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The Future Of Mobile App Testing: Embracing Automation

​With the rapid increase in technology, mobile applications have become an important aspect of our daily lives. We use different apps for different purposes. This encompasses many app categories, including gaming, music and entertainment, mobile health and fitness, e-commerce, social media, and more.

According to grand view research, in 2022, the global market size for mobile applications will reach approximately USD 206.85 billion, and it is projected to experience a 13.8% CAGR growth from 2023 to 2030. Factors such as the widespread use of smartphones, increasing internet usage, and integration technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence in mobile apps indicate a strong future demand for these applications. In this blog, we will explore the future of mobile testing apps and how automation can help create wonders for the industry.

Detailed Analysis Of Challenges In Manual Mobile App Testing:

Every software or application necessitates thorough testing efficiently to determine any errors and bugs. In the case of manual mobile app testing, a tester is involved who is responsible for testing the app by following a collection of predefined test cases which is a bit time-consuming. However, manual app testing has certain challenges apart from being time-consuming.

Higher Chance Of Risk:

Manual testing carries a higher risk and mistakes due to testers getting tired or being overwhelmed with multiple tasks. This can lead to errors in data entry, parameter setting, execution, and comparisons during the testing process.

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Meeting The Deadline:

In manual testing, meeting deadlines can be difficult because testers have to manually check and build test cases for each issue. This process is time-consuming, especially when multiple testing functions such as regression testing, log defects, and exploratory testing need to be performed within a limited timeframe.

Understanding Requirements:

In manual testing, it’s important to give testers a detailed document with all the testing requirements. Accurate test cases are ensured when there is clear communication and a thorough understanding of each requirement. This eventually prevents any misunderstandings that could affect the testing procedure.

In Complete Test Coverage:

Software testing is an ongoing process aiming to uncover all defects and create effective test cases. However, without automation in manual testing, it becomes challenging to cover all areas and detect every bug, impacting the overall performance of the application.

Explore The Future With Automated Mobile App Testing: A Game Changer:

Mobile automation testing is the process of analyzing mobile applications with the use of mobile automated testing tools. Mobile application testing through automation is another way for businesses to make sure their application is free of bugs before launching it to the public.

The entire procedure, which was previously carried out manually and necessitated the employment of a team or occasionally a specialized tester, is now possible to finish automatically. Automation is the new era where you can conserve your time and efforts while making greater revenues.

There are three primary classifications for mobile apps: hybrid apps, native apps, and web apps. Automation of testing is possible for each of these types of mobile apps. Mobile test automation guarantees the proper operation of these applications and enhances their quality, functionality, performance, safety, and dependability.


Importance of Automated Mobile App Testing:

Automation testing is a must-have for organizations since it improves the software’s efficiency and quality, which in turn leads to a greater return on investment. Below are few reasons to move from mobile apps’ manual testing to automated testing:

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Greater Test Coverage:

With manual testing, you have fewer limitations for tests to be done. But with automated testing, you can develop and include more tests in the automation room, covering additional features and software usability testing, leading to software with greater quality. Developers can generate thorough tests with detailed use cases to validate complicated software components.

Reduction In Testing Time:

When compared to tasks done by humans, automated tasks take quite less time. In order to validate a number of elements of the program being created, these tests can also be conducted continuously, 24 hours a day, if necessary.

Lower Business Costs:

When an automated testing solution is used, fewer resources are needed for testing. You can use automated tests repeatedly in the future, which reduces the cost of using human resources. The expense of adopting automated test solutions is initially significant, but the work speed and returns they provide quickly cover themselves.

Improved Test Accuracy:

The outcomes of every test run using automated testing are compared with previous test outcomes kept in the huge database of these automated test systems. Compared to manual testing, which requires time-consuming manual report generation, the reports from these tests are immediately sent to the development team for examination.

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List of the Best Tools & Frameworks for Automated Mobile App Testing:

Mobile testing tools are responsible for testing operating systems such as iOS and Android apps in an automated way. These tools are beneficial in reducing the amount of time required for the testing process and the possibility of human errors throughout the testing process. A good mobile app testing tool can potentially be used with several third-party programs and leading CI/CD technologies to accomplish a variety of goals, such as execution, revision supervision, test management, defect recording, and inspection.

  • Appium
  • Calabash
  • Frank
  • Robotium
  • Kobiton
  • UI Automator
  • Ranorex studio
  • SeeTest
  • TestComplete Mobile
  • UFT Mobile

With their seamless features, such as multiple language support, multiple operating system support, record and replay feature, creating codeless tests, and log test reports with a detailed list of defect issues, these tools are listed under the best automated mobile app testing tools.


Today, companies must thoroughly test their mobile applications due to the increasing focus on mobile apps and the rising expectations of consumers for seamless user experiences. Companies must use efficient mobile test automation solutions to fulfill these needs to create scalable, reliable, and effective mobile apps. Utilizing mobile automation testing can give outstanding user experiences by collaborating with skilled QA and tools. Mobile automation testing undoubtedly enhances app quality and contributes to a superior user experience.

Mit ThakkarAbout the Author:

Mit Thakkar, Marketing Head at KiwiQA, a leading Automation testing company. He drives the industry forward with his passion for excellence, crafting marketing strategies that effectively communicate the value of reliable software testing to businesses worldwide.

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