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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In Employee Monitoring

So yes, you can legally track your employees anywhere around the office, except the toilet (obviously). Lots of giant organizations are already doing it. They are using futuristic devices that can be hidden in the employee ID badge, under their desks or even in the light fittings. Amazon, for instance, tracks its employees by using GPS tags when they are inside the warehouse. if the staff is found breaching the rules of the company, like leaving work early or talking to their colleagues, they can be dismissed on the ‘3 strikes and you are out’ basis. Most businesses that cannot invest in advanced technologies simply use tracking software or employee monitoring apps like Xnspy because they know accountability can change the attitude of the workforce.

Employee monitoring is a vast term, it is not just limited to keeping tabs on your employees to make them do their jobs. It also includes tracking their performance to ensure their goals align with the goals of your business. Tracking also produces feedback which most ambitious employees are always looking forward to receiving.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why your business should invest in employee monitoring:

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1.) It Boosts Productivity:

Monitoring boosts productivity. When you know you are being watched, you work more carefully. You waste less time chattering and spend hours on Facebook and other social networks.

Monitoring can help measure the organization’s overall productivity level too. Not all employees have the same level of productivity throughout the day. Some are active in the morning, others become active in the afternoon. Monitoring helps you identify the peak productivity hours of your workforce.

Lots of companies have started embracing the culture of allowing their employees to work from home. If you want to know they are actually making the most out of their time, employee monitoring is the solution.

2.) It Prevents Cyber-Slacking:

According to NYPost, on average, an employee spends 5 hours a week on his smartphones and this has nothing to do with the work-related tasks. Some surf the social media, some do online shopping, while others watch the highlights of the game. If these numbers are true then every full-time employee in the USA adds up to $15.5 billion in lost productivity each week just because of spending time on their mobile devices. Do you really want to lose this much productivity because of cyber-slacking?


3.) It Prevents BEC Attacks And Other Forms Of Phishing:

BEC (Business Email Compromise) is an email compromise attack in which the cybercriminal impersonates the CEO or any high-level executive. He asks for money to be wired or checks to be deposited. The attacker gains access to corporate email accounts or spoofs the identity of the owner to defraud the company, its customers, employees or partners.

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According to InfoSecurity magazine, these attacks increased by 17 percent in 2017. FBI reported that $12.5 billion was lost in BEC attacks. The most unfortunate of all, there isn’t any way to recover this money or catch the cybercriminals, yet.

Although large organizations are at a higher risk of BEC attacks as compared to medium or small-sized organizations, anybody can be fooled by phishing emails. Some phishing emails also contain links to viruses, malware or spyware that can steal corporate data or employee personal information. But this loss can be minimized through email monitoring in combination with other measures. All emails related to invoices can be monitored or supervised on a regular basis. The monitoring software also lets you get alerts on specific words so that you don’t always have to log in after every minute to check emails.

4.) Accurate Client Billing:

In some companies, employees rely on their memory to calculate the hours spent with clients and this reporting often leads to billing inaccuracies. Although it’s not a good practice and everything should be documented beforehand, but any mistake in billing can cost you your client. This can also leave a mark on the reputation of your business. If you are using a time tracking software then you will never go wrong in calculating hours spent with your client. The tracking software will create timesheets for you which you can also share with your client at the time of billing.

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5.) Assess Employee Output:

By monitoring and tracking your employees, you can also measure the output of their work as it is happening. This can be a very useful piece of information for managers. It will help you ensure your employees are assigned projects according to their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s say an employee’s output on a given task is below average. This is an indication they are not the right fit for this job.

Monitoring your employees is beneficial for your business and your employees alike. Before putting a monitoring or tracking system in place, make yourself familiar with the legal requirements of staff monitoring. Keep the privacy of your workplace in consideration and set rules accordingly.

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