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What To DO & DON’T With Like Button On Facebook?

What To DO & DON'T With Like Button On Facebook?

In the list of different social networking sites, Facebook is leading with more than 800 million users worldwide. Once you register over Facebook and start adding up friends and sending invites, you will start seeing loads of posts over your wall, which your friends share. The more the number of friends you have the more is the number of posts you see over your wall. Every post or comment, or anything appearing over the wall carries the button of Like (with thumbs up icon in blue), which you need to click to express your nod for any particular post.

This can be any comment or update your friend has put over his or her wall or simply any image or videos, which your friends have shared over the wall. It could be anything, which you have the liberty of liking it and then sharing it as well if you really find it worthy to be shared in your network. But as you have some set of rule of using the social networking sites or any other thing, similar is the story of this icon of ‘Like’ seen over the Facebook pages.

You should be able to abide by some of the dos’ and don’ts of using the like button, which you will see in the following paragraphs. This is certainly not rocket science but based on common sense and etiquettes, which you practice at the other domains. Now, let’s check them out:

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The DO’s:

Do Like All The Positive Things:

You can see loads of people sharing good thoughts, positive phrases, valuable teachings, good ideas, rules for healthy living, etc. over their Facebook wall. All these positive things, which can make you feel good and inspires you to do something, really good and healthy should be always be appreciated and even propagated. By no means should you ignore liking these posts. If you click on your Like icon for these posts, you simply give your friend more reason to post such positive stuff in the coming future. It also shows your appreciation and applauds for such genuine effort your friends have put forth to share a good thing. Also, you can go one step forward after liking you can share the same within your network. In this way, you allow positive things to prosper promising healthy trends over the social networking site.

Do Like The Achievement Posts:

You can see loads of Facebook posts and updates, which talks about personal achievements and accomplishments. For instance, anyone cracks the interview, qualifying any certification exam, some of your friend getting promotion, your friends getting engaged or married, anyone in your network becoming a father or parents, etc. In fact there can be whole lot of such achievement lists, which you can come across over your wall on Facebook. All such actions, words, and applauds should be appreciated with all hearts. The best way of doing is to like such posts coming from your friends within your network. Your one like can really boost their energies and make them feel happy.

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Do Watchful What You Like:

When you have countless of acquaintances and friends over Facebook, you can see people from all sorts of backgrounds. These can include people with different beliefs, notions, jobs, and personalities. They can post different things over different junctures, liking such posts is simply approving and vouching for the ideas or beliefs they have expressed over their posts. So be watchful to what you like, give a second thought before you even like these posts so that you can play safe and clean in your social media life. Mind it people are watching you and your actions even over social media platforms so do remain conscious while treading any path over your Facebook wall.

What To DO & DON'T With Like Button On Facebook?

The DON’Ts:

Don’t Like Your Own Posts:

Facebook gives you the opportunity of liking even the posts you share over your wall. You are free to like your own post, but that sounds awkward and somewhere gives a feeling that you are singing your own tune. Hence it is recommended to like your own post or comment, which you have shared over your Facebook wall.

Don’t Like Each And Every Post:

There are many people who have the tendency of liking and each and every post they see over their wall. However, this is not recommended to do so rather you should only like the posts, which you find some value in it. This can also hamper your online reputation to some extent, don’t let them happen.

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Don’t Like Negative, Malicious And Offensive Posts:

If you have countless of friends over Facebook then there are chances of having someone with cynic mind and malicious thinking. You can therefore see such people posting all weird and offensive kind of posts over their Facebook wall, which as their friends is supposed to discover at your wall. Don’t you even think of liking such offensive posts, which are meant to insult particular community or group, instead simply put such posts in spam or the best thing is to remove such friend from your network, who is fond of spreading negative and offensive stuff.

Final Word:

The above list of do’s and don’ts are simply based on basic etiquettes of life, which you need to follow even when you are over the social networking domain. The list can help you in playing safe while dealing with the like icon over seen over the Facebook wall.

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