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Top 6 Apps Made With Flutter Framework

Google has rolled out a cross-platform framework called- Flutter. The framework has created a buzz in the mobile app development market as it lets developers build iOS and Android applications using a single codebase.

Many entrepreneurs are making the Flutter framework their first choice because of its quick app development process, cost-effectiveness, and better results. According to a study conducted by Statista, 42% of software developers are already leveraging the Flutter framework’s features.

Well-known apps like Google ads, Reflectly, or Xianyu by Alibaba are built with Flutter. You (as a business owner) can also think of developing a high-end application using the same framework.

We’ll read about the basics of the Flutter framework and some popular apps made with this framework in this blog.

What Is Flutter Framework?

Flutter is a framework introduced by Google. It develops high-performing applications on a single codebase for multiple platforms. This framework has rich widgets that let developers create an interactive and aesthetically-pleasing user interface (UI).

Flutter helps in creating and deploying visually intuitive mobile apps. Hot reload is one of the critical features of the Flutter framework. It automatically updates the UI when the code is being changed.

To put it simply, Flutter is a feature-rich framework that includes advanced UI, routing mechanism, conducts quick performance, and supports federated plugins. Flutter controls every pixel to create bespoke app solutions to fit the best on every mobile screen.

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Why Choose Flutter Framework For App Development?

Single Codebase:

The primary advantage of the Flutter framework is a single codebase. Unlike the traditional method of writing code, the code is written only once used for iOS and Android in the Flutter framework.

The Flutter framework lets app developers make new changes in the mobile application by changing a single codebase only.


As mentioned above, Flutter has a single codebase that makes it cost-effective. Along with it, this framework is open-source, which means it is free to use, and business owners only have to spend money on hiring a Flutter app development company.

Improved User Experience:

Flutter has robust design elements that help deliver a seamless user experience with an elegant UI. Flutter’s software development kit (SDK) incorporates smooth typography, white space maintained with padding widgets, recognizable icons, etc.


6 Well-Known Mobile Apps Made With Flutter Framework

1.) Google Ads:

Google Ads was released on October 23rd, 2000. Google Ads is an online platform used by entrepreneurs for advertising their products or services. The app is made with the Flutter framework that built an interactive user interface to deliver an excellent user experience.

Google Ads has numerous features, like campaign stats, update bids, real-time notifications, expert support, keyword editing, etc.

The Google Ads mobile app helps stay connected to the business campaigns on the go. In addition to observing the campaign’s progress in real-time, business owners can review impactful recommendations for improving the business’s performance.

2.) Xianyu by Alibaba:

The well-known and biggest eCommerce platform is Alibaba, established in 1999. It used the Flutter framework for developing a high-end application with an unmatched user experience. The app is accessible on both iOS and Android using the Xianyu app. Alibaba has more than 50 million downloads with 200+ million registered users.

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Xianyu by Alibaba connects buyers and sellers in one place, and the app is stored with millions of products belonging to multiple categories. Consequently, Alibaba gives a hassle-free shopping experience to customers by integrating the Alipay payment system into the app.

3.) Reflectly:

Reflectly is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that keeps users’ journals and tracks their moods. In 2017, the Reflectly app also picked the Flutter framework as it needs only a single codebase for Android and iOS, which further results in a quick app development process.

The AI system of Reflectly asks users questions to gather data insights. That includes stress level, thinking patterns, habits, etc. In short, the Reflectly app combines cognitive therapy, meditation, and psychology.

4.) Philips Hue:

Philips Hue is one of the well-known advanced home lighting systems that provides a flawless user experience.

Hue Bluetooth and Hue Sync are two significant apps of Philips that are made with Flutter. On account of these, users can change light tones and even synchronize the lights with their media units.

Philips Hue picked up the Flutter framework in 2018 after realizing that it helps develop high-end apps using a single codebase only that can work easily on multiple platforms.

5.) The New York Times:

The New York Times app is widely popular among millions of people. Many enthusiastic readers play it on multiple devices. Also, maintaining new games and updating the existing ones used to be challenging, but an app made with Flutter made everything possible and easy.

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For instance, the KenKen puzzle is one of the finest examples of The New York Times app, built on the Flutter framework. The app’s user interface has been more pleasing with interactive animations and fast performance ever since the app is built using Flutter.

6.) eBay Motors:

eBay Motors is a mobile application that lets users discover, purchase, and sell vehicles. The app is easy to access, where users have to click a photo of their license plate and the car or truck.

In December 2018, eBay Motors decided to develop the app on iOS and Android platforms, and this was when the Flutter framework came into the picture. This framework is based on a single codebase that quickly built the app cost-efficiently.

Flutter-based apps stick to Flutter app templates and use Machine Learning. In short, the app was built using cutting-edge technology to enhance the user experience.

Concluding Words:

Many more apps are built using the Flutter framework, bringing in hefty profits to numerous businesses. You can also choose Flutter for your app development as it is cost-effective and develop quickly because of the single codebase.

Flutter also exhibits excellent app performance, and it can widely be used in every industry niche. So, flourish your business, and get huge profits by developing the app using the Flutter framework.

Jacob ColleenAbout the Author:

Jacob Colleen is an app developer at AppsChopper, with in-depth expertise in the app development process. He knows how to bring app ideas into reality with flawless UI/UX and keeps himself updated with the ongoing app trends.

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