customization, you need to opt for a reputable design agency. However, you must also understand the few basics of the design process. Here, I have outlined 5 simple steps to help you understand this elaborate process in a nutshell.

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Step 1: Research And Site Map Creation:

Before you go on to actually finalize the deal with your job portal website design agency, make sure to research about your possible competitors, gauge their market presence and then come up with something unique that they don’t offer. That ‘unique’ property would make your job portal stand out from the rest, making it your brand’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

The obvious next step is creating the site map of your job portal site. Consult web professionals and friends from the industry whom you believe should be having knowledge about the same. Make sure that your site map should contain all the categories of jobs (that are to be listed), social media (networking) forum for registered users as well as a ‘career board’ for new users, among others. Don’t forget to have your site map checked by professionals before approval and moving forward with the design.

Job Portal Website Design Made Easy In 5 Simple Steps

Step 2: Single Page Design With Customizable Applications:

The next step is to choose a website template that will suit your business purpose. At present the ‘single page design’ is in vogue and rightly so as the ultimate target of any website that aims to convert web visits into sales is to ease the user experience.

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There’s a saying in web development, the customer after landing on a website should be able to find and execute a desired task in 3 clicks. You should make your job portal website design simple yet attractive, functional yet uncluttered and colorful without being extravagant.

Step 3: Content Is Still The King:

The importance of content in a website is unquestionable. More so, if you’re developing a job portal, you need to put emphasis on developing unique web page content that will keep your potential customers (the job-seekers) glued to your career pages.

Today the top job boards are not just big directories of job listings, there are much more on offer starting from career articles to job-blogs and salary calculators, reviews, recommendations, career trends and so on. Thus make sure you have a steady flow of quality content once you make your job portal live.

Step 4: Work On The Basics:

I will always recommend you to work on the basics of a job portal website design. And the basics are — having categories and sub categories for each job type, an online registration form, a CV builder application with ‘resume & photo upload’ facility, ‘job search box’ application, ’email a job’ application, ‘share job on social media’ application and ‘recommend job to friend’ application among others.

Also, to go with it a ‘newsletter subscription’ application needs to be in place. With these customizations done, your job portal website design will attain near completion.

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Step 5: Prototype Review And Go Live:

Test the functionality of your job portal website design and once you find that every application is working without any glitch, you can safely hand over the reins of your job portal to the developer agency and instruct them to make it live.

Follow the above 5 steps to give a professional look and feel to your job portal website design and get your job site rolling on the highway of success.


Today job sites are the quintessential channels for job-seekers to find new career opportunities. Thus job portal website design is a lucrative field of investment for entrepreneurs and job consultancies that are hitherto finding it difficult to survive in the recruitment market. This article offers a step by step guide on developing a job portal right from scratch and makes the task of understanding the process easy.

About the Author:
Koustuv Roy is an expert writer, speaker and educator, his forte being entrepreneurship, new business development, business consultation and web property development. Here he offers a 5 step guide on understanding the various intricacies of job portal website design.

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